Almost all lemurs are under threat, a new study reports

95% of the emblematic creatures’ populations are on the brink of extinction.

How a design and culture revolution could help us tackle our plastic problem

It’s not a simple problem and it doesn’t have a simple answer — but here’s what we can do.

Portugal and Spain brace for record-breaking temperatures

I don’t wanna say it’s global warming, but it sure quacks like global warming.

California’s Death Valley just recorded its hottest month in history

Things are not OK.

Archaeologists discover Germany’s oldest known library

An amazing finding in the heart of Cologne.

Scientists sight rare hybrid dolphin hybrid — just don’t call it a ‘wholphin’

Nope, not a dolphin-whale hybrid.

Grieving orca carries dead calf for seven days in heartbreaking ritual

It’s one of the most memorable and heartbreaking processions you can imagine.

Sweden to reach its 2030 renewable energy target by the end of 2018

We need as many of these stories as we can get.

Man-made climate change makes heatwaves twice more likely

The effects of climate change are way beyond deniabiity, researchers say. It’s time to start acting.

Life may be teeming just inches beneath Europa’s frozen surface

An exciting new study entertains the possibility of alien life on Jupiter’s icy moon.

Japan wants all new cars to be electric by 2050

The electric car race is heating up.

Roundworms brought back to life after spending 42,000 years iced in permafrost

There are two ways to look at this: one is upbeat and optimistic, but the other is much darker.

Another bleak consequence of climate change: more suicides

As if climate change didn’t bring enough problems.

Alcohol is causing a spike in liver diseases — and it’s mostly in young people

A concerning study has found that cirrhosis-related deaths have increased by 65 percent from 1999 to 2016.

Greening vacant lots really does make us feel better, new study shows

Small green parcels can do a lot for our mental health.

It might be easier to tell a lie in a foreign language — relatively speaking

Well, this is unexpected.

Japan experiences its hottest temperature in recorded history

I’m not saying it’s climate change, but it definitely quacks like climate change.

The anti-plastic straw movement: What it is, Why it matters, and Is it a good thing?

We need to talk about plastic straws — and about banning plastic straws.

Scientists image entire fly brain in ungodly detail

It’s a landmark achievement.

Archaeologists opened the big, black sarcophagus found in Egypt

Now, what’s in the big black box?