Nutritional study taking a jab at “Joy of Cooking” withdrawn — among many others

There’s still some joy in cooking.

Young Hawaiian seals are showing up with eels stuck in their noses — and we’re not really sure why

Sure you’ve had bad days, but have you had an ‘eel up your nose’ day?

252 million years ago, climate change nearly wiped out life on Earth; something similar is happening today

If this sounds a bit alarming… it should.

Christmas dinner launched towards the ISS

It’s hearty space food.

The Large Hadron Collider shut down for upgrades — until 2021

This time, it’s all going according to plan

Finland’s 100-year gift to itself: a beautiful, futuristic, and free library

What better gift could there be?

Rats and pigeons are slowly replacing iconic species, and it’s our fault

The “losers” are exactly the ones you want to protect.

Why Shakespeare’s ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ is a brilliant sneaky innuendo

This just goes to show how amazing Shakespeare was at his craft — and also that he probably had a dirty mind.

Scientists zoom in on more realistic plant-based meat substitutes

Yay or nay?

Ancient haute cuisine — Mesolithic people had caviar feast

It was a fishy affair.

“Wearable microbrewery” could serve as radiation exposure marker

Yeast badges could be the radiation sensors of the future.

Young drinkers beware: binge drinking is bad for you. Real bad

You might wanna reconsider getting hammered at that party.

Most people who think they have a penicillin allergy don’t — and it can be a problem

The good news, researchers say, is that there’s a simple allergy test you can take.

“Collapse of civilization is on the horizon”, David Attenborough tells UN climate summit

Time, he stressed, is running out.

Google’s AI algorithm could usher in new age of protein understanding

We’re entering a new age of scientific breakthrough, and this could be absolutely huge.

Blue-blooded crustacean could pave the way for greener biofuels

The unusual creature is able to extract sugars from wood.

Scorpion venom protein might be used to ferry drugs to the brain

A brilliant way to use a natural danger to our advantage.

The most beautiful and important mathematical equations

Here are some of the most famous equations, from the ancient Greeks to modern physics.

Green roofs can be effective against climate change — in the right climate

Green roofs are making a comeback — at least in some parts of the world.

Buried Celtic chariot discovered by amateur treasure hunter in Wales

An unprecedented finding in the area.