We don’t really understand ecosystem tipping points — and it could be a problem

This is an important puzzle piece for our understanding of ecosystems.

Neanderthal footprints discovered in Gibraltar

If the footprint is confirmed to be Neanderthal, it would only be the second one in the world, the other being Vartop Cave in Romania.

An empty home tax could be more effective than building new homes, new study concludes

Who’s against having an empty home tax?

How deer are shaping the sounds of the forest

Deer are affecting forests in more than one way, researchers found.

Giant African Titanosaur had a heart-shaped tail

The perfect Valentine’s dinosaur — a massive Titanosaur!

Small teams are better at producing new ideas, new study finds

However, small teams are typically underfunded, researchers find.

We’ve just discovered the Earth’s largest drum: our planet’s magnetosphere

It’s larger than the Earth itself.

Pioneers of climate science win “Nobel” prize for environment

You could hardly imagine more deserving scientists to receive this award.

For the first time, we can “see” the physical forces of cells in action

This could revolutionize the study of life sciences.

Oldest mobility: microscopic creature moved around 2 billion years ago

These creatures were really ahead of their time.

AI detects childhood diseases with doctor-like accuracy

This isn’t meant to replace doctors, but help them and speed up the diagnosis process.

Europe’s Mars rover named “Rosalind Franklin” in honor of DNA pioneer

It’s the perfect name.

Here’s how you can feed your ex’s spirit animal (a bug) to a meerkat

A timeless Valentine’s gift.

The hottest 5 years on record: 2016, 2015, 2017, 2018, and 2014

The planet continues to heat up.

Fish can recognize themselves in the mirror. Does that mean they’re self aware?

The study casts an unexpected doubt on our very definition of self-awareness.

Butterflies are genetically wired to mate with others like them

Surprisingly, these butterflies could teach us a thing or two about humans.

Is the universe infinite?

Wrap your mind around this…

Newly discovered toothless dinosaur was surprisingly cute

Some scientists say it was more a bird than a dinosaur.

Sea level rise might not be as bad as predicted, despite accelerating ice sheet melting

Long story short: it’s still bad.

Humanity’s lust for meat is killing off Earth’s large animals

Want to save endangered animals? Eat less meat, researchers say.