Ancient life is waking up from melting ice and permafrost

The permafrost is like a graveyard. Some of that graveyard is waking up.

Tamu Massif is an intriguing new type of hybrid volcano

Tamu Massif is forcing geologists to re-think a classic volcano formation theory.

Grazing animals drove the domestication of grain crops

This might solve a long-standing puzzle about plant domestication.

Deforestation in Brazil continues to soar as current administration shows lack of interest

The all-too-familiar story about the rainforest versus economic development.

NASA wants the future of spaceflight to be commercial — including the ISS

Could this be the key to ensuring that the ISS lives long and prosper?

They live in the octillions, in scorching heat beneath the ground — and we’re just finding out about them

There’s a stunning biodiversity underground — and we’re just now learning about it.

The biggest science meeting you’ve (probably) never heard about just kicked off in Germany

Here’s why this matters.

Testosterone protects against inflammation

A new use found for testosterone.

Immigrants in the classroom bring better results for all schoolchildren

The new study slams the idea that immigrants in the classroom use up resources.

Ancient Celts had good taste in their drink, new study shows

The wine wasn’t restricted to the higher echelons of Celtic society — the craftsmen also enjoyed a glass from time to time.

Gender inequality emerged during the Neolithic, new study finds

The trend became much clearer after the Neolithic, but the signs were there.

Fishermen want to address the problem of marine litter — and should be involved in cleaning programs

Some encouraging news in a sea of trouble.

“Farm air” can protect children from asthma

Farm microbes could help reduce asthma risk.

Facebook posts can be used to predict anxiety, depression, and even diabetes

One day, our social media history might play an important role in the doctor’s office.

Europe wants to go carbon neutral by 2050. These four countries opposed it

Some are more willing than others to transition.

Coming out: parents struggle for years to adapt after learning their child’s sexual orientation

A new study calls for better methods to support families with LGBT children.

Scientists transform Type A blood to universal donor blood using enzyme treatment

This could end up saving many lives.

Asian dust fertilizes the ocean with life-supporting nutrients

Life, uhm, finds a way.

Boaty McBoatFace’s first mission reveals new warming mechanism in the Antarctic waters

More like Sciency McScienceFace!

Table salt found on Jupiter’s satellite Europa, sparks debate about potential life

A crucial ingredient for life was found on Europa.