Global pollution linked to one in six premature death. It’s worse than wars, AIDS and road accidents combined

The real scope of pollution and how it affects livelihoods is often misrepresented.

NASA discovers Mars has a magnetic tail twisted by solar wind

Mars has an invisible magnetic tail and it might contribute to Martian atmospheric loss.

The AI buster-buster: new machine dominates AI that dominated humans at Go

It seems our AI overlords have overlords of themselves.

Water wells serving 2 million Americans could be contaminated with high levels of Arsenic

Millions of Americans are potentially exposed to high concentrations of arsenic from their drinking water.

Flying insect biomass decreased by 75 percent over 27 years in nature reserves

We’re responsible and it’s up to us to clean up the mess.

Some cognitive training games can really boost the brain

One cognitive test widely used in research can improve working memory. The training won’t make you smarter, though.

Evidence keeps pilling up in favor of the mysterious Planet Nine

A ninth planet 10 times bigger than Earth might be lurking far away within the solar system.

Stress could be as harmful to your gut’s health as junk food

Stress can trigger changes in the bacterial colonies that occupy the gut, similarly to obesity.

Why the gravitational waves splashed by the merger of two dying stars spells a revolution in astronomy

This was an amazing week in science — with much more to come.

Americans vastly overestimate the size of the gay minority in the USA, and this could influence gay rights

According to the most recent surveys, Americans generally overestimate the size of the country’s homosexual community six-fold.

Magic mushrooms relieve depression symptoms by ‘reseting’ brain

Patients reported feeling ‘reset’ or ‘rebooted’. Their depression symptoms improved immediately after taking the drug.

Monster solar flare could wipe out our electric infrastructure within next 100 years

It happened before and it could happen again rather soon. Damage to power grids, satellites, and communications could amount to $10 trillion.

Melt runoff is making the waters around Greenland less saline

The consequences are important for ecosystem health.

First ‘negative emissions plant’ that turns ambient CO2 into stone switches on in Iceland

This is still experimental technology but in the future it could prove to be a lifeline.

Hyperloop One joins ‘Virgin’ family following Richard Branson investment

The Hyperloop concept just got a whole lot sexier.

Artificial camouflage skin mimics the octopus’ unparalleled morphing

The amazing camo-skin was funded by the military and could one day make its way into the battlefield.

Easter Island natives may not have sailed all the way to South America after all

It doesn’t seem that Native Americans mixed with Polynesians before European contact.

Human activity is destroying the ozone layer — again

The ozone layer recovery could be delayed by as many as 30 years by rising industrial pollutants.

More than half of police killings in the United States were not officially documented

A disturbing new study shows that the government fails to accurately count law-enforcement related deaths in the United States.

The secret to the albatross sustained flight: staying crosswind at all times

The bird can effortlessly travel up to 500 miles in a single day just by occasionally flapping its formidable wings.