Earth’s inner core is solid, seismic waves reveal

It’s amazing how we can learn things about the very depths of our planet.

Sunlight kills indoor germs almost as well as UV rays

Pull the drapes and enjoy free home sanitation, courtesy of the sun.

Scientists create a Bose-Einstein condensate in space for the first time

That’s just colored water in the picture.

New study reveals why dandelions are among the best fliers — they take to the air in a unique way

We have a lot to learn from the humble dandelion.

Female gamers are three times more likely to study science

Encouraging ‘geeky girls’ to pursue a STEM degree could help bridge the gender gap.

Researchers find Jurassic piranha-like flesh-eating fish, and also spot their victims

The Jurassic had flesh-eating fish… of course it did.

World’s largest organism is being eaten away by wild animals

A clonal colony of Aspen stretching over 100 acres is being threatened — and it’s all on us again.

Scientists develop self-lubricating, smart condoms

An innovation which will make a lot of people happyier.

Breastmilk protects infants from antibiotic-resistant bacteria and improves preemies’ brain development

An aggressive campaign of producers of baby formula has led to a decrease in breastfeeding rates.

Ghost fishing kills over 650,000 animals a year. These researchers believe they’ve found a solution

Technology to the rescue!

Virtual reality simulation makes people more compassionate towards the homeless

The VR experience made participants more likely to sign a petition for affordable housing.

Scientist exposes predatory journals by submitting ‘Rick and Morty’ papers

Briefly, a dinglebop was smoothened by the help of schleem.

Novel video shows what drone impacts can do to planes. Spoiler alert: it’s very, very bad

That’s… surprisingly damaging!

Book review: ‘Music by the Numbers: From Pythagoras to Schoenberg’

Did you know about a connection between music and Einstein’s theory of relativity?

Lab-tailored enzyme shows promise as a new and powerful treatment against tobacco addiction

Science to the rescue.

‘Earliest evidence of life’ may just be really old rock

The debate is far from over, though.

Giraffe patterns aren’t random — and they’re quite important

Have you ever noticed a giraffe’s patterns?

Just 20% of US students learn a foreign language — compared to 92% in Europe

This seems to be a systemic problem.

Researchers document first evidence of epigenetic inheritance via sperm

We’re not sure yet if a father’s experience can affect the health of offspring.

‘Rust’ fungi threaten to wipe out Latin America’s coffee crops

A fungal infection has devastated up to 70% of coffee production in some regions.