Nope, octopuses probably didn’t come from outer space

It’s an interesting idea, but it’s probably not true. Calm down.

Hubble completes the most complete ultraviolet-light survey of nearby galaxies — and the photos are mind blowing

Talk about some mind-blowing images!

Astronomers discover the fastest-growing black hole we’ve ever known

It’s the hungriest thing we’ve ever seen.

Limiting global warming to 1.5 degree C would save most global species, new study concludes

… but if we keep on with the “business as usual” approach, things will be much worse.

Mosquito saliva can affect your immune system up to a weeks

Guess what: one more reason to hate mosquitoes.

Learning music or a foreign language can help your brain be more efficient

If you want to train your brain, consider starting with music or a foreign language.

Bitcoin to consume 0.5% of the world’s electricity — as much as Ireland

Bitcoin may have made some people rich, but it also consumed a lot of energy and produced a lot of emissions in the process.

“Made in China” label allows archaeologists to trace down ancient ship

An unfortunate centuries-old riddle was solved thanks to an unusual clue: a label.

Plastics are ubiquitous in the deep ocean — even in the Mariana Trench

Plastic is everywhere — literally.

A fiber-rich diet can protect against the flu

The bottom line: eat more fiber.

Refugees give life jackets a new life, repurposing them as bags and laptop sleeves

Making the best of a bad situation.

New agility test could show how good young football players are

Science is slowly creeping into the locker rooms.

Scientists see rise and fall of civilizations in Greenland ice sheet

The more money you used, the emissions you produced, and that can be traced back — back to Greenland.

The most delicious math problem there is: The Incompatible Food Triad

Can you find the solution to this delicious math problem?

Growing up in poverty affects the structure of the brain — even in adult life

The correlation stood even for people well above the poverty line.

World Health Organization: We need to ban trans fats within the next five years

It’s a very important plan — here’s hoping it succeeds.

Two thirds of Americans believe the government isn’t doing enough for the environment

The only thing people agree on was that things were going the wrong way.

NASA shuttle finds evidence of water plumes on Europa — sparking more hopes signs of life

This could be huge for our search of extraterrestrial life.

Alcohol and tobacco, not illegal drugs, are the biggest threat to human health

Put that cigarette down, and forget that extra beer.

Utah tourists are destroying ancient dinosaur tracks — and throwing them into the water

Ignorance at its finest.