Dogs quarantined after vets find dangerous disease that can be passed to humans

A pet’s sickness shouldn’t normally be transmissible to humans — except in this case.

Plastic pollution may harm marine bacteria that produces 5% of the world’s oxygen

One of the world’s most fascinating tiny creature may be threatened by chemicals from marine plastic debris.

Obesity is rising faster in rural areas than in cities

Contrary to popular belief, rural areas are harder hit by obesity across the world.

Shrinking moon is quaking, revealing it may be tectonically active

The moon may be tectonically active, according to groundbreaking new research.

Atmospheric CO2 reaches record 415ppm — the highest it’s been in millions of years

Not the kind of record we want.

Chinese man receives brain implant to treat amphetamine addiction

For some patients, drilling holes through the skull is their best chance at beating addiction.

How to brew the perfect espresso with chemistry

How science can help you consistently make the perfect cup of joe.

Sharing bad news makes you less likeable — the “shooting the messenger” effect

It’s not their fault — but we really can’t seem to help it not liking people who share bad news.

Uber and Lyft may have actually made traffic worse in San Francisco

Ride-sharing services made delays 62 percent worse in the city.

Mayo experiment helps physicists solve nuclear fusion instability

Mayo might one-day help recreate the power of the sun here on Earth.

Fake killer asteroid destroys New York City in NASA planetary defense simulation

Don’t panic — this is just a drill.

Germany’s first electric highway powers hybrid trucks with overhead cables

The test is part of the country’s plan to decarbonize the transportation sector.

High-sugar diet might make food less enjoyable, promoting obesity

Eating lots of sugar makes us fat. It also deadens sweet buds, fueling a vicious cycle.

Scientists discover new giant dinosaur with heart-shaped tail bones

Adorable… and useful!

Scientists produce ‘impossible’ 400-year-long record of El Niño events

The researchers drilled coral cores in order to extend the climate record of El Ninos.

Hair claimed to belong to Leonardo da Vinci to undergo DNA testing

Critics, however, argue that this effort is flawed from the beginning.

For the first time, renewable energy generated more electricity than coal in the United States

The dawn of a new era!

Viagra-like drug might be effective agaist heart failure

Some drugs designed to treat certain conditions can accidentally work for other diseases.

Denisovan jawbone found on the Tibetan plateau sheds light on mysterious ancient humans

Proteins recovered from a newly identified Denisovan molar reveals new details about the lives of an extinct species of human.

Cannabis makes exercise more enjoyable and may aid recovery

Marijuana might counter-intuitively actually motivate people to exercise more.