Kilauea erupts with massive explosion [photos and videos]

Things continue to be pretty nasty in Hawaii.

Sugary drinks make you fat, but researchers have a new idea about how to fight that

Here’s an unusual idea on how to cut back on those sugary drinks.

Women who wake up early are at lower risk of depression

Researchers advise people to sleep in early in order to lessen the risk for depression.

Show people the dangers of sugary beverages and they’ll pick healthier options

Graphic warnings work — text ones? Not so much.

What are the steps of DNA replication

DNA replication is the basis for biological inheritance.

The UK’s HPV-vaccine effort paid off: infections are down 86%

Good news from the UK!

Scientists find 22,000 year-old giant panda belonging to a distinct long-lost lineage

The lazy panda has a richer story than you’d think.

The WHO includes gaming disorder in the International Classification of Diseases

Symptoms and diagnosis criteria very similar to other addiction-related disorders.

Giant hogweed plant that causes 3rd-degree burns spotted in Virginia

Local authorities in Virginia advise residents to keep an eye out for this very dangerous plant.

U.S. Army designs more powerful, less toxic explosive to replace TNT

Sometimes you just have to blow stuff up!

Sea level rise could threaten 300,000 US coastal homes, in the “business-as-usual” scenario

A problem that will certainly strike close to home for many people.

David Attenborough urges people to save bees with an adorable teaspoon gesture

It’s a small gesture, but it can make a big difference for the tiny bees.

CRISPR gene editing might cause cancer — but scientists say we shouldn’t panic

Scientists say that media reactions so far have been exaggerated.

Why football teams who sing their national anthem with passion are more likely to win

As the World Cup in Russia is kicking off, it’s time to look at what passion can do for your soccer team.

Scientists find 121 giant planets that might host habitable moons

There’s a good chance life is thriving on alien moons.

Children in England are simply eating too much sugar

Put the cake down, Karen. Have an apple instead.

Why we can’t resist donuts — our brain is wired to love fats and carbs together

The only natural food high both in carbs and food is breast milk.

Stretchy, bendy electronic circuits paves way to new wearable tech, bioimplants

They’re bending the rules!

Wildlife is shifting activity to nighttime because they don’t want to run into humans

Can’t even blame them, I stay awake till 4 am for the same reason.

Scientists directly image particle jet emitted by supermassive black hole devouring a star

It’s the first time astronomers have achieved this feat.