Scientists find huge 19-mile impact crater under Greenland’s ice sheet

A meteorite might have slammed into the island as early as 12,000 years ago.

The science behind why leaves change color in autumn

What makes the rainbow of colours?

Pain, the self-fulfilling prophecy: When we expect something to hurt, it does

Mind over body.

How people use music as a sleeping aid

Music is free and doesn’t have negative side effects, unlike sleeping aid drugs.

Scientists zoom in on blood test for cancer

The test is quick and almost painless.

Neanderthal life wasn’t more violent than human life, new study suggests

Yet another similarity that Neanderthals share with humans.

Most people tend to mirror their mother’s number of romantic partners

Turns out most of us are just like our mothers.

Bacteria might be living inside the human brain

This could be a massive game changer.

We’re watching a ‘horror story’ in which the casualty is Earth’s wilderness

Only 23% of the world can now be considered wilderness.

The Earth is smack in the middle of a ‘dark matter hurricane’

And this could prove the perfect opportunity to identify the elusive form of matter.

Rising seas might mean more coral reef islands — if we don’t murder all the corals

We might get more ‘exotic’ if we dial down on the ‘extinction’.

Low-income countries use up to 16 times fewer antibiotics than wealthy countries, WHO report says

Antibiotic resistance seems to be driven by affluent countries.

Climate change caused the demise of flourishing Ancient civilization

There’s a lesson to be learned from today.

Music can be used to estimate political ideology to an “accuracy of 70%”, researchers say


Why do people self-harm? New study offers surprising answers

Definitely an unexpected finding.

Purple bacteria turns sewage waste into clean energy

We’re flushing valuable untapped energy down the toilet.

Climate change might damage male fertility

This does not bode well.

Dinosaur-aged birds had modern flying skills

A new study deepens the mystery of avian extinction following the asteroid impact that wiped out the dinosaurs.

Car-centric suburbs seem to promote right-wing politics and resistance to change


Australia opens first off-the-grid, solar-powered classroom, using Tesla battery

It’s still early days, but this is a promising technology.