Worrying survey finds that 54% of all Americans don’t store their guns safely

People who buy guns for self-defense often end up doing more damage, especially if they don’t store their guns properly.

Saddle up: New evidence forces us to rethink what we know about horse history

Instead of the domesticated horses deriving from today’s wild horses, it’s the other way around.

Neanderthals were artists just like humans, and even understood symbolism

Neanderthals were thinkers and artists, just like humans, tantalizing new research suggests.

Alcohol is THE most important preventable factor for dementia

Put that glass down, It’s not good for you.

Soft, eel-inspired device can produce up to 110 volts

From electric creatures to better pacemakers and even prosthetics.

Antidepressants do work, largest ever analysis suggests

It’s the biggest antidepressant review, and it has encouraging conclusions.

Prehistoric wine discovered in inaccessible caves forces a rethink of ancient Sicilian culture

Prehistoric booze.

Neptune’s Great Dark Spot is also shrinking

Another one bites the dust.

In the future, we could be all snacking on jellyfish chips

Don’t be so quick to say no.

This fun online game lets you play a propaganda master — and it’s a fake news vaccine

Sowing #fear and #disiniformation has never been this educative!

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot might disappear within 20 years

Jupiter’s emblematic feature might disappear in a decade or two.

TV shows such as Gray’s Anatomy distort our expectations of trauma care

Grey’s Anatomy was a really good show, but it’s still just a show.

Plants colonized the land 500 million years ago — much earlier than we thought

Plants might have moved on to the land 100 million years earlier than we thought.

Tokyo announces plan to build 350-meter skyscraper made from wood

A breathtaking, wood-based skyscraper.

The mysterious deep-sea Dumbo octopus hatchlings look just like adults [with video]

These hatchlings emerge fully-formed, ready to take on the world from day one.b

Using rocks for farming could improve soil quality, reduce CO2 emissions

The practice could reduce the need for pesticides, improve soil quality, and absorb carbon dioxide.

How Roman priests walked through the “Gates to Hell” — and came back

Modern science explains how an ancient ritual worked.

New objective blood test could diagnose autism in children

The test could be a game changer for identifying autism.

Geologists listen to volcanic murmur to predict eruptions

Listen closely, and the volcano will share its secrets.

Poor fitness leads to poor brain health, new study finds

Mens sana in corpore sanome