The Team

Mihai Andrei: Editor in chief

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Main focus: Geophysics, Environment

Andrei has invested a lot of sweat and tears into ZME Science ever since his undergrad years. He is always looking for the most interesting subjects, presenting them in a way that is accessible to everyone. His background is in Earth Science and Geophysics.

Tibi Puiu: Editorial Writer

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Main focus: Physics, Engineering

As the website’s main engineer, Tibi is the man with the tweaks and nice ideas. His background is in Physics and Mechanical Engineering, but that doesn’t keep him from sharing the latest valuable advancements from a slew of various fields.

Alexandru Micu: Editorial Writer

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Main focus: technology, biology

Curiosity is what drives Alex forward – his interest in learning more about the planet being matched only by his ability to discuss things with a light heart. Not one to shy away from a good pun, Alex tries to engage others in science and make them more interested in unique technologies. He does things his own way.

Fermin Koop: Author

ZME Science author profile

Main focus: climate, environment

Fermin is an experienced environment journalist who is following global and regional developments in climate for years. He also holds an MSc in Environment and hopes that one day, the planet will finally give the environment the importance it so desperately needs.

Elena Motivans: Author

ZME Science author profile | e-mail: elena[at]

Main focus: Biology, environment

Elena’s passion is biology. She enjoys writing features and making underappreciated aspects of science interesting and accessible. Evolutionary ecology, taxonomy, and the environment are just a few topics that turn her gears.

Samantha Adler: Feature Copy Editor

Main focus: Neuroscience.

Sam is a neuroscience PhD candidate at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. She hopes that by editing for ZME Science she will make science more accessible to the general public.

Zoe Gordon: News Copy Editor

Grammar obsessed and proud, Zoe is a student of biology. If it happens in the body or it can make you sick, it’s right up her alley and she’s happy to tell you all about it. For her, editing is really just an excuse to read more science.

Main focus: Microbiology.

John Tuttle: Contributing writer

Main focus: History, science, photography.

Dragos Mitrica: Contributing writer

ZME Science author profile | e-mail: dragos[at]

Main focus: climate, astronomy

Dragos loves nature and does everything he can to understand it. This quest led him to many unexpected places in his life, and now, he is dedicated to studying paleoclimates – understanding how ancient climates evolved, and what this means for the future. But when he’s not in the lab, or on the field, he dedicates his life to his other major passion: astronomy.

Henry Conrad – Contributing writer

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Main focus: technology

Henry Conrad is a game developer from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Whenever he’s not working or reading the latest tech news, he enjoys writing about the latest inventions and technology. This also helps him create great storylines and backgrounds for his characters.

Andrew Kays – Contributor

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Main focus: anthropology

Andrew is a graduate of journalism and anthropology at the University of Florida. He loves writing about all science, but focusing on the human aspect of it all, be it anthropological, biophysical, or psychological.

Alexandra Gerea – Author

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Main focus: lifestyle, art, animal welfare

Melvin Sanicas – Author

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Melvin loves traveling and is lucky to have a job that allows him to travel and use his background in biology, medicine, and infectious diseases. He believes that scientific discoveries should be understandable and accessible to everyone.

Jordan Strickler – Author

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While most of Jordan’s real-life work centers in the agriculture business, he is a space nerd at heart. A self-described grammar freak (all his Twitter posts are complete sentences), he loves learning about the unknown and figures that if he isn’t smart enough to send satellites to space, he can at least write about it

Nathan Mulcahy – Contributor

Nathan spent his childhood wishing he could professionally harass magazines about their spelling errors, and thanks to ZME Science that wish has come true. He studied Professional Writing at Algonquin College, and has edited for several books, both fiction and non-fiction, as well as newsletters, blogs, social media, and student magazines.

Damon Isherwood – Contributor

ZME Science author profile | e-mail: damonisherwood[at]

Main focus: psychology, metaphysics

Jason Whitaker – Contributor

ZME Science author profile | e-mail: jwwhitak[at]

Main Focus: Psychology, Anthropology

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