Italy’s Mount Etna might soon collapse into the sea

Well this sure ain’t good news.

Archaeologists discover Roman-age burial site of “vampire-child”

Strap your seatbelts, it’s creepy time.

Small Somalian cavefish hints at mammals’ nocturnal ancestor

Things start to change when you’ve been living in the dark for millions of years.

It’s high time we moved past BMI — meet the metabolome

When it comes to obesity we need all the help we can get — and better tests are sure welcome.

Some moons have moons of their own — moonmoons

But can moonmoons have moonmoonmoons?

Last call if we want to save the planet from devastating climate change, scientists warn

The science is in. Now, it’s time for policymakers to act, and for all of us to drive the change.

Ice spikes on Europa could be threatening for future missions

An ice penitence in outer space.

Eight-year-old in Sweden pulls ancient sword from a lake

This makes her the queen, right?

Banksy stencil sells for $1.3 million — then immediately self-destructs

The painting doubled in value, since this is Banksy world and normal rules don’t seem to apply.

3,500-year-old spiced latte? Archaeologists report earliest known usage of nutmeg

The spice gives an exciting insight into an old civlization.

Sexual assault and harassment has long-lasting consequences on women

The fact that so many women go through this is nothing if not disturbing

If we want to find the “missing” dark matter, we have to look beyongblack holes

Dark matter makes up most of the universe — and we still don’t really know what it is.

Homeopathy is ineffective against children’s cold and flu

Captain Obvious to the rescue!

Think cats are good at keeping rats away? Think again

It’s not about the fight, it’s about what leads to the fight.

University creates Mars-like soil — and you can buy it dirt cheap

A way to create a piece of Mars here on Earth — kind of.

Scientists discover new hummingbird species and it’s almost extinct already

A remarkable finding, already highly vulnerable.

The taller you are, the more likely you are to develop varicose veins

It’s not all good when you’re tall.

People can handle the truth — more than you think

Speak your mind, but don’t be a jerk.

Here’s why it doesn’t get dark when you blink

It’s not magic — it’s science.

Renowned mathematician Michael Atiyah claims to have solved the Riemann Hypothesis

A problem that turned out to have more sides than initially thought.