Nutritional study taking a jab at “Joy of Cooking” withdrawn — among many others

There’s still some joy in cooking.

Young Hawaiian seals are showing up with eels stuck in their noses — and we’re not really sure why

Sure you’ve had bad days, but have you had an ‘eel up your nose’ day?

Novel AI can master games like chess and Go by itself, no humans needed

How do you spell “checkmate” in binary?

Microplastics found in the guts of all sea turtles across the oceans

More than 100 turtles were tested — all had synthetic fibers in their guts.

Scientists find oldest evidence of black plague in 5,000-year-old human remains

The remains of a 20-year-old woman found in Sweden may help scientists retrace the origin of the deadly disease.

252 million years ago, climate change nearly wiped out life on Earth; something similar is happening today

If this sounds a bit alarming… it should.

New AI solves most Captcha codes, potentially causing a “huge security vulnerability”

Please prove that you are human.

Christmas dinner launched towards the ISS

It’s hearty space food.

Geckos can walk on water: here’s how (with a video)

Another mystery solved my science!

The Large Hadron Collider shut down for upgrades — until 2021

This time, it’s all going according to plan

Finland’s 100-year gift to itself: a beautiful, futuristic, and free library

What better gift could there be?

Ichthyosaur may have had blubber, which means the ‘sea monster’ may have been warm-blooded

Blubber is extremely rare among reptiles.

Greenland melting is ‘off the charts’ — It’s unprecedented in the last 400 years, scientists warn

In the past 20 years, Greenland’s ice sheet has been melting at six-fold the rate seen before the Industrial Revolution.

Rats and pigeons are slowly replacing iconic species, and it’s our fault

The “losers” are exactly the ones you want to protect.

Oxford scientist may have finally solved dark matter riddle — the universe might be made out of a ‘negative mass’ fluid

If proven right, this theory could be one of the most important developments in 21st-century physics.

Why Shakespeare’s ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ is a brilliant sneaky innuendo

This just goes to show how amazing Shakespeare was at his craft — and also that he probably had a dirty mind.

MIT designs and builds a plant-robot plantborg that can move towards light

Its name is Elowan and it probably comes in peace.

There’s actually a neurological basis for the urge to pinch extremely cute babies or puppies — it’s called ‘cute aggression’

‘It’s so cute, I’m gonna die!’

Scientists zoom in on more realistic plant-based meat substitutes

Yay or nay?

Ancient haute cuisine — Mesolithic people had caviar feast

It was a fishy affair.