Geologists say part of northern Australia was once stuck to North America

We might learn more about a very ancient supercontinent called Nuna.

This brave spacecraft will soon fly through the sun’s atmosphere

A modern-day mechanical Icarus.

Hooked on fast food: Crows create intricate tools to reach food faster

It’s not the early bird that catches the worm — it’s the skilled hookmaker.

The Top 5 Most Amazing Women Scientists in History

These were revolutionary female role models with passions and smarts who would prove that it did not have to be a man’s world.

The Sun is slowly losing mass as it ages, weakening its grip on the planets

Are you breaking up with us, Sun?!

China’s decision to stop taking in so much recyclable plastic has left the world in a scramble

Yes, China has been taking in the world’s plastic waste.

Scientists levitate largest object yet with an acoustic tractor beam, might one day work for humans

From science fiction to reality.

82% of all wealth created in 2017 went to the top 1%, report finds

The rich aren’t only getting richer — they’re getting much richer.

The Pentagon is one huge pile of ancient bugs, but don’t start evacuating just yet

The same holds for a lot of other famous buildings.

Scientists reconstruct face of teenager who lived 9,000 years ago

She looked nothing like you’d expect.

Scottish supermarket hires bot, sacks him after only one week, says retail robots “unlikely”

Named Fabio, the robot made a definite impression with his colleagues.

The Bacteria Files: Pseudomonas — What it is and why you should know about it

A tiny, resourceful, and potentially dangerous bacteria.

Tiny nuclear reactors might power the first Martian settlements

It’s the first space-bound nuclear reactor in 50 years.

Big data might be the missing puzzle piece in understanding climate change

This has the opportunity to foster a newer, simpler, and systematic approach to studying climate.

It’s “make or break” for coral reefs, says the UN head of Environment

He says the shift away from coal and plastics is good news — but we also need more action.

Researchers find surprisingly sophisticated prehistoric monuments off the coast of Greece

The settlement, named Dhaskalio, was simply stunning for its time.

Brain disease that plagues football players is caused by repeated head injuries, rather than concussions

You don’t need to suffer concussions to get CTE, which mainly affects athletes who receive repeated head trauma.

There’s still hope to stave off extinction for the smallest cat in the Americas, study shows

This small cat faces large issues.

Scientists inch closer to having a universal cancer blood test

This could be a game changer.

Find a 2.2-pound-chunk of the Michigan meteorite and you can win $20,000

It’s raining money. Incandescent, rocky money.