How Japanese astronomers discovered the most distant object in the Kuiper Belt with a $3,000 telescope

This is a real victory for little projects.

Fossil Friday: massive, ancient African carnivore found in a drawer in Kenya

It pays to stick your nose in museum drawers!

Plastic crystals identified as a solid, safe alternative to our refrigerants

A cool, solid research paper.

Scientists might have cured “bubble boy disease” with gene therapy

A rare genetic disorder that deactivates the immune system of baby boys may have been cured.

New research takes a look into how superstitions develop and enshrine themselves

They’re cultural cheat-sheets.

Even moderate intake of red meat substantially increases risk of bowel cancer

Bacon is not so good for you after all.

Coffee not essential for life, Switzerland decides

Say what now?

The LED sun: artificial light completely mimics properties of natural sunlight

A natural skyline at the flick of a switch.

AI developed to tackle physics problems is really good at summarizing research papers

“Researchers have developed a new representation process on the rotational unit of RUM, a recurrent memory that can be used to solve a broad spectrum of the neural revolution in natural language processing.”
A machine wrote those words.

Who really invented the light bulb?

Spoiler: It wasn’t Edison.

Even mountain glaciers are now contaminated with microplastic

Truly, no place on Earth has escaped pollution.

Two newly-discovered Egyptian tombs look almost as fresh as the day they were painted

Jewels in the desert.

After a 300% surge in global cases, WHO and UNICEF directors say we’re facing a ‘measles crisis’

The moral of the story, kids, is get vaccinated.

Russian researchers extract liquid blood from frozen 42,000-year-old foal — plan to clone it

You want Jurassic Park? Because this is how you get Jurassic Park.

The world’s first AI-written textbook showcases what machine learning can do — and what it can’t

The technology could have a surprising use.

Dogs really help people stay fit, new study shows

As if dogs weren’t precious enough, they also help with our fitness — new research shows that dog owners are 400% more likely to meet recommended physical activity guidelines.

Astronomers finally find the earliest molecule in the Universe

The breakthrough validates our current models of how the universe works.

Japanese university professor taught students how to produce MDMA, risks up to 10 years in prison

Japanese Breaking Bad? Not really — this time it’s about science, not profit.

Women can spot unfaithful men by looking at their faces, but men can’t do the same in women

It seems like women have a better poker face than men.

Air pollution from corn kills thousands of people each year

Researchers are trying to map the pollution impact of all the foods we eat.