Why mosquitoes bite me more than others

In short: mosquitoes like you more because you’re easier to find on their ‘radar’.

Rome, the eternal city – of trash

Italy’s capital is overflowing with trash and local authorities seem completely overwhelmed.

Elon Musk says ‘we’ could land on the moon in “less than two years”

Who’s ‘we’ though?

Water from thin air: a look at how rain and precipitation forms

There are a lot of elements that come together to ‘make it rain’. Both in nature and in the club.

Historian unearths more solid evidence of the Armenian Genocide

Probably the largest genocide you probably haven’t heard about.

Radiation in the Marshall Islands, where the U.S. tested nuclear weapons, is higher than in Chernobyl

During the Cold War the United States dropped nearly 70 nuclear bombs on some tiny islands in the middle of the Pacific.

Millenials donate more to charity than previous generations, but less often

The “me, me, me generation” is not necessarily less charitable than the generations before it.

California goes electric on school buses

California takes another step in the right direction.

Corals are dying off but not only because of climate change

Climate change is a major threat, but it doesn’t tell the whole story.

Natural compound found in grape skins, berries, and red wine, could help Mars explorers stay fit

It doesn’t necessarily have to be red wine…

People don’t really care about rigged games — as long as they win

The rich get richer — but they think the game is fair.

July could be hottest month ever after record in June

Get used to monthly “hottest month” updates.

Bee sting vaccine successfully passes human trials in Australia

If you’re allergic to bee venom, this vaccine is for you.

Scotland produces enough wind energy to power itself twice

This year, Scotland generated enough wind energy to power nearly twice as many homes as there currently are in the country.

Elon Musk wants to test a device on humans that can wire your brain to the internet starting from 2020

In the future, installing Elon Musk brain-computer interface could be as easy laser eye surgery.

Decline of iconic London sparrow might be caused by malaria

Habitat destruction and urbanization certainly played a role, but malaria might have dealt the final blow.

Extreme heat to become the new normal in the US

A lot of hot days loom over the US.

Menstrual cups are cheap, effective, and just as reliable as tampons, large-scale study shows

Have you considered trying menstrual cups?

Analysis of 19 million cats shows how our pets’ weight evolves throughout their lifetimes

“As humans, we know we need to strive to maintain a healthy weight, but for cats, there has not been a clear definition of what that is. We simply didn’t have the data,” the authors say.

Vikings cut down all of Iceland’s forests — the country is planting them anew

Since 2015, Iceland has planted around 1,000 hectares of forest (between three and four million trees).