Grilling meat may raise the risk of high blood pressure

It may be delicious, but it’s not good for you.

No sugar-coating it—drinking more sugary beverages can increase risk of death by heart disease

Best to avoid those sugary drinks.

Triceratops may have had horns to advertise good genes and attract mates

It’s always about sex, isn’t it?

Strange object ‘Oumuamua likely came from another solar system

We’re still learning much from our interstellar visitor.

Helmet-like wearable scanner can record brain activity in moving subjects

This isn’t a war helmet — it’s a revolutionary brain scanner!

World’s first mass-produced, 3D-printed car is electric, looks cool and costs under $10K

Hope this leads to a future where you can download and print your own car.

Banana-sourced cellulose could level up our ice creams

NaNaNaNa, banana to the rescue!

How to brew the perfect espresso with chemistry

How science can help you consistently make the perfect cup of joe.

Up to 99% of starfish on the west coast of North America have wasted away due to a mysterious epidemic

We still don’t know why it has happened, but we know the consequences.

Glacier melting is beyond the point of no return — at least for this century

We’re beyond a tipping point, but not all is lost yet.

From poop to paper: a new way to produce paper sustainably

Would you use paper made from animal dung?

Inspired by a Japanese basket, physicists create new metal with peculiar properties

Kagome is a popular style element in Japanese basket-making characterized by a symmetrical pattern of interlaced triangles.

Termite royalty wear chemical crowns to bedazzle their subjects

Bow down, plebs.

Doctors restore patient’s sight with stem cells, offering new hope for cure to blindness

Researchers safely and effectively implanted a specially engineered patch of retinal pigment epithelium cells derived from stem cells to treat people with sudden severe AMD.

What is a Supervolcano?

Some volcanoes really are super.

What’s up with Steve: A new kind of aurora demystified by scientists

Meet a shimmering purple ribbon of plasma called Steve.

Supermassive black hole sends radio echoes of its stellar dinner

Another discovery that cements black holes’ fundamental role in the evolution of the universe.

Human-secreted malaria antibody could usher in an effective, long-term treatment

Not one day too soon!

This century, glaciers will bleed — the fight is on to save what’s left of them in 100 years

“A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”

Smoked foods are more tasty, but also more unhealthy

The filters they designed actually make the food even tastier.