Your lack of sleep might be the reason why you’re lonely

Get your good 8 hours of sleep, if you don’t like being lonely.

Mathematicians solve old mystery about spaghetti breaking

Here’s a question you never knew you wanted to answer.

Korean supermarket wins at selling bananas

I need this in my life.

The dirty link between deforestation, illegal fishing, and tax havens

Tax havens are even more problematic than we thought.

You Instagram photos may look cool — but they’re almost certainly not original

Originality is a scarce commodity on the web.

France trains birds to pick up the litter

It’s an interesting man-animal collaboration.

Unwise opioids for wisdom teeth

Opioids don’t really do any good here, and they might pave the way for an unwanted addiction.

Youtube now adds facts below conspiracy theory videos

This is probably a good thing, but it remains to be seen whether it will actually make a difference.

Lab-grown meat is almost upon us — and most Americans would gladly try it

Yum or yuck?

If the whole world ate like America, we wouldn’t have enough land in the world

We need to be more responsible — starting from our plates.

You’re really only as old as you feel — or rather, as you think

How old do you feel, really?

Older adults less likely to recognize their errors

Don’t let this fuel the inter-generation conflict though.

Enigmatic creatures that lived 630 million years ago were animals — but not like anything we’ve seen before

To the untrained eye, they look just like plants, static and seemingly inactive. But things are not always as they seem.

Europe is so hot right now that it has to stop its nuclear plants

There’s a particular irony to this situation.

Eating this fish could give you three days of nasty, LSD-like hallucinations

Poor man’s LSD… with a nasty twist.

Geoengineering the Earth against climate change might do as much harm as good

It looks like we’ll have to tackle climate change the good old-fashioned way

Smart clothes may be right around the corner, thanks to a new fabrication technique

Smart clothes — not watches — are the future of wearables.

Where crows go in the winter — and other stories about migration

We see them ever so often, but there’s so much still shrouded in mystery.

We can limit global warming to 1.5°C — but we need to change how we travel, heat homes, and use devices

This might just work.

Study calls for regulating energy-intensive Bitcoin transactions

Bitcoin has a lot of work to do before it fulfills its promise.