Novel gene therapy may have cured hemophilia A

It could positively change the lives of thousands of people around the world.

Human touch can feel molecule-thin differences, study reports

Receptors in our ligaments, knuckles, wrist, elbow, and shoulder likely also play a part in our sense of touch.

Sierra Nevada rose an inch due to water loss from California drought

It was that bad.

Women undoubtedly prefer strong, muscular men, study shows

Science confirms the obvious. But this study is still important.

Jupiter is still a ridiculously beautiful place judging from Juno’s pics, and here’s how it does it

A dash of chemistry, a stroke of physics, all mixed in with behemothian mass.

Blue Origin makes first test flight in over a year, tests new Crew Capsule

The booster sent the unmanned crew capsule to the edge of space. They both soft landed on Earth later.

Digital avatars for schizophrenic auditory hallucinations make the voices go away

Lending a face to the tormenting voices trapped in the minds of schizophrenics can make them disappear.

Heat-not-burn tobacco is not as bad as cigarettes, but still poses risks

The results aren’t clear-cut.

Human-use anesthetics also knock out plants, weirdly, teaching us a lot about such drugs

It’s funny to realize that we’ve been using anesthetics for at least a century now, but we still don’t *really* know why they work.

French President at Climate Summit: We’re losing the battle

It’s a long and rocky road, which will require a lot action and a lot of effort, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

New archaeological findings show that Vikings “imported” from the Celts

Archaeologists were expecting to find beer, but they found something else.

Intriguing optical illusion proves most humans have ‘curvature blindness’

Can your brain handle this?

Ancient mummy found to have bone cancer

Cancer was already affecting humans 2,000 years ago.

Scientists turn DNA into virtually any 3D shape imaginable

The fist DNA benders!

Ancient man-sized penguin found in New Zealand beach

It was a big one.

Ancient amber reveals that ticks dined on feathered dinosaurs, too

No respite from the bite.

Ancient tomb filled with stunning, pillaged bronze vessels, found in China

Ever seen a wine bottle shaped like a deer?

A newly formed island in the Pacific might resemble Martian volcanoes

New landforms on Earth could tell us about how ancient ones on Mars formed.

Child’s brain rewires following double hand transplant 

This is the incredible story of Zion, the first quadruple amputee child in whom researchers observed massive brain reorganization before and after the hand transplant.

Right whales face extinction if humans don’t intervene fast, NOAA researchers warn

The ocean will be less without them.