The science of hangovers or why you feel like crap after a night of heavy drinking

This is actually pretty complicated.

Cinnamon burns fat cells, but don’t start chugging cinnarolls just yet

Cinnamon is no miracle cure, but it might help fight those extra pounds.

Every other summer expected to break heat records by 2030

By 2050, virtually every summer will be hotter than anything we’ve experienced to date.

Almost half of all US cancers can be prevented through lifestyle, study shows

Put that cigarette down, skip the beer, and eat more fruits and veggies — your cancer risk will go down dramatically.

Different species can emerge in only two generations, new study reveals

It’s the equivalent of your grandkids being a new species. Pretty crazy.

Dolly the cloned sheep did not age prematurely, suggesting cloning hazards have been exagerated

There may still be health risks with cloning but we might have been looking at the wrong kind.

Finland baker launches bread made almost entirely of crickets

Delicious and nutritious. Would you like a loaf?

LED light savings backfire spectacularly as light pollution increases dramatically

Instead of consuming less, we’re consuming more.

“Ecological air conditioning” keeps species cool for now, but it won’t last

Bad news. Bad, bad news.

Common jellyfish is actually two distinct species

It took us 175 years to spot the difference.

NASA records 20 years of changing seasons in new global map

The ebb of 20 years worth of seasons condensed in 2.5 minutes.

“Felting” carbon nanotubes could finally allow us to use the wonder-material at large

Carbon nanotubes are one of the most promising materials humanity is looking into today — problem is, they tend to break when mixed with anything else.

Lightning reacts with the atmosphere to produce nuclear reactions and antimatter

As if lightning wasn’t insane enough.

UK prospecting companies admit to using the medieval technique of dowsing

Companies are employing water witchery. To find water. In modern UK.

The sugar industry knew about negative health effects, but swept them under the rug

Oh they knew…

AI-powered drones race against human pilots

Humans had the upper hand for now. In the long run, though, drones prove more reliable.

Scientists turn alligator scales into primitive ‘feathers’

The research suggests the same pathway may have been taken by dinosaurs as they transitioned to birds.

Cassini’s stunning farewell picture of Saturn

After 11 years in space, this marvelous shot of the ringed planet was taken

Gin makes you sad, spirits make you sexy: Different alcohols have different effects on your mood, study finds

As it turns out, gin *can* make you sad.

Male dolphins give gifts and employ wingmen to impress the ladies

Being really smart doesn’t stop you from acting dumb when you’re in love.