The reason why 200,000 endangered saiga antelopes suddenly dropped dead

It’s a tragedy that is almost impossible to prevent.

Brewing beer on Mars? Students find Martian soil is suitable for growing hops

Brace yourselves for Martian craft beer!

Lowering blood alcohol concentration limit on US roads will lead to fewer driving-related fatalities, report says

About one-third of all traffic fatalities are due to alcohol-impaired driving.

Oil slicks continue to grow in the East China Sea after tanker sank in the area

It does not look good.

Why a baby shark is called a pup — and other unusual baby animal names

If this doesn’t make you go ‘aww’ then I don’t know what will.

Walk right in: Berlin’s transit authority and Adidas create unique, wearable shoe-passes

Only 500 pairs will be made.

Maple syrup might become a thing of the past because of climate change

The delicate maple trees might not survive the warming temperatures forecasted for the end of the century.

Europe’s microwave ovens release as much CO2 as 6.8 million cars

That’s a lot of CO2.

The UK appoints a Minister of Loneliness

Loneliness is a serious problem and an important health risk. It’s good to see it receiving more and more attention.

That new contraceptive app might not work as well as expected


Being too social can shorten your lifespan — if you’re a marmot

The opposite is actually true for humans. Having close friends and family extends our lifespan.

The genome of the first African in Iceland has been reconstructed, without any physical remains

He lived 200 years ago.

Brussels announces EU-wide strategy to fight plastic pollution

By 2030, you’ll have to bring a reusable cup to get coffee in the EU.

DNA study shows 4,000 year-old mummies are half brothers

The Two Brothers turned out to be, in fact, brothers. But it wasn’t an easy feat.

Longest underwater cave in the world found in Mexico

Researchers also discovered gorgeous cenotes that may be connected with Maya religious beliefes.

The Universe’s densest stars have a maximum mass limit, researchers find

Stopping just shy of a black hole’s density, neutron stars play a dangerous game.

Most beers and wines aren’t vegetarian — or why there’s fish bladder in your pint

Who wants to drink fish guts?

Chameleons display fluorescent bones on the skull, study shows

Researchers discovered a new outstanding feature of the chameleon: its bones shine in a blue hue in UV light.

Britain plans to plant a coast-to-coast forest comprised of 50 million trees

A huge forest ought to span all the way from Hull to Liverpool by 2042.

One man pushed Bitcoin from $100 to over $1,000 a pop in two months’ time, new research reports

You have one chance to guess if he did it through fraud or not. (Hint: it was fraud).