Potholes could be fixed by asphalt-printing drones

The future is finally here.

The first case of chronic wasting disease suspected in Jackson County

Although the case was not yet confirmed, deer farms in the area have already been notified to take extra precautions.

NASA updates its plan to deflect dangerous asteroids

It’s the “small” asteroids that we really need to be preparing for.

West Antarctic bedrock is rising surprisingly fast — and this may slow down ice melt

Some rare good news.

The U.S. oil and gas industry is leaking a lot of methane — again

The emissions total around 13 million metric tons.

Scientists discover new genus of gibbon monkey in ancient Chinese tomb

Unfortunately, the story has a sad twist.

Your efforts to save water? They’re actually working

Don’t let the downers get to you — saving water actually works.

Most people have surprisingly modest expectations for the ‘ideal life’

The ideal life isn’t all rosy to most people.

Ultrafast laser bursts generate electricity faster than anything we know

A beautiful example of theory and experiment working together to advance science.

White paint might be causing a lot of Type 2 diabetes, preliminary research finds

White may hide a dark secret.

Six new spider species discovered, named after children’s tales goblins

Spiders, goblins, and brownies.

Scientists find ‘nude’ creature that lived half a billion years ago

An unusual creature form a long, long time ago.

Earliest evidence of beer brewing in Scandinavia hails from the Iron Age

What would civilization be without beer? A depressing experience, that’s what.

Small arms, tongue-tied: T-Rex couldn’t stick its tongue out

Put that tongue back in, Jurassic Park!

Mars’ huge dust storm is now a “global” storm

Yarrr, there be a storm a’brewing!

Analysis of over 800 million tweets reveals how our thought patterns shift throughout the day

Who says social media never did any good?

Ancient sea creature from the dawn of life named after President Obama

The discovery honors Barack Obama’s passion for science.

Falling battery cost might push wind and solar to 50% of global energy generation by 2050

Renewable energy is set to power the future.

Prions: The Charismatic Proteins

Proteins that cause illness are still baffling scientists.

Fewer American teens are having sex than at any point since 1991

What’s worrying is that among sexually active teens, condom use has gone down.