The magnetic North Pole has shifted, but we can’t update it because of the US government shutdown

When politics try to mess with your compass.

US Navy wants to change naval warfare with unmanned robot ships

Many such drone ships would act as long-range sensors and even carry weapons.

Diet check: the whale shark is more “vegetarian” than we thought

This could be very important for saving the world’s biggest fish.

The planetary diet: here’s what you need to eat to save the planet

Want to stay healthy and save the world? Here’s how.

Averting catastrophic climate change might be possible — but only if we phase out fossil fuels immediately

Possible? Yes. Is it realistic? Not really. Should we try anyway? Hell yes!

Over half of the world’s wild coffee faces extinction, new research finds

We’re not facing a shortage of coffee right now, but scarcity is possible in the near future.

Saturn’s moon Titan has rainfall and seasons

It’s raining hydrocarbon on Titan.

Researchers find black hole that spins almost as fast as (we think) they can spin

Hope it won’t get dizzy and stumble our way!

Traditional zebra-like tattoos protect tribes-people from insect bites

A stripe a day keeps the bug bites away!

Staying fit halves the risk of a heart attack

There is apparently no upper limit for training when it comes to the beneficial effects for the heart.

CERN draws up plans for new particle accelerator four times bigger than the LHC

Deep physics might have a new toy. Full operation expected for 2050.

Can you raise your IQ score?

Paradoxically, that wouldn’t make you smarter.

China and India on track for world’s largest economies by 2030. US could lose first place as soon as next year

The United States will likely never be able to catch up with China.

Want to improve kids’ test scores? Help them reduce their anxiety, researchers say

It’s a simple thing that can make a big difference — especially for low-income children.

Part-time workers with flexible schedules work more unpaid overtime — especially mothers

How do you ‘not bring work home with you’…. when working from home?

China grows the first plants on the far side of the moon

The cotton sprouts, unfortunately, perished after a couple of days.

Some corals seem to love the taste of plastic — and we’re not sure why

Why do some corals find plastic so tasty?

Smart windows allow or block heat-generating wavelengths of light based on temperature

Bye, bye curtains!

Researchers “trick” breast cancer cells and turn them into fat

It’s an exciting new avenue for treatment.

Finland’s awesome new library is so popular it’s running out of books

Talk about a first world problem!