How your waterproof jacket might be making you fat

Chemicals commonly used in non-stick pans or stain-free clothing might promote obesity.

Ancient fossilized footprints reveal how juvenile mammoths looked out for their elderly

Juvenile mammoths cared for wounded members of their herd, similarly to their modern-day descendants, the African Elephants.

Arizona woman goes to bed with terrible headache, wakes up with British accent

This is stranger the fiction. The woman in question insists that there’s nothing funny about all of this.

Scientists use mobile optical atomic clocks in the field for the first time (and this is a big deal)

These are the most precise clocks in the world, ticking every quadrillionth of a second.

Self-healing and fully recyclable electronic skin will help robots feel touch

It’s not perfect but we’re getting there.

Trump Administration considers privatizing the ISS. Fortunately, that won’t likely happen

Because it would be dumb.

Scientists outfit praying mantises with tiny 3D glasses, find new type of stereo vision

Turns out the praying mantis sees in 3D quite differently from us — and this could be exploited by new drones.

Primitive ‘walking’ fish can teach us how the first land animals evolved

An amazing ‘living fossil’ suggests ancient marine life evolved the software for walking before the hardware.

Loneliest frog in the world is looking for a Match to save his species

This is not your typical online dating profile.

Deep-sea marine animals lay eggs near hydrothermal vents so they hatch faster

This is the first time scientists have seen a marine animal doing this.

Fastest shark on Earth might inspire the next-generation of drones and wind turbines

Lessons from the fastest-swimming shark on the planet.

Crypto mining is using almost as much power as Greece

Bitcoin and Ethereum emit as much greenhouse gases as 6.8 million average European inhabitants

Billions of viruses are showering the planet’s surface in every moment

Virus rain.

‘Cheddar Man’ DNA suggests early Britons had dark skin, blue eyes

The research suggests light skin genes arrived later than previously thought.

Scientists reproduce superionic ice thought to exist in Uranus’ core

Water was subjected to a pressure millions of times higher than at Earth’s sea level.

Stomach burn: toads vomit bombardier beetles which trigger explosions in the gut

This amazing insect doesn’t flinch at the thought of getting eaten. It pops!

Unique Science Jewelry Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Brainy bling for that special someone.

12 Perfect Gifts for Engineers on Valentine’s Day

Gifts that will keep the gears of love well oiled.

Spider-like arachnid with a tail sheds new light on origin of spiders

Spider meets scorpion.

Meditation may not make you a better person after all

There are still plenty of science-backed reasons to meditate anyway. It’s just that ‘becoming a better person’ isn’t one of them.