Astronaut shows what fidget spinners can do in outer space

NASA just wins, can everyone stop with the fidget spinner videos now?

You can now use Google Maps to explore other moons and planets

You can explore the solar system from the comfort of your home.

China’s first space station is about to come crashing down on Earth, and we don’t really know where

No reason to worry, just an 8-ton space station crashing down on Earth.

Gravitational waves show us how gold is formed

I was never really a fan of gold, but knowing where it originates somehow makes it much more beautiful.

Venezuela to become the first country to lose its glaciers to global warming

Things are not looking good in Venezuela.

Complete wipeout: Just two penguin chicks survive from a colony of 40,000

Researchers are now trying to establish a protected area for the colony.

“Apocalyptic” Red Sun phenomenon in UK triggered by Hurricane Ophelia, forest fires, and dust from the Sahara

The red Sun is not dangerous, but the hurricane is!

Trump’s pick to run environmental office says CO2 is good for us, renewable energy is ‘parasitic’

The clouds over the White House loom darker and darker.

Obesity in U.S. reaches all-time high. Almost half of all Americans are obese, according to latest figures

Things are going from bad to worse.

NASA observatory highlights the importance of studying CO2 on Earth: it’s connected to everything

Groundbreaking data allows us to study carbon dioxide in unprecedented detail.

The female orgasm produces unique brain reactions, study shows

The most detailed female orgasm study to date shows that climax also turns on the brain.

Losing Nemo: Climate change threatens the colorful clownfish

Instead of finding, we’re losing Nemo :(

Unprecedented, catastrophic wildfires blaze through California

Strong evidence indicates that humans are at least partly to blame.

Scientists to announce more details about gravitational waves

It could be something heavy, so tune in!

Yellowstone volcano might erupt within decades — affecting all of mankind

Things might be heating up faster than we were expecting.

Childhood obesity has grown by 1,000% worldwide in the last 40 years

We’re dealing with a worldwide crisis by now.

Trove of bronze statues found on Antikythera shipwreck

The Antikythera site keeps on giving.

Mouse Mazes and Cutting Edge Science: A Discussion with Harvard’s Shuhan He

A winding discussion about neuroscience, technology, and mouse mazes.

Radioactive boars spark concern in Sweden

Boars will be boars — radioactive or not.

Scotland’s wind turbines are getting better and better

Bravo, Scotland!