The Earth’s atmosphere extends twice as far as the Moon, technically

You should probably try really hard to hold your breath around there, though.

InSight lander detects mysterious dips in air pressure on Red Planet (and shares Martian weather forecast)

One day, checking the weather on Mars in real-time will be as easy as googling it.

How the zebra’s stripes ward off insects

Scientists finally found out how insects are kept away from zebras.

Astronomers discover Neptune’s Hippocamp

It’s only 34 km across.

The ‘forager gene’ of humans and fruit flies works in practically the same way

No time like mealtime.

AI is so good at inventing stories that its creators had to shut it down to avoid ‘fake news’

OpenAI thinks that its AI is too dangerous to risk having it fall into the wrong hands.

Scientists move closer to a pacemaker powered by heartbeats

Pacemakers in the future might never require battery replacement.

Native American societies had their own brand of ‘social media’

Do you think they drunkenly made embarrassing pots and regretted it the next day?

Neanderthal diet revolved around meat, new study finds

Caveburgers, anyone?

Activating one gene in the brains of male mice helps reverse depression

Sorry ladies.

Great white shark genome might teach us how to heal faster or stave off cancer

Scientists sink their teeth in the great white’s genome

Setting attainable goals makes us happier, even if we fail

Sometimes less really is more.

Natural compound found to increase longevity in yeast, worms, and cultured human cells

It’s only a preliminary study, but the results are promising.

Archaeologists find extraordinarily well-preserved Pompeii fresco of Narcissus

The tale of a beautiful man who tragically fell in love with himself, painted on the walls of a Roman house which collapsed in tragedy.

Stonehenge rocks were brought in from 180 miles away

As if Stonehenge wasn’t impressive enough, its rocks were quarried from a very, very long distance away.

Transcendental meditation reduces PTSD in South African students

Something as simple meditation can do wonders.

Grasses steal neighbors’ genes to one-up other species

“They’re OUR genes, tovarish plant” — grasses.

Desert ants’ complex behavior is actually built from very simple interactions

The colonies work similarly to a brain, actually.

World’s biggest terrestrial carbon sinks are young forests

Equatorial rainforests are actually net emitters of carbon. Young forests in temperate regions are the best carbon sinks on land, new research suggests.

We don’t really understand ecosystem tipping points — and it could be a problem

This is an important puzzle piece for our understanding of ecosystems.