Scientists find hidden blood vessels inside bone

The findings might lead to new treatments for bone inflammation and tissue injuries.

Why are there mammals that lay eggs?

Nature always finds a way.

Scientists come up with most accurate age of Saturn’s rings yet

If dinosaurs had telescopes, they might have seen a lonely Saturn, without rings.

The magnetic North Pole has shifted, but we can’t update it because of the US government shutdown

When politics try to mess with your compass.

US Navy wants to change naval warfare with unmanned robot ships

Many such drone ships would act as long-range sensors and even carry weapons.

Averting catastrophic climate change might be possible — but only if we phase out fossil fuels immediately

Possible? Yes. Is it realistic? Not really. Should we try anyway? Hell yes!

CERN draws up plans for new particle accelerator four times bigger than the LHC

Deep physics might have a new toy. Full operation expected for 2050.

Can you raise your IQ score?

Paradoxically, that wouldn’t make you smarter.

China and India on track for world’s largest economies by 2030. US could lose first place as soon as next year

The United States will likely never be able to catch up with China.

China grows the first plants on the far side of the moon

The cotton sprouts, unfortunately, perished after a couple of days.

Smart windows allow or block heat-generating wavelengths of light based on temperature

Bye, bye curtains!

Antarctica is losing six times more ice than 40 years ago

There’s enough ice in Antarctica to raise sea levels by 60 meters — and it’s now on a slippery slope.

Romeo, once the loneliest the frog in the world, finds a mate!

A modern amphibian love story with a happy ending.

Study: People most opposed to GMOs think they’re very knowledgeable — in fact, it’s the opposite

The findings are consistent with the psychology of extremism.

Scientists learn how horrible face cancer spreads among Tasmanian devils

The research could be a game-changer in the fight to save the devils.

Just a little bit of cannabis is enough to change the teen brain

Just one joint smoked before age 14 could increase gray matter volume in the brain.

What is the highest IQ in the world (and should you actually care?)

A high IQ is a nice head start — but it’s far from telling the whole story.

UK scientists worried over ‘no-deal’ Brexit

Anxiety is looming over British researchers at the Brexit deadline draws closer with no deal in sight.

Zapping the brain with mild electrical current controls anger and aggression

The non-aggressive procedure went deep into the neural circuits of aggression.

Why scientists want to engineer spicy tomatoes

I mean, who wouldn’t want to try a hot tomato?