Sound levitation technology might one day replace laser surgery

Sounds like magic!

This star is so massive it’s forming another star instead of planets

Now, that’s a first!

Scientists reverse leading cause of late-onset Alzheimer’s, opening door for vaccine that prevents the disease

This could lead to a game-changing therapy.

First flowering plants may have appeared 50 million years earlier than previously thought

Charles Darwin called the origin of flowering plants an “abominable mystery”.

Improv classes improve social skills in anxious teens

When you’re in a safe space where you can’t make a mistake, things become a lot less anxious.

Astronomers just discovered the most distant object in the solar system — they’ve called it ‘Farout’

It’s more than 100 times farther away than Earth is from the sun.

Tornadoes form from the ground up, not the other way around as previously believed

The kind of research that could save lives.

MIT technique can shrink objects down to the nanoscale

The technique can produce structures one-thousandth the size of the originals.

Scientists make pterosaur discovery that pushes back origin of feather evolution by 70 million years

At least some pterosaurs were covered by a diverse coat of different feather and fur-like structures,

Constantly checking your phone reduces wellbeing, makes you less mindful

Psychologists call this phenomenon ‘online vigilance’.

Fentanyl is now the deadliest drug in America

Just a few grains of the substance can kill.

InSight beams back its first selfie — and what a treat!

It’s kinda vain but we like it!

Neanderthal genes may explain our unique rounded skull shape

Neanderthal genes may be making some people’s skulls more elongated — they may also explain some modern human brain evolution.

Exploding stars may have wiped off large ocean life 2.5 million years ago

The planet’s largest shark may have been killed by a supernova.

Viking cats show that domesticated felines have grown bigger in time (as well as a gruesome history)

The Vikings used to skin cats for their pelts.

NASA spacecraft beams back first image from inside the Sun’s atmosphere

We have a spacecraft inside the sun’s atmosphere — take that in for a moment.

Megalodon may have been warm-blooded — and this may have ultimately doomed the huge predator

The largest fish in history may have been doomed by its active metabolism that couldn’t keep up with a tough ice age.

Passive sun-powered device turns water into superheated steam

It could be a game changer.

There’s a massive ecosystem of ‘deep life’ right beneath our feet

The staggering biosphere living inside the crust is twice the size of that living in the oceans.

Why do I sweat so much?

Sweating can be a source of embarrassment but the truth is we couldn’t actually survive without it.