Scientists discover how ketamine is so good against depression

The team believed that ketamine affected a small part of the brain, called the lateral habenula, also known as the “anti–reward center.”

Using rocks for farming could improve soil quality, reduce CO2 emissions

The practice could reduce the need for pesticides, improve soil quality, and absorb carbon dioxide.

An almost indestructible houseplant uses deception to get pollinated

It pretends to be a fungus.

What Can Quartz Crystals Really Do?

Quartz is cherished for its properties, but I’m not talking about magic.

Scientists find hidden artwork beneath one of Picasso’s ‘Blue Period’ paintings

Secrets don’t stay buried for long in the face of science.

Scientists breed first sheep-human hybrid — but there’s no reason to freak out

The goal is to ultimately harvest organs for transplant in human patients.

Newly-developed 3D printing method uses cells, biomolecules to recreate tissues

The day when you can download and 3D print a sandwich inch ever closer.

Women who regularly use cleaning supplies risk lung damage, study shows

There were no significant differences in the decline of lung function between men who worked in the cleaning business and non-cleaning men.

How Roman priests walked through the “Gates to Hell” — and came back

Modern science explains how an ancient ritual worked.

New objective blood test could diagnose autism in children

The test could be a game changer for identifying autism.

Using sounds and behaviour to keep birds from dangers like wind turbines

It could save the lives of millions of birds.

Trafficking routes for pangolins have been uncovered in Western Africa

Traders are avoiding law enforcement by going across remote forest borders.

Geologists listen to volcanic murmur to predict eruptions

Listen closely, and the volcano will share its secrets.

Poor fitness leads to poor brain health, new study finds

Mens sana in corpore sanome

For the first time, scientists directly observe how Northern Lights are formed

Shedding light on the Northern Lights.

Physicists create a new form of light by binding photons

“It’s very uncharted territory,” the researchers explained.

Coffee farming “can be a win-win for birds and farmers”, paper finds

It will keep you civil on a Monday morning and keep some bird species happy — it’s coffee!

Elon Musk’s Roadster will most likely crash into Earth or Venus millions of years from now

Radiation might destroy the car long before that happens, though.

Copper-coated uniforms for medical staff could help shred bacteria in hospitals

It’s a pretty metal solution.

Man-made: we’ve domesticated our own species

Does this make us pets?