Coconut oil may be a dangerous health fad, Harvard professor calls it ‘pure poison’

Far from a healthy food, coconut oil may actually do harm.

California is generating so much renewable energy, it’s about to take a break

California’s green policy is so successful it needs to slow down for a bit.

The oldest life on Earth may have appeared 4.5 billion years ago, according to detailed ‘family tree’

The lineage which led to humans, however, only emerged a billion years later.

Scientists have calculated the force of a photon hitting an object

It’s a tiny value, but a huge discovery.

A new look at an old fossil reveals how lemurs could have evolved

An fascinating prospect.

STEVE, the ‘ribbon aurora’, is actually a new kind of celestial phenomenon

Scientists now call STEVE a ‘skyglow’.

Stretchable electronics could be as ‘multipurpose as your phone’

A new approach in how we can work with electronics.

Blood for universal transfusions might be sourced from gut bacteria

Well, not literally — but they’ll help!

NASA finds ice on the Moon — raising prospects of a lunar colony

Finally, something to put in my lunar glass of whisky.

Novel nanocomposite material might prevent shipwrecks from rotting

The technique is being trialed on the English warship Mary Rose.

Parkinson’s disease might soon be diagnosed with a simple eye test

There is no cure for the disease but diagnosing and treating it early can mean the world to a patient.

Humor done right helps in the classroom, 99% of students report. Bad humor hurts

In news today: people still like jokes.

Police militarization doesn’t bring more safety and might do more harm than good

A new study sheds some much-needed light on a controversial topic: police militarization.

More than a third of all planets bigger than Earth may be ‘water worlds’

Up to 35 percent of exoplanets bigger than the Earth are water worlds!

Prions — the Revenge of the Cows

Proteins that cause illness are still baffling scientists.

This core thinking error underlies both creationism and conspiracy theories

Maybe this is not so surprising after all.

Almost 40% of teen drivers text while driving

Don’t text and drive. That’s all.

Contact lenses break down into microplastics — so don’t flush them down!

Just throw them in the trash if you don’t want them on your plate later on.

Maple leaf extract might slow down skin aging and prevent wrinkles

From sweet syrup to anti-aging cream, maple seems more versatile than we thought.

Using only light, scientists can manipulate memory — it’s called optogenetics

The future is here.