Kepler — the spacecraft that discovered thousands of alien worlds — is running on its last drops of fuel

It will have time to find just a couple more candidate exoplanets.

Men with heightened prefrontal cortex activity are less likely to cheat

Willpower is important for staying committed to a relationship.

Babies reason long before they can speak

Behind the adorable “goo goo ga ga” lies a logical tiny human.

Airbus tests harpoon meant to shoot down satellite-sized space junk

They’re after the Moby Dick of space.

Modern humans and Denisovans interbred at least twice in history

Our ancestors interbred both with Neanderthals and Denisovans.

What causes Déjà vu — the unsettling feeling of familiarity in novel situations

There’s a glitch in the Matrix…

What’s the surprising connection between cannabis and coffee?

Both substances target cannabinoids.

6 Reasons Why Your Eye is Twitching

Never has something so benign been so annoying.

Industrialization pays less dividends: when manufacturing jobs shift abroad, their share peak at a lower level than in the previous country

It’s a global problem, which means recent U.S. policy might be doomed to fail.

Galactic clockwork: Astronomers find all galaxies rotate once every billion years

Regardless of their size, all galaxies that just as long to come full circle.

Why a spinning hard-boiled egg always faces up

Try it at home.

Scientists invent ultra-white coating inspired by beetle scales

It’s 20 times whiter than paper.

Generic drugs for heart conditions work just as well as brand name drugs

They might not sound fancy, but generics work just as well for a faction of the cost.

Stopping muscle atrophy at old age could be possible

Scientists have found a connection between nerve loss and muscle atrophy. They think the process can be reversed.

Ice-VII found in nature for the first time, suggests aqueous fluid present in Earth’s deep mantle

A strange form of ice is intriguing scientists.

Elon Musk: Mars spaceship might test flight in early 2019

Another audacious claim from quite possibly the boldest man on Earth.

A demonic robo-wolf is now protecting Japanese farmlands

The scarecrow of the 21st century.

Revolutionary nanoparticle eye drops could make glasses obsolete

The procedure also involves a minimally invasive laser, and can be performed without medical supervision.

Scientists ‘sew’ atomic lattices seamlessly together

The findings could lead to a new class of electronics like flexible LEDs.

CRISPR edit makes mosquitoes far less likely to pass malaria

This looks like a better alternative to wiping out mosquitoes at the population level.