LED light savings backfire spectacularly as light pollution increases dramatically

Instead of consuming less, we’re consuming more.

UK prospecting companies admit to using the medieval technique of dowsing

Companies are employing water witchery. To find water. In modern UK.

The sugar industry knew about negative health effects, but swept them under the rug

Oh they knew…

Gin makes you sad, spirits make you sexy: Different alcohols have different effects on your mood, study finds

As it turns out, gin *can* make you sad.

Male dolphins give gifts and employ wingmen to impress the ladies

Being really smart doesn’t stop you from acting dumb when you’re in love.

Many cancer survivors are still battling with PTSD

As if cancer wasn’t problematic enough…

Scuba diving flies use bubbles to feed underwater

For most insects, going beneath the water surface would be suicide — but not for these flies!

No, seismologists aren’t really predicting dramatic earthquakes for 2018 — it’s a single hypothesis from one study, not a fact

When all we’re after is catchy headlines, science often falls in the background.

New AI tells masterpieces from forgeries by only looking at brush strokes

How long until someone will train an AI to trick this AI?

Teens are having sex sooner (and raunchier) than ever before — but sex education isn’t keeping up

Teens are spicing things up more than they used to.

Tesla’s new Semi is an electrical monster, but can it really deliver?

This could be a game changer.

These sharks thrive in a real-life underwater volcano

Yes, these sharks live inside a volcano.

Innovative project shows just how much space cars take — and how little space bikes need

Traffic jams are horrible — biking can save us the hassle.

Bill Gates invests $100 million to study and defeat Alzheimer’s

Putting his money where his mouth is: Gates invests massively into addressing Alzheimer’s disease.

Britain becomes Europe’s most obese country, as US maintains “leader” status worldwide

The Brits are still healthy overall, but obesity rates are reaching startling levels.

Scientists track Earth’s ancient, destroyed oceans

The oceans and continents aren’t as fixed as we tend to think of them.

Italian Parliament votes to ban animals from circuses

Good news from Italy!

Scam the scammers: New AI Bot messes with scammers by pretending to be a human victim

Hello sir, it is me, the Nigerian prince.

Even casual drinking increases cancer risk

Put that glass down, researchers warn.

Native red squirrels successfully reintroduced in Scottish Highlands

The project wouldn’t have been possible without the support of local communities.