NASA will soon launch a probe that will travel through the sun’s atmosphere — here’s what you need to know

A modern-day Icarus — but this one won’t get burned.

The five largest meat and dairy companies emit more greenhouse gases than ExxonMobil

The hidden climate change-causing giants no one’s talking about.

Scientists design ‘Pokéball’ that safely captures even the most delicate underwater creatures

Gotta catch em all!

Hybrid device harvests both ambient mechanical and magnetic energy

Ambient energy is all around us — physicists are proposing a novel way to tap it.

Oldest bread found in Jordan predates agriculture by 4,000 years

It took great determination for the first hunter-gathers to set off the agricultural revolution — but the bread helped.

German banking giant is using AI to write its earnings reports

Previously, the same technology was used to write quick reports on soccer matches or political events such as elections. 

Most advanced air quality satellite releases first open data to the public

We all deserve to breathe cleaner air — this is where this mission comes in.

Cannabis makes the brain ‘noisy’ when it’s at rest

It’s almost like the brain is ‘wired’ all the time while high on cannabis.

Emotional support, rather than offering solutions, makes couples happier

Instead of offering informational support, just saying “I know how that feels” might be a lot better.

How cross-species jumping genes might have driven our evolution

Some genes ‘jump’ from one genome to the other, and even from plants to bats.

Anticipating stress makes you function worse throughout the day, even if nothing stressful happens

Waking up on the wrong side of the bead is a real thing.

Spiders balloon by riding electric fields in the atmosphere

This is so electric!

Scientists control aggressive and criminal tendencies by zapping the brain

It’s a sort of reverse lobotomy.

China breaks quantum entanglement record at 18 qubits

Imagine reading a library at once rather than one book at a time — that’s what quantum computers can do.

Testosterone boost makes men more likely to buy luxury brands

The hormone drives men to enhance their status.

Most objects in the asteroid belt come from a handful of wrecked ancient planets

Asteroids have families too.

Uranus may have collided with a cosmic body twice the size of Earth, explaining its unusual tilt

The icy gas giant likely collided with a massive cosmic body about 4 billion years ago.

Mongolian herders were the first horse dentists, 3,000 years ago

Horses continue to be central to Mongolian daily life even thousands of years later.

Owls perceive moving objects like we do, suggesting bird and human vision are quite similar

The findings suggest that this ability evolved before the human neocortex appeared.

Many people ‘cherry-pick’ their genetic ancestry data tests

Another example of how people will choose to believe whatever they want.