NASA shares unique time-lapse of Jupiter’s South Pole

A rare and beautiful view of Jupiter from a novel angle.

Worrying survey finds that 54% of all Americans don’t store their guns safely

People who buy guns for self-defense often end up doing more damage, especially if they don’t store their guns properly.

Monkey ‘vocabulary’ could clue us in on evolution of human speech

An adorable monkey’s ‘ekks’ and ‘tsiks’ might teach how speech evolved.

In 2016, fishing ships cast their nets on over 55% of the ocean surface

That’s a lot of fishing.

The Hjertefølgers’ cob house might just be the coziest place in the subarctic

Please adopt me I wanna be part of this!

Doctors remove what’s possibly world’s largest brain tumor from Indian man’s skull

It was like the tumor “sat like a head on top of another head,” doctors recalled.  

Saddle up: New evidence forces us to rethink what we know about horse history

Instead of the domesticated horses deriving from today’s wild horses, it’s the other way around.

How much water do you save by not eating meat?

You’ll be shocked to see how much water meat production requires.

New study links ancient cave drawings and the origin of language

Human speech may have been born out of cave art.

Neanderthals were artists just like humans, and even understood symbolism

Neanderthals were thinkers and artists, just like humans, tantalizing new research suggests.

Google AI dabbles in writing Wikipedia articles

Would you trust Wiki written by a robot?

Alcohol is THE most important preventable factor for dementia

Put that glass down, It’s not good for you.

External temperature also influences our circadian rhythms, study reports

It’s not just low light that makes us sleepy.

How bats don’t get sick despite carrying the highest number of viruses

It’s the most disease-infested mammal in the world but yet bats not only survive, they thrive. What’s their secret?

NASA could have an orbiting moon base by 2023

It’s like an ISS, but for the Moon!

Soft, eel-inspired device can produce up to 110 volts

From electric creatures to better pacemakers and even prosthetics.

Antidepressants do work, largest ever analysis suggests

It’s the biggest antidepressant review, and it has encouraging conclusions.

Most distant supernova reveals its secrets to scientists

A cosmic record breaker.

[WATCH] Some ignorant human trying to stop a door-opening robot dog

Boston Dynamics’ SpotMini takes a beating — but went through either way.

Jymmin combines working out with music, makes people feel less pain

Scientists paired music composition software with sensors attached to the fitness machines.