Most advanced air quality satellite releases first open data to the public

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Color X-Ray imaging is just around the corner — and we have the photos to prove it

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Unusual heat waves in Britain are revealing traces of ancient civilisations

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3 out of 4 black adults have cardiovascular problems by the age of 55

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The science of superstition – and why people believe in the unbelievable

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Archaeologists find oldest known extract of Homer’s “Odyssey”

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The constellation Vela explodes with color (and new suns) in ESO-captured snaps

Space — the prettiest frontier.

New Antarctic Dinosaurs on Display at Field Museum

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Researchers find oldest pigmented biological molecules — they’re bright pink

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Roman fish salting workshops reveal two whale species lost from the Mediterranean

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Emotional support, rather than offering solutions, makes couples happier

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When organ donation meets religion

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On the many mysteries of yawning

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How cross-species jumping genes might have driven our evolution

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Judges give harsher penalties when their favorite football team loses unexpectedly

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