Stonehenge might have a secret ingredient: lard

The 5,000-year-old structures have baffled historians for centuries. However, it looks like one piece of the puzzle might have come together.

A brief history of Martian spacecraft and landers

For the last 60 years, humans have been sending all sorts of spacecraft to the Red Planet — here’s a rundown.

SpaceX launches 24 satellites (along with 152 dead people)

It was the most difficult launch the company has ever undertaken.

Cell phones might cause skull ‘horns’

Poor posture may be causing people to grow a short protuberance from the back of the skull.

Dolphins can form long bonds over shared interests

Yet another testament to how smart and socially advanced dolphins are.

EmDrive propulsion that ‘breaks laws of physics’ will soon be put to the test

Interstellar travel requires some impossible physics.

Tides are turning in earthquake discoveries

It seems there was a connection between tides and earthquakes after all.

Brushing your teeth could prevent Alzheimer’s and other diseases

Bacteria causing gingivitis can migrate from the gums to the brain, causing Alzheimer’s disease.

Comet-inspired reactor could create oxygen for astronauts

Comets seem to release molecular oxygen all the time — and some scientists have recreated the process on Earth.

Study finds distinct microbes living near corals

Each coral species has a distinct microbial population, researchers found.

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter makes its 60,000th orbit

Since March 10, 2006, NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) has been continuously looping the Red Planet, collecting daily science about the its surface and atmosphere. On May 15, over 13 years after its first trip around, the MRO made its 60,000th orbit. On average, it takes just 112 minutes for the satellite to round the entire planet — that’s two

NASA detects first evidence of a Marsquake

The Mars InSight lander has sensed a quake within the planet.

Great white sharks found to flee from orcas

The king of the seas has something to be afraid of.

Alien-world-hunting satellite finds its first Earth-sized planet

Researchers had hoped that at least 300 of them would be the size of our home planet. Well, they found one.

SpaceX lands Falcon Heavy boosters — plans to reuse them later this year

Honestly, it’s like SpaceX is showing off.

NASA Twin Study finds health can be ‘mostly sustained’ in space

Are humans well-suited for space flight?

Boeing delays test flight for Starliner crew capsule

The Air Force had to use the same launch pad, the company announced.

Astronomers spy self-destructing asteroid with a twin comet-like tail

A well-known asteroid is spectacularly disintegrating before astronomers’ eyes.

To drivers, cyclists aren’t exactly human, study finds

There’s still no word on how many people believe horse-riders are centaurs.

NASA wants to use a helicopter to explore Mars

It’s time to take to the skies — on Mars.