California can expect more and more extreme weather events, due to global warming

Climate change is already taking a massive toll

Do something relaxing after work — it’s good for your health

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German supermarket starts selling burgers made from worms

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There is an oral sex gap between men and women, and we need to talk about it

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New evidence suggests that probiotics are good for the liver

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Six essential science books that read like hot cakes

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Researchers have figured out how the Giant’s Causeway came to be

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A fat belly is bad for your heart

BMI can be a misleading metric when it comes to obesity.

Amateur mathematician Aubrey de Grey, known for his work on anti-aging, solves decades-old problem

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The UK just went 55 hours without using any coal

Great news from the Brits.

Ancient humans were practicing brain surgery on cows 5,400 years ago

Ancient brain surgery — now here’s something I’d never have to say.

Hans Asperger, who gave his name to the Asperger’s Syndrome, was active Nazi collaborator

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Ancient turtles: scientists find ancestor of modern sea turtles

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What if we’re not the first advanced civilization on Earth — How would we know?

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In Romania, distrust of vaccines claims children’s lives

Romania has a lesson for the entire world.

Indoor plants can be natural, sustainable air-cleaning systems

A semi-autonomous, sustainable, eco-friendly air cleaning system. Or as we usually call it — a plant.

New ant species from Borneo detonates itself to defend its colony

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We waste a pound of food every day

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A Sperm Whale Found Dead in Spain Had 30 Kilos of Plastic in Its Stomach

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Gluten-free diets might not be so gluten-free after all

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