Our emissions could melt all the ice in Greenland by the year 3000 — and raise sea levels by 24 ft

Good thing we didn’t call it Iceland, right?!

Largest freshwater aquifer of its kind found off the U.S. Northeast coast

The aquifer stretches at least from the shore of Massachusetts to New Jersey.

High school students who study music perform better at math, English, and science

The skill you learn practicing music transfer more broadly to other fields of study.

‘Pre-bunking’ is an effective tool against fake news, browser game shows

This is Good News!

“Farm air” can protect children from asthma

Farm microbes could help reduce asthma risk.

New study reveals secret language of cell communication

Scientists eavesdrop on cell conversations.

Is Human Psychology Driven by Gut Microbes?

When research turns to shit: a science-based personal narrative on the gut-brain-axis.

How science can help you sleep better at home

Sleep is a weird thing, but science is trying to help us make sense of it.

Elite athletes may owe some of their peak performance to unique gut microbes

And some scientists think that we could one day gain access to these probiotics.

How High Schools Can Promote Stewardship and Save the Environment

The kids are alright.

Researchers, at long last, develop effective tool to study soil-borne microbes

Surprisingly, it was easier for us to go to the Moon than to develop such a tool.

The dangers of mixing alcohol and drugs

Alcohol is a depressant that can cause all sorts of health issues when combined with drugs, illegal or not.

Arctic ecosystems “highly responsive” to climate change — and very hard to fix once broken

“Our results show a clear link in the timing of animal recovery and the recovery of Earth systems.”

Phages in kitchen sponges could help us wipe antibiotic resistant bacteria clean off

Kitchen sponges are crawling with bacteria. Turns out that’s a good thing.

Facebook posts can be used to predict anxiety, depression, and even diabetes

One day, our social media history might play an important role in the doctor’s office.

Europe wants to go carbon neutral by 2050. These four countries opposed it

Some are more willing than others to transition.

Excessive self-criticism for failing to reach one’s “full potential” causes psychological distress

Be kind to yourself, say researchers.

Astronomers measure frigid temperature of Uranus’ rings

Uranus’ rings are thin and imperceptible to all but the largest telescopes.

Coming out: parents struggle for years to adapt after learning their child’s sexual orientation

A new study calls for better methods to support families with LGBT children.

Scientists transform Type A blood to universal donor blood using enzyme treatment

This could end up saving many lives.