Potholes could be fixed by asphalt-printing drones

The future is finally here.

Scientists discover new genus of gibbon monkey in ancient Chinese tomb

Unfortunately, the story has a sad twist.

Your efforts to save water? They’re actually working

Don’t let the downers get to you — saving water actually works.

Six new spider species discovered, named after children’s tales goblins

Spiders, goblins, and brownies.

Scientists find ‘nude’ creature that lived half a billion years ago

An unusual creature form a long, long time ago.

Small arms, tongue-tied: T-Rex couldn’t stick its tongue out

Put that tongue back in, Jurassic Park!

Americans own 46% of the world’s guns — more than the next 25 countries combined

Does the world really need more guns?

Scientists find the first manta ray nursery

The gentle giants of the oceans take good care of their offspring.

Japanese fans clean up stadium after World Cup game

We interrupt our regular science broadcast for some wholesome news.

Coral havens might bring worldwide hope for reefs

The overall situation is still very bleak, but there are a few very bright spots.

Scientists might soon be able to use underwater cables as seismometers

This could also be used to study ocean noise and sealife migration.

Why are climate change deniers more likely to be racist?

Well well, here’s a surprising correlation.

Myths about Hay Fever — and how to beat it

Hay fever is in full swing, and the myths are a-plenty.

Kilauea erupts with massive explosion [photos and videos]

Things continue to be pretty nasty in Hawaii.

Sugary drinks make you fat, but researchers have a new idea about how to fight that

Here’s an unusual idea on how to cut back on those sugary drinks.

Scientists find 22,000 year-old giant panda belonging to a distinct long-lost lineage

The lazy panda has a richer story than you’d think.

Sea level rise could threaten 300,000 US coastal homes, in the “business-as-usual” scenario

A problem that will certainly strike close to home for many people.

David Attenborough urges people to save bees with an adorable teaspoon gesture

It’s a small gesture, but it can make a big difference for the tiny bees.

Scientists find 121 giant planets that might host habitable moons

There’s a good chance life is thriving on alien moons.

Children in England are simply eating too much sugar

Put the cake down, Karen. Have an apple instead.