How greenhouse gas emissions would drop if all Americans went vegan

The positive impact on the environment is significant but at the cost of the population’s health.

NASA captures close-up of one of largest iceberg in history to split off Antarctica

Pretty and disturbing at the same time.

Too much of a good thing: very smart executives are less able leaders

Intelligence positively correlates with good leadership — but only up to a point.

Long-necked sauropod made world’s longest dinosaur trackway

The 150-million-year-old dinosaur tracks are excellently preserved.

Astronomers are on the lookout for low-frequency gravitational waves generated by merging supermassive black holes

An ingenious technique could enable us to witness some of the strongest gravitational waves.

Natural World Heritage sites threatened by climate change doubled in the past 3 years

Our planet’s most valuable ‘natural jewels’ might disappear if we don’t do something about it.

Zipping genetic data in DNA could enable scientists to implant complex ‘programmes’ into cells

Scientists took inspiration from digital compression to ‘zip’ DNA.

After three flat-line years, global carbon emissions are back on the rise

A sign that far more ambitious action is required in order to avoid runaway climate change.

Scientists embed flexible, washable integrated circuits into fabric

Smart clothing just got sleeker.

New ‘Golden’ Potato packed with Vitamin A and E could fight malnutrition in developing nations

A new GMO crop could help millions with micronutrient deficiencies.

The fungus that turns ants into mindless zombies just got wickeder — controls host like a puppeteer

Nature can be brutal.

Dinosaurs might have still been alive today had apocalyptic asteroid fallen somewhere else 66 million years ago

Dinosaurs had a 9/10 chance they’d make it — but they drew the short straw.

Having a cat around the house keeps asthma away in newborns

Cat allergens reduce the incidence of asthma in newborns by a factor of two.

Ancient otter packed a surprisingly strong bite

It was very different from modern living otters.

‘Zombie star’ cheats death again and again, dumbfounding scientists

A unique astronomical event is leaving many scientists scratching their heads.

Astronomers find one of the oldest known object in the Universe, formed only a billion years after Big Bang

It’s supposed to be one of the first galaxies.

World’s first ‘negative findings’ science prize aims to tackle publication bias

Researchers are encouraged to publish null results. Science needs them just as much as positive findings.

New therapy rejuvenates old cells in the lab, which now behave like young cells

Shortly after the therapy, the aged cells started dividing and had longer telomeres.

Enceladus’ hidden ocean is kept warm by porous core

The findings could have important consequences for the prospect of finding alien life there.

After the dinosaurs went extinct, mammals crawled out of the dark to take over

The extinction event that wiped out the dinosaurs left many empty niches for the mammals’ taking.