Geologists listen to volcanic murmur to predict eruptions

Listen closely, and the volcano will share its secrets.

Poor fitness leads to poor brain health, new study finds

Mens sana in corpore sanome

For the first time, scientists directly observe how Northern Lights are formed

Shedding light on the Northern Lights.

Physicists create a new form of light by binding photons

“It’s very uncharted territory,” the researchers explained.

Coffee farming “can be a win-win for birds and farmers”, paper finds

It will keep you civil on a Monday morning and keep some bird species happy — it’s coffee!

Women who regularly use cleaning supplies are prone to lung damage

There were no significant differences in the decline of lung function between men who worked in the cleaning business and non-cleaning men.

Elon Musk’s Roadster will most likely crash into Earth or Venus millions of years from now

Radiation might destroy the car long before that happens, though.

Copper-coated uniforms for medical staff could help shred bacteria in hospitals

It’s a pretty metal solution.

Man-made: we’ve domesticated our own species

Does this make us pets?

A China-sized dark vortex that smells like farts is slowly fading away on Neptune

Good thing Neptune is the farthest planet from the sun.

Australian fire beetles have built-in heat sensors to avoid hot wood

Bring the heat!

Borneo has lost nearly 150,000 orangutans since 1999

They’re resilient and they can make a recovery, if we just cut down on the palm oil.

NASA is taking a Martian meteorite back home — for calibration purposes

The meteorite will be used in NASA’s ambitious Mars 2020 mission.

Novel cancer ‘assassin’ discovered: Huntington’s Disease

Repetitive RNA molecules found in Huntington’s disease are toxic to cancerous cells.

New desalinization technique separates seawater into freshwater and lithium

The world is facing a water crisis. This novel technique not only provides freshwater but also an important building-block for batteries.

Strong link found between ultra-processed foods and cancer

Bottom line: cut down on the processed foods.

More gender equal countries have fewer women in STEM, paradoxically

A new paper tries to explain this discrepancy.

Case review: first transgender woman to breastfeed ever

A 30-year-old transgender woman successfully breastfed her baby for six weeks, until her milk production had to be supplemented with formula.

Ancient 34,000-year-old lavish burial shows special care for disabled children

The children were buried with vast riches, in contrast to functional adults who had more modest burials.

Stress ruins memory, but you can outrun this effect

Stress and memory don’t mix very well.