German researchers release open-source tomato and wheat seeds to boost research


Public is skeptical of all research tied to a company, new study shows

It’s the corporations, man, I’m telling you!

This year’s 22 NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts are out of this world

It’s incredible what humans can do with some funding.

Dank science: Jerusalem University launches marijuana study center

This new research center is set to deliver quite a buzz.

PhD students are 2.5 times more likely to develop psychiatric disorders than highly educated general population

Science has confirmed what PhD students worldwide already knew.

People are more willing to accept embryonic stem cell research than politicians

As stem cell research continues to be a very divisive topic, a new study has revealed that the general public is much more willing to accept it than politicians.

British research vessel gets named “Boaty McBoatFace” following an online poll

The world has spoken and the vote has been cast: people want to name the new British Antarctic research ship “Boaty McBoatface”

Your microbial cloud is your “signature”

Humans are walking ecosystems. Each of us carries around about 100 trillion microbes in and on our bodies, which make up our microbiome. The quality of this bacterial community has a lot to say about our health and well-being. The blend of microbes is also surprisingly unique, which says a lot about who we are as individuals. New research published

Can Hearing Aids Also Save Your Memory?

If you’ve ever lived with someone who’s hard of hearing, or have struggled with hearing difficulties yourself, you know it can be a hard condition to live with. Thankfully, modern technology has given us a wide variety of hearing implements that can let us salvage this precious physical sense. But hearing loss can come with a number of related symptoms

A Second Look at the Iceman – New discoveries motivate new analyses

Hikers discovered Ötzi the Iceman in the Ötztal Alps of Tyrol, Austria in 1991. Forensic analysis showed that he died around 5,300 years ago, making his the oldest intact human body every found. Ötzi had been preserved by glacier ice and was found with his tools, clothes, and weapons – a time capsule of Copper Age life. While years of