Cassini’s stunning farewell picture of Saturn

After 11 years in space, this marvelous shot of the ringed planet was taken

Gin makes you sad, spirits make you sexy: Different alcohols have different effects on your mood, study finds

As it turns out, gin *can* make you sad.

Male dolphins give gifts and employ wingmen to impress the ladies

Being really smart doesn’t stop you from acting dumb when you’re in love.

That flowing briny water on Mars? It might just be sand

That’s how science works sometimes.

Many cancer survivors are still battling with PTSD

As if cancer wasn’t problematic enough…

Scientists ‘reclone’ world’s first cloned dog

They want to see if there are any health hazards to cloning.

Scuba diving flies use bubbles to feed underwater

For most insects, going beneath the water surface would be suicide — but not for these flies!

8,000 years old rock art in Saudi Arabia documents the earliest known use of dog leashes


A few unbelievable bacteria facts

For unicellular organisms, they are anything but boring.

This startup plans to end rhino poaching by counterfeiting illegal goods — and it could work

3D printed fake horns could drive the poachers out of a job.

No, seismologists aren’t really predicting dramatic earthquakes for 2018 — it’s a single hypothesis from one study, not a fact

When all we’re after is catchy headlines, science often falls in the background.

Big Tobacco will run anti-smoking ads, one decade after court order

Anti-tobacco advocates are furious the delay will make the campaign less effective.

Cigar-shaped asteroid is the first interstellar object we’ve seen in the solar system

A strange visitor from interstellar space came to visit. It might teach us a thing or two about the universe.

New AI tells masterpieces from forgeries by only looking at brush strokes

How long until someone will train an AI to trick this AI?

Huge extinct sea cow found beneath Russian beach

It used to be a gentle beast which tragically succumbed to human overhunting.

Teens are having sex sooner (and raunchier) than ever before — but sex education isn’t keeping up

Teens are spicing things up more than they used to.

Tesla’s new Semi is an electrical monster, but can it really deliver?

This could be a game changer.

NASA reinvents the wheel with new, ‘chainmail’ tire design

Finally, no more flat tires!

A Chinese AI passed the national medical licensing exam, so technically it’s a doctor

Move over, WebMD.

These sharks thrive in a real-life underwater volcano

Yes, these sharks live inside a volcano.