Scientists have a closer look at a vaccine for stress

In the future, humans might be protected by vaccines against stress like they are now from the flu.

Spending just 2 hours a week in nature promotes health and wellbeing

You have no excuse for spending some time in nature this weekend.

Researchers test Alzheimer’s vaccine in mice

Finally, the world may soon have a vaccine against the devastating disease.

Replacing red meat with a plant-based diet increases longevity

Yet another important study that suggests red meat is very bad for our health.

Tesla’s new solar roof will cost as much as a shingle roof and electricity bill

Exciting news from Elon Musk.

You’re eating a credit card’s worth of plastic each week, study says

We each consume about five grams of microplastics each week.

Ridiculous DeepFake video of Mark Zuckerberg stretches Facebook’s fake news policies to the limit

Social networks will be bombarded with similar fake content in the future.

Vengeful gods may be the product of complex societies

All powerful religious figures are useful in keeping large populations in check.

Abortions don’t harm women’s health but denying them does

Pro-life groups seem to be wrong with this one.

Humans and monkeys respond differently to music and speech

Our ability to detect pitch may have been integral to the development of language and music.

Eating while standing makes food taste worse

Eating while standing can be uncomfortable, distracting our attention from the enjoyment of food.

Meet the fish that can hold its breath underwater

A deep-sea creature is the first fish that we know of that holds its breath underwater.

Dogs mirror owners’ stress levels, new study says

Dogs are deeply empathetic creatures.

There’s a limit to human endurance — and once you cross it, the body starts eating itself

There’s a breaking point in your head — but also in your gut.

What you need to know about nicotine withdrawal and the pains of quitting smoking

Quitting smoking is the best thing you can do for your health and vitality — but it’s sure not easy.

Bees can not only count, and understand the concept of zero — they also grasp the concept of numerical symbols

Bees pack a lot of neural hardware in their tiny bodies.

Scientists find new dinosaur species in glittering opal-encrusted fossils

Dino fossils trapped in gemstones reveal new insights about Cretaceous life.

Targeted online advertising offers little value to publishers

The adtech landscape is too opaque and complex — and this new study shows that something needs to be done.

Physicists save Schrödinger’s cat and bring us closer to quantum computers

The quantum jump that kills Schroedinger’s cat isn’t as sudden or random as previously believed. There is hope for our kitty yet!

Slothbot slowly, but surely monitors the environment

Scientists were inspired by the sloth — the master of energy conservation — to design a hyper-energy-efficient robot.