First flowering plants may have appeared 50 million years earlier than previously thought

Charles Darwin called the origin of flowering plants an “abominable mystery”.

Giraffes quietly dropped down to ‘Endangered list’

Giraffes have been undergoing a silent extinction.

Improv classes improve social skills in anxious teens

When you’re in a safe space where you can’t make a mistake, things become a lot less anxious.

Astronomers just discovered the most distant object in the solar system — they’ve called it ‘Farout’

It’s more than 100 times farther away than Earth is from the sun.

Working out in the evening doesn’t cause any sleep problems

Work out anytime you want — no excuses!

Germany’s word of the year is a climate change pun

It’s a hot topic.

Look at all these faces. None of them are real — they were created by an AI


Environmental cleanups return on investment — and they return big time

Cleaning up makes economic sense.

Tornadoes form from the ground up, not the other way around as previously believed

The kind of research that could save lives.

MIT technique can shrink objects down to the nanoscale

The technique can produce structures one-thousandth the size of the originals.

Nuclear-powered ‘tunnelbot’ could probe the depths of Europa’s oceans

Europa’s almost as cold as your ex’s heart, just as frozen.

Johnson & Johnson knew its baby powder has cancer-causing asbestos — but it lied

A story worth reading.

Scientists make pterosaur discovery that pushes back origin of feather evolution by 70 million years

At least some pterosaurs were covered by a diverse coat of different feather and fur-like structures,

Tourists might be bringing diseases to Antarctica’s penguins

Tourists are bringing dangerous pathogens to the Antarctic.

Exposure to graphic images shifts your perception of reality, video games study shows

More pew pew, less QQ.

Constantly checking your phone reduces wellbeing, makes you less mindful

Psychologists call this phenomenon ‘online vigilance’.

Shark numbers plummet by 92% in Australian waters

Sharks are declining at an alarming rate.

Researchers want to vaccinate bees so we don’t run out of food

I can’t BEElive this!

Virgin Galactic tourist space rocket passes first test

Fancy a trip to outer space?

Fentanyl is now the deadliest drug in America

Just a few grains of the substance can kill.