Nope, octopuses probably didn’t come from outer space

It’s an interesting idea, but it’s probably not true. Calm down.

Pressure in protons’ cores is over ten times greater that that in neutron stars

More pressure than you during finals.

Hubble completes the most complete ultraviolet-light survey of nearby galaxies — and the photos are mind blowing

Talk about some mind-blowing images!

Astronomers discover the fastest-growing black hole we’ve ever known

It’s the hungriest thing we’ve ever seen.

What makes things cute?

It’s obviously kittens. Just stick kittens to everything.

Thinking outside the ‘Box’: New Invention turns urine compound into nitrogen and hydrogen gas

It’s certainly an idea worth considering.

The Economics of Fracking: Is Fracking Worth the Health and Environmental Risks?

Hydraulic is certainly a polarizing issue. It’s got some economic benefits, and causes a lot of environmental damage. Is it worth it?

Pets don’t have to die to be miserable

An in-depth look at how humans can make their pets suffer — often, unknowingly.

Embalming & mummification — everything you wanted to know

A journey to the underworld — and beyond.

Limiting global warming to 1.5 degree C would save most global species, new study concludes

… but if we keep on with the “business as usual” approach, things will be much worse.

Mosquito saliva can affect your immune system up to a weeks

Guess what: one more reason to hate mosquitoes.

Learning music or a foreign language can help your brain be more efficient

If you want to train your brain, consider starting with music or a foreign language.

Australian magpies can understand what other birds are ‘saying’ with surprising clarity

Magpies? Check. Throwing orange balls at magpies? Check. Grated cheese? Check. I love this study.

Human activity is messing with global freshwater movement

The message is clear: We need to act now!

Atmospheric readings show someone is producing illegal, ozone-depleting industrial gases

Please stop.

Major depression in men makes couples less likely to conceive

Depression can make both men and women infertile.

Healthy diet may prevent brain shrinkage in older adults

Eating a balanced diet of fruits and veggies staves of brain aging and cognitive decline.

Lizards with lime-green blood might lead to cure for malaria and other diseases

Their blood is green due to a pigment that is toxic to humans.

Bitcoin to consume 0.5% of the world’s electricity — as much as Ireland

Bitcoin may have made some people rich, but it also consumed a lot of energy and produced a lot of emissions in the process.

“Made in China” label allows archaeologists to trace down ancient ship

An unfortunate centuries-old riddle was solved thanks to an unusual clue: a label.