Scientists link broadband internet access to sleep deprivation

High-speed internet makes electronic devices more interesting… and we seem to be losing track of our bed time.

Men wearing tight underwear have lower sperm count

But that doesn’t mean their fertility is necessarily affected.

NASA achieves coldest temperature in space, probes the nature of gravity

The most sophisticated fridge in space is already delivering fantastic results.

How What You Eat Affects Your Mental Health     

They say you are what you eat — and this goes for mental health, as well.

‘Spicy’ seeds coated in ghost peppers ward off mice and help restore America’s grasslands

Scientists are saving America’s iconic prairies from mice by coating seeds with hot peppers.

Unique 4.6-billion-year-old meteorite is a remnant of the early solar system

It’s older than Earth itself!

Meet the Chicken of the Woods – the mushroom that tastes like chicken

A delicacy and tasty, high-protein vegetarian alternative to chicken. Be wary of what you eat from the woods, though.

Earliest evidence of bone solves mysterious origin of our skeletons

New research solves a 160-year-old mystery about the origin of the vertebrate skeleton.

People with more self-control feel less hunger, fatigue, and stress

Having willpower makes you less susceptible to visceral states.

Human activity is causing cancer in many species of wildlife — and this effect is greatly underestimated

Humans a bringing about cancer to a staggering amount of wild species.

People hesitate switching off a robot when it’s begging for its life

 When test subjects attempted to switch off the robot, it quickly quipped that it’s afraid of the dark, pleading “No! Please do not switch me off!”

Bacterial superbugs have become up to 10 times more tolerant to alcohol-based hand sanitizers

Another uphill battle against bacterial infections.

The Timeline of Human Evolution

We’re taking you for a ride through evolutionary memory lane, carefully listing the members of our long family tree.

Flores island pygmies are unrelated to mysterious ‘hobbits’

But their genetic adaptations are another prime example of island dwarfism.

Stonehenge people may have originated from the same place as the stones themselves

New research sheds new insight into the enigmatic lives of Stonehenge people.

Scientists transplant lab-grown lungs into pigs — they worked fine

It’s a landmark achievement in regenerative medicine.

Terraforming Mars might be nearly impossible — but Elon Musk isn’t phased about it

A kind reminder that we’re living in paradise.

World’s 2nd largest penguin colony collapses, losing 88% of members in just 35 years

Researchers are concerned, saying that the cause for the seabirds’ decline is ‘mysterious’.

Electric fans might make heatwaves even more unbearable — if you’re a senior

Scientists report that electric fans might be a bad idea for people aged 60 or older.

The Milky Way once had a large sister galaxy — but Andromeda devoured it

Astronomers unravel a gruesome galactic murder… and we might be next!