A whopping 1,778 methane vent sites found off the coast of Washington

This helps to explain why there are so many fertile fishing grounds in the area.

Largest T. rex skeleton ever found lived in Canada up to its early 30s

It was probably really polite and liked hockey, too.

World’s first genderless voice assistant wants to challenge gender stereotypes

Neither male nor female, this voice assistant sounds completely neutral.

New neurons are formed in the brain well into old age — but this stops in Alzheimer’s

This is an exciting new twist on neurogenesis.

Movies and shows may help people with attachment issues better navigate their own relationships

Any study that mentions The Office is a good study in my book.

A second male birth control pill just passed human safety tests

Finally, a contraceptive pill for men will be trialed!

Fathers-to-be who smoke can harm babies

Men who smoke around pregnant women can cause congenital heart defects in their offspring. 

Jupiter formed far from the sun and traveled closer during its early days

It also met a lot of asteroids it still hangs around with.

Humans and computers can be fooled by the same tricky images

The gap between humans and AI is getting narrower by the day.

The genders kill differently — and one paper proposes it’s because of our ancient roles

I do like this theory.

Creativity hinges on churning as many ideas out as possible — then taking a break

It doesn’t matter if your ideas suck — get more of them!

Tuberculosis could be eradicated by 2045 — if the world is willing to invest $2 bln./year

The highly infectious disease kills millions of people each year, and that’s just a shame for a curable disease.

Poor sleep might make you more likely to procrastinate

Getting poor sleep doesn’t replenish us properly. Consequently, we don’t have enough mental resources to stay focused on our goals.

New photos from asteroid Bennu reveal stunning surprises

We have a shuttle in outer space, orbiting and asteroid and beaming back data and images. Still seems pretty incredible.

Queen bumblebees take long breaks in the grass after hibernating

Researchers say that you should help queen bees if you see them exhausted on the ground, by providing a teaspoon of sugary water.

Uber-like services can reduce demand for parking — so let’s use the lots for something better

Need a ride?

Stunning 500-million-year-old fossil trove offers insight into how life evolved

It’s one of the most spectacular findings in recent history.

Immigrants to the US are happier later in life than natives — despite generally being worse off financially

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.

Scientists reactivate 28,000 year-old mammoth cells

Researchers say that the study marks a “significant step toward bringing mammoths back from the dead.”

The tallest tree in the world is higher than the Statue of Liberty

California’s redwood forest has the tallest trees in the world. Let’s see why.