The Internet Relay Chat (IRC) turned 30 — and it probably changed our lives

Remember the good old days?

Scientists find brain signal associated with depression and anxiety

Zooming in on the secrets of the brain.

Scientists find oldest figurative cave painting

The origin of these artists, however, remains a mystery.

MRI study shows how Beatboxing really works — and it’s crazy

They move their vocal tract in a completely new way.

Cockatoos can create and manipulate tools, study suggests

Bird-brain? Hardly an insult.

Scientists find natural combo to keep pastries looking delicious for a long time

Two of my favorite things combined: pastry and science.

Deaf moths use acoustic camouflage to escape bats

It’s an evolutionary arms race.

The drugs we take end up in rivers, where they affect the entire ecosystem

The drugs we take are reaching natural ecosystems, and moving up the food chain.

More than 90% of children worldwide breathe heavily polluted air — a “ticking time bomb”

Pollution is a silent killer — and it’s affecting almost all the planet’s children.

Mining cryptocurrencies consumes as much energy as mining precious metals

More evidence that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have a negative environmental impact.

Orangutan numbers continue to decline — despite optimistic government report

There is little reason for optimism here — but conservation efforts can still make a difference.

Vikings conquered Europe thanks to a technological innovation: tar

Tar may have been the straw that broke Europe’s back.

New project aims to map the DNA of every animal, plant and fungus

One of the most ambitious projects ever attempted in science.

Immigrating drastically changes people’s microbiome

It changes very fast.

Younger Americans are better than older Americans at spotting fake news

Well this finding will definitely rattle some spirits.

Materialism is on the rise — here’s how to avoid raising a materialistic child

There’s a silver bullet to fight materialism: generosity.

China lifts ban on tiger and rhino parts for “traditional medicine”

This is a major setback for animal conservation.

Cockroach uses karate kick escape zombie-making wasps

Well this is a grisly Halloween story if I’ve ever seen one.

Humans have killed 60% of all animals since 1970

Things are not hopeless, but we need to act — now.

Dinosaurs laid colored eggs and passed this trait on to birds, new study shows

Dinosaurs developed colored eggs for the first and only time in history, a new study suggests.