More evidence showing that flu vaccination lowers risk of death in heart failure patients

Flu vaccines also offer protection against heart failure.

Scientists break record for superconductivity at cozy Arctic temperatures

We’re nearing a breakthrough moment!

Sharing a plate helps with both love and work

“Basically, every meal that you’re eating alone is a missed opportunity to connect to someone,” the authors say.

Giant marsupial predator was “unlike any living animal”

It was a fierce beast.

Megalodon may have been warm-blooded — and this may have ultimately doomed the huge predator

The largest fish in history may have been doomed by its active metabolism that couldn’t keep up with a tough ice age.

NOAA’s annual report says 2018 was the “second-warmest year on record” in the Arctic

Could I have some ice with this? Oh… oh wait.

Yes, the Trump administration really pitched coal at a climate conference

Well… this is awkward.

Being empathetic might put you at risk of relapsing as a coping mechanism

With great empathy comes great stress as well!

Older people believe their own lies

We’re still not sure what lying does to the brain.

Dracula ants have the fastest body parts known to man: their jaws

After all, they are called Dracula ants.

Passive sun-powered device turns water into superheated steam

It could be a game changer.

Here’s why you should never eat raw cookie dough

It’s delicious, sure — but cook it before you eat it.

Voyager 2 enters interstellar space

Take me with you!

Shamans were the first professional class in human history

“Sorry, we can’t hire you, you don’t have the qualifications.”

People aged 70 and over who exercise regularly have the bodies of 40-year-olds

It’s never too late to start exercising — and the results are impressive.

There’s a massive ecosystem of ‘deep life’ right beneath our feet

The staggering biosphere living inside the crust is twice the size of that living in the oceans.

City frogs are more attractive than their countriside cousins, new study shows

Female frogs like city boys, a new study finds.

Helium exoplanet inflates like a balloon

Helium was predicted to be one of the most common elements of exoplanets, but was only recently observed for the first time.

Why do I sweat so much?

Sweating can be a source of embarrassment but the truth is we couldn’t actually survive without it.

Contrary to ‘propaganda’ myths, migrants are actually good for a country’s health and economy, new study reports

Think migrants are bad? Think again, science says.