Europe wants to go carbon neutral by 2050. These four countries opposed it

Some are more willing than others to transition.

Excessive self-criticism for failing to reach one’s “full potential” causes psychological distress

Be kind to yourself, say researchers.

Astronomers measure frigid temperature of Uranus’ rings

Uranus’ rings are thin and imperceptible to all but the largest telescopes.

Coming out: parents struggle for years to adapt after learning their child’s sexual orientation

A new study calls for better methods to support families with LGBT children.

Scientists transform Type A blood to universal donor blood using enzyme treatment

This could end up saving many lives.

Asian dust fertilizes the ocean with life-supporting nutrients

Life, uhm, finds a way.

What is soil? Here’s the inside scoop

The Earth’s great recycle bin.

Cell phones might cause skull ‘horns’

Poor posture may be causing people to grow a short protuberance from the back of the skull.

Most people believe that vaccines are safe and effective

Vaccines work. Vaccines save lives but we are all at risk of vaccine-preventable diseases until everyone is convinced.

Unpleasant smells make for more powerful memories, a new study finds

Breathe in deep!

The brain rewards new information like it does food, money, or drugs

A new study explains our tendency to overconsume digital information whether its social media or clickbait.

Fish-like robot is animated by fake ‘blood’

It’s scary how lifelike this robot is.

Researchers look into reviving bleached corals using ‘non-preferred’ algal symbiotes

“We want to know if it’s possible that more heat tolerant, non-preferred algae could revive bleached coral communities even if the relationship is less efficient,” the authors say.

Groundwater pumping is bleeding the US’s rivers dry

We’re hoarding all the supply.

Scientists transfer memories between snails with RNA implants

Memory may be far more complex than meets the eye.

What is RNA?

RNA is often thought to potentially be responsible for forming all life.

How much is a clean beach worth to you?

Putting a price on the environment isn’t easy, but it helps in order to save it.

The birth of forests helped drive two massive, ancient extinctions

They did not come in peace.

Dinosaur fossils are rich in microbes — and this might mean we won’t ever find dino proteins

There goes Jurassic Park!

Some Martian clouds are made of ground-up meteors

That’s pretty metal.