A few unbelievable bacteria facts

For unicellular organisms, they are anything but boring.

Big Tobacco will run anti-smoking ads, one decade after court order

Anti-tobacco advocates are furious the delay will make the campaign less effective.

Teens are having sex sooner (and raunchier) than ever before — but sex education isn’t keeping up

Teens are spicing things up more than they used to.

A Chinese AI passed the national medical licensing exam, so technically it’s a doctor

Move over, WebMD.

Pregnant women urged to sleep on side to lower risk of stillbirth

Sleeping on the back in the third trimester doubles the risk of stillbirth.

Male prairie voles that drink alcohol ruin their relationships

They are a model for human alcoholism and relationships.

9 Easy Yoga Exercises which Can Help Clear Your Mind

Yoga has been proven to have surprisingly strong health benefits.

Owning a dog significantly lowers risk of premature death, especially in people living alone

Owing a doggo seems to our health well.

Continued Reefer Madness, 80 years later

A look at how antiquated views and obsolete policies impact patients and physicians alike.

The US is definitely facing a dramatic opiates crisis, and it won’t end anytime soon

There’s no silver bullet for this problem.

How greenhouse gas emissions would drop if all Americans went vegan

The positive impact on the environment is significant but at the cost of the population’s health.

Bill Gates invests $100 million to study and defeat Alzheimer’s

Putting his money where his mouth is: Gates invests massively into addressing Alzheimer’s disease.

Britain becomes Europe’s most obese country, as US maintains “leader” status worldwide

The Brits are still healthy overall, but obesity rates are reaching startling levels.

Lab mice with natural gut bacteria are wildly more resistant to disease and tumors

Living in a sterile, controlled environment make lab mice not such a good model for human diseases.

Mushrooms are ‘the richest source’ of two antioxidants which fight age-related diseases

For once something that tastes good and is healthy for you.

Computer simulation identifies HIV Achilles Heel, offering new avenue for treatment

It also showcases how powerful computer simulations can be in fighting viruses.

New ‘Golden’ Potato packed with Vitamin A and E could fight malnutrition in developing nations

A new GMO crop could help millions with micronutrient deficiencies.

Even casual drinking increases cancer risk

Put that glass down, researchers warn.

Having a cat around the house keeps asthma away in newborns

Cat allergens reduce the incidence of asthma in newborns by a factor of two.

Cocktail of simple over-the-counter drugs as effective as heavy opioids in treating pain

An Advil and Tylenol cocktail might be just as strong as opioids in dealing with the pain.