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Why snails coil in one direction — and how to change it

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It’s official: Magic the Gathering is the world’s most complicated game

Boasting rights for MTG players.

Man in New Zealand finds 12-million-year-old footprints of giant flightless bird

He was merely going on a swim and came across footprints of ancient moas.

Charcoal toothpastes don’t work and are a ‘marketing gimmick’

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Deep-sea fish developed super vision to cope with abyssal darkness

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Researchers reconstruct the ‘lost plains’ of now-submerged Doggerland

Researchers are looking to find a ‘lost’ continent.

Oldest tree in eastern North America found in a swamp: it’s 2,624 years old

Researchers desperately call for the protection of this area, of which 99% has already been destroyed.

Abrupt climate change killed off ancient South American populations

Change isn’t always good — especially when it happens too quickly.

Penguin and seal poop create biodiversity hotspots in Antarctica

Poop comes in to save the day!

Bacteria steal genetic material from predator viruses using Spam gene

This could help us keep dangerous viruses at bay.

Bright galaxies help solve mystery about early universe

They were much brighter than they were supposed to be.

Iceland researchers trap CO2 into rocks — but there’s a catch

This could be a big part of the battle against climate change.

Bat-winged dinosaur discovered in China — only the second of its kind

This dinosaur was more like a flying squirrel than a bird.

A tectonic plate off the coast of Portugal might be peeling off

It’s a big call, but researchers are confident.

Cocaine, ayahuasca, and DMT — South Americans had hardcore rituals 1,000 years ago

High in the Andes, shamans got high using some serious drugs.

First Denisovan fossil found outside of Siberia — our ancient “cousins” spread far and wide

Talk about a stunning find!

Earth’s core is a lot like oil and vinegar — in a way

Our planet is one big salad.

Climate change fuels banana disease, threatening our crops

It’s getting worse: climate change is taking our bananas.

Why the bubbles from Guinness go down, not up

The beer bubbles exhibit an unusual phenomenon, which researchers felt warrants a closer look.