New photos from asteroid Bennu reveal stunning surprises

We have a shuttle in outer space, orbiting and asteroid and beaming back data and images. Still seems pretty incredible.

Queen bumblebees take long breaks in the grass after hibernating

Researchers say that you should help queen bees if you see them exhausted on the ground, by providing a teaspoon of sugary water.

Stunning 500-million-year-old fossil trove offers insight into how life evolved

It’s one of the most spectacular findings in recent history.

Scientists reactivate 28,000 year-old mammoth cells

Researchers say that the study marks a “significant step toward bringing mammoths back from the dead.”

Mercury is the planet closest to Earth — contrary to popular belief

There’s also a whirly-dirly corollary associated with this new method.

New AI turns simple doodles into photorealistic landscapes — within seconds

The future is here, and it looks absolutely amazing.

Scientists played music to aging cheese to change its taste. Hip-hop worked the best

It’s a cheesy topic, but the results were tasty. I mean, interesting.

Who is Karen Uhlenbeck — the First Female Recipient of the Abel Prize

She brought a new understanding of mathematics, while helping to change a corrosive culture in academia.

Karen Uhlenbeck wins the “Nobel” of Mathematics — the first time the prize was won by a woman

You could hardly imagine a worthier recipient.

Mushrooms might help keep your brain healthy

Delicious and nutritious — mushrooms are good for your brain, new study suggests.

Norway recycles 97% of its plastic bottles

In order to reach this crazy-good recycling rate, Norway leveraged a mechanism present in almost all modern economies: capitalism.

Want to combat scientific disinformation? Here’s how

We all have this problem. Here’s how to combat it.

People who read article snippets think they know more than they really do, study shows

You’ll never believe what the rest of the article says!

NASA captures images of supersonic shockwaves in mid-air — and the results are stunning

Understanding these shockwaves are important for developing the new generation of supersonic planes.

Italy: No vaccine, no school

The law was viciously attacked by populist politicians, but finally came into effect today.

Large breasts discourage women from exercising, study finds

Women worldwide: ‘Duh’!

Oregon child almost dies from tetanus — parents still refuse vaccination

This is troubling on so many levels.

Youtube will show fact checking for sensitive topics like vaccination

Youtube will start showing “information boxes” — brief fact-checking bits that debunk some of the most common and dangerous scientific misconceptions. In some areas, Youtube is already showing this type of box for conspiracy theories; now, it will be¬†expanding it to other types of sensitive topics like vaccination. The feature is currently available in India, one of Youtube’s largest markets

Facebook to start limiting the spread of vaccine misinformation

These are still baby steps, but they’re baby steps in the right direction.

Why India and Pakistan keep fighting over Kashmir — the history of the Kashmir conflict

It’s one of the world’s largest running conflicts. But why is it happening?