Trump Administration shuts down CO2 monitoring program, as greenhouse gas levels skyrocket

It’s a damn shame.

Scientists transfer memories between snails with RNA implants

Memory may be far more complex than meets the eye.

Nouns slow down speech, which is why we utter a lot of ‘uhs’ and ‘uhms’ before them

We’re far more likely to use slow-down sounds before nouns than verbs.

How many dimensions are there?

According to String Theorists, there are at least 10 dimensions. But there could be as many as 26.

Machine learning corrects photos taken in complete darkness, turns them into amazingly sharp images

Who needs Photoshop when you got this?

Celebrating Richard Feynman’s 100th Birthday

In honor of Feynman’s centennial.

Deadly fungus threatening to wipe out amphibians around the world traced to Korea

The East Asian pet trade of amphibians needs to be halted at once, according to the researchers.

Most oncologists recommend medical marijuana, although they admit they’re not informed enough

The gap is important to bridge.

Mindbending ‘Spooky Action at a Distance’ experiment involving 100,000 gamers proves Einstein wrong

Quantum mechanics — how does it work?!

Woman’s runny nose lasted for two years, turns out it was a freaking brain fluid leak

She spent a lot of money on tissues…

Scientists find a potential cure for baldness

An old drug originally meant to treat osteoporosis could help millions get hair back.

Why alligators on the beach and killer whales in the river is the new normal

Large predators are reclaiming what was rightfully theirs all along.

What causes cavities and how to spot tooth decay

How long has it been since your last checkup?

HIV sexual transmission recorded live as the virus crosses the genital mucus membrane

It’s strangely beautiful, even though we’re talking about a dreaded pathogen.

What scientists learned after they trained spiders to jump on demand

This study might help scientists build a new generation of super-agile micro-robots.

Scientists play classical music to fancy crocodiles, then scan their brains

These have got to be the most cultured crocs.

Performing artists with a history of childhood adversity have more intense creative experiences

Some of the best art comes out of a lot of pain.

Alan Turing’s final paper inspires new way to desalinate water

The brilliant mathematician would have been proud.

Almost 40% of people aged 65 to 80 are sexually active, but few are open about it

Older people have sex too, but they don’t talk about it to their doctors, which may be a problem.

Astronomers find helium in exoplanet’s atmosphere for the first time

It took abnormally look considering helium is the 2nd most abundant element in the universe.