Sea urchins lack eyes — so they see with their feet

They don’t see too well, but it’s not bad given the circumstances.

Ikea will ditch single-use plastics by 2020

The global retailer with 363 stores wants its customers to live more sustainably.

How to “Weigh” Baby Planets

Weighing without using a scale.

NASA creates first 3D model of Amazon rainforest canopy to estimate the effects of droughts, climate change

Drought has a massive effect on rainforests. Bad news in the current changing climate.

Writing a gene in a single day might be possible with new DNA synthesis technique

This is the future of DNA synthesis.

Coral havens might bring worldwide hope for reefs

The overall situation is still very bleak, but there are a few very bright spots.

Curiosity’s taking selfies as Opportunity braves the storm

Not all of NASA’s rovers are having a tough time.

New cathode might triple energy storage of lithium-ion batteries

A new step forward in our transition towards renewable energy.

Scientists might soon be able to use underwater cables as seismometers

This could also be used to study ocean noise and sealife migration.

Why are climate change deniers more likely to be racist?

Well well, here’s a surprising correlation.

Myths about Hay Fever — and how to beat it

Hay fever is in full swing, and the myths are a-plenty.

Kilauea erupts with massive explosion [photos and videos]

Things continue to be pretty nasty in Hawaii.

Sugary drinks make you fat, but researchers have a new idea about how to fight that

Here’s an unusual idea on how to cut back on those sugary drinks.

Women who wake up early are at lower risk of depression

Researchers advise people to sleep in early in order to lessen the risk for depression.

Show people the dangers of sugary beverages and they’ll pick healthier options

Graphic warnings work — text ones? Not so much.

What are the steps of DNA replication

DNA replication is the basis for biological inheritance.

The UK’s HPV-vaccine effort paid off: infections are down 86%

Good news from the UK!

Scientists find 22,000 year-old giant panda belonging to a distinct long-lost lineage

The lazy panda has a richer story than you’d think.

The WHO includes gaming disorder in the International Classification of Diseases

Symptoms and diagnosis criteria very similar to other addiction-related disorders.

Giant hogweed plant that causes 3rd-degree burns spotted in Virginia

Local authorities in Virginia advise residents to keep an eye out for this very dangerous plant.