Table salt found on Jupiter’s satellite Europa, sparks debate about potential life

A crucial ingredient for life was found on Europa.

Some 600 years ago, a massive tsunami struck Sumatra — in the same place as the 2004 tsunami

Lightning may not strike two times in the same place — but tsunami sure does.

Humans started cooking and eating starch 120,000 years ago

Mankind has been cooking starches for a long, long time.

Researchers zoom in on ‘lost’ Doggerland settlement, find submerged forest

We’re getting closer to one of archaeology’s Holy Grails.

Wax, water, and heat: how leaves survive in extremely hot environments

Ever wondered how plants manage to survive in ungodly high temperatures?

Using an electric toothbrush is actually better, new study finds

Which kind of toothbrush do you use?

How much would you pay to eliminate child slavery from your cocoa?

Three percent, ten percent, forty-seven percent — what’s a reasonable price?

Birds also prefer fancier neighborhoods — as long as there’s enough green space

The “luxury effect” also propagates across animals.

Bitcoin’s energy consumption is the same as a small country

Did you know that Bitcoin is a significant contributor to global warming?

Researchers develop recyclable films for food packaging

This is not only sustainable and recyclable but also cost-effective

Nitrate pollution in US tap water causes 12,500 cancers each year

Agricultural pollution causes a concerning number of cancers, a new study finds

Caught red-handed: emissions from ammonia fertilizer plants were 100 times higher than the industry’s self-reported estimate

This is bad.

This small change could cut halve your diet’s environmental impact

You don’t even need to become a vegetarian.

A grape variety used to produce wine today can be traced back 900 years to an ancestral plant

Who doesn’t love a glass of wine?

The oldest known meteorite in the UK struck about 1.2 billion years ago

It’s one of the oldest meteorite impacts ever discovered.

New study maps what the world is drinking

What are you drinking right now?

Not eating enough fruits and veggies kills millions of people every year

You should probably eat more fruits and vegetables.

New threat looms for snow leopards: infection

As if snow leopards didn’t have enough to deal with.

The ocean has much more plastic than we thought

There’s more plastic in the deep than there is on the surface.

New mathematical model describes the growth pattern of plant leaves

The beauty of math is embedded in nature.