Ancient humans were practicing brain surgery on cows 5,400 years ago

Ancient brain surgery — now here’s something I’d never have to say.

Hans Asperger, who gave his name to the Asperger’s Syndrome, was active Nazi collaborator

It’s a story without a happy ending.

‘Sea nomads’ adapted abnormally large spleens to dive to unheard of depths

Natives of Indonesia can dive up to 70 meters thanks to a genetic adaptation.

Ancient turtles: scientists find ancestor of modern sea turtles

These turtles were far more common than previously known.

What if we’re not the first advanced civilization on Earth — How would we know?

This is not about conspiracy theories, but a legitimate scientific concern.

In Romania, distrust of vaccines claims children’s lives

Romania has a lesson for the entire world.

The Stages of Mitosis

Divide and conquer!

Indoor plants can be natural, sustainable air-cleaning systems

A semi-autonomous, sustainable, eco-friendly air cleaning system. Or as we usually call it — a plant.

New ant species from Borneo detonates itself to defend its colony

Talk about altruistic behavior — these ants are truly impressive.

Migraine injection relieves pain where all other drugs fail

It’s the drug many people suffering from debilitating headaches have been waiting for.

Marine heatwaves smothered the Great Barrier Reef — and it won’t get better

The world’s largest coral system is dying, and it’s all our fault.

Strength in numbers: tiny shrimp might be capable of mixing the ocean

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”

We waste a pound of food every day

We waste a lot of food — here’s how not to do that anymore.

Roughly 95% of people live in areas with ‘unsafe’ levels of air pollution

Don’t breathe too hard.

NYC mice are crawling with antibiotic-resistant bacteria and viruses

‘These things are everywhere,’ said one researcher.

A Sperm Whale Found Dead in Spain Had 30 Kilos of Plastic in Its Stomach

There’s just too much plastic in the oceans.

Researchers ‘accidentally improve’ a plastic-munching enzyme

Failing upwards!

Baboons use team work to escape from biomedical research facility

The gesture has inspired thousands of people over social media.

Malaria makes its hosts smell better to draw more mosquitoes, research finds

Sneaky, sneaky plasmodium.

Scientists find diamonds forged deep within a lost, ancient planet of the early solar system

Pieces of an ancient planet formed long before Earth shed their secrets.