For the first time, scientists directly observe how Northern Lights are formed

Shedding light on the Northern Lights.

Borneo has lost nearly 150,000 orangutans since 1999

They’re resilient and they can make a recovery, if we just cut down on the palm oil.

NASA is taking a Martian meteorite back home — for calibration purposes

The meteorite will be used in NASA’s ambitious Mars 2020 mission.

Strong link found between ultra-processed foods and cancer

Bottom line: cut down on the processed foods.

There are vast quantities of mercury in the permafrost. With global warming, it’s now seeping away

Another problem caused by climate change.

A greener Mardi Gras: scientists develop degradable beads from microalgae

If it makes for a greener Mardi Gras, I’m all for it.

Scientists find promising new antibiotic — in the soil

Digging gold from dirt.

Medical ants rescue and care for injured comrades

The behavior surprised biologists, showing just how complex ants really are.

Scientists win photo contest with image of a single, trapped atom

A single atom, trapped in time and space.

Sea level rise is accelerating, could lead to twice as much sea level rise by 2100 than previously expected

Sea levels aren’t only rising, they’re doing so at an accelerating rate.

Book Review: ‘Spaceman: An Astronaut’s Unlikely Journey to Unlock the Secrets of the Universe’

An excellent read for people of all ages and all backgrounds, and a bible for anyone looking to become an astronaut.

Meat substitutes in Europe have grown by 451% in the past four years

Eating more legumes and less meat is one of the healthier, more environmentally-friendly things you can do.

Schizophrenia patients can calm down their brain by playing a computer game

Participants were able to better control their hallucinations after playing a computer game.

National Parks might soon become smarter and more eco-friendly

I, for one, welcome the idea of Smart Parks.

Eating leafy greens every day helps your memory, fights cognitive decline

Eat your greens!

Meteorite and volcanoes may have worked together to wipe out dinosaurs

It was a devastating one-two punch.

NASA’s New Horizons probe snaps farthest image from Earth

There’s a man-made shuttle at the edge of the solar system, taking photos. It’s mind bending.

People who don’t understand evolution are much more likely to reject it

Well here’s a shocker.

Study reveals how ants produce antibiotics

You can’t spell antibiotic without ant.

Low levels of alcohol are good for the brain

This isn’t meant to advocate drinking, but…