Scientists discover and name 103 beetles — all new to science

Some were named after Star Wars characters or Asterix & Obelix.

Hundreds of children and llamas were sacrificed in ghastly 15th century ritual

This grisly discovery is unprecedented.

Ethiopia’s church forests under threat from human activity

Ethiopia’s unique church forests are losing their biodiversity.

Knitting our way into the future: how a centuries-old practice can revolutionize material science

We rarely think about it, but knitting is an incredibly complex phenomenon — one that researchers are trying to use to design better materials.

Yet another study shows that vaccines don’t cause autism

Vaccines don’t cause autism — the myth just needs to go away.

Defeating HIV: second patient in history goes into sustained remission after stem cell transplant

Humanity strikes back: another win against HIV.

Early humans adapted to hunt monkeys and squirrels

The humans had to become very efficient in order to survive.

Populism and antivaxxing go hand in hand, new study finds

We all want what’s best for our children, and the science is pretty clear on this one: antivaxxing claims lives.

Humanity’s footprint on Antarctica mapped for the first time

Antarctica’s pristine environment is no longer really pristine.

House chemicals reduce sperm in both men and dogs

The sperm-pocalypse might start from inside our homes.

New drug promises good sleep without the “hangover effect”

So far, the drug has worked on mice, but researchers are confident that the findings could translate on humans.

Agent Orange continues to pollute Vietnam environment, study finds

It’s a harsh reminder of the long-lasting effects that modern warfare has on the environment.

Researchers find owner of frozen seal poop USB

It’s not clear how the USB ended up inside the seal.

Babies’ unwanted gifts: six years of bad sleep

It’s worse for the mothers, of course.

There’s a 99.9999% chance humans are causing climate change

“Humanity cannot afford to ignore such clear signals,” were the words with which the study concluded.

Kids growing up in green areas have better mental health as adults

Want to have healthier kids? Green spaces are essential, researchers say.

Wutip becomes earliest ever super-typhoon, with gusts over 180 mph

Talk about an unpleasant surprise!

Australia allows 1 million tons of sludge to be spilled into Great Coral Reef

It’s one bad news after the other for the coral reef.

Antarctic icefish produces antifreeze to maintain liquid blood

This group of fish is unique among all vertebrates.

Don’t sweat it: UK just records hottest winter day since records began — twice

The record was broken — and then broken again.