Geopolitical interests and climate change are the main causes of food shocks

If we want to be able to feed the world, we need to change a thing or two.

War makes people more religious, sparking a potentially vicious cycle

War and religion — name a more iconic duo.

“Vested interests” cause major threat to human existence, researchers say

The change can only come from civil society, researchers urge.

The ‘you may know me from’ meme is awesome for explaining your job

Hi, I’m a science communicator. You may know me from such greatest hits as…

How free food might solve Tokyo’s subway problem

If soba noodles and tempura can’t solve the problem, then what can?

Now computers are also beating us at Starcraft

Training computers to beat humans at war-like strategy games. What could go wrong.

New study shows how muscle memory works — you never really lose it

Use it or lose it — until you use it again, that is.

Telemedicine boosts patient satisfaction in post-op care, study finds

This could be a way to provide much-needed healthcare in isolated areas.

Do adult humans really generate new neurons?

Science is often not about settling a debate, but about asking the right questions.

More than half of parents try non-scientific methods to stave off the common cold

Researchers advise parents to employ strategies that are evidence-based — otherwise, their well-intended measures might not amount to all that much.

The 26 richest people own more than 50% of the planet — and the gap is widening

There’s a new billionaire every other day, the report finds.

Why girls and boys have such different ADHD rates

Out of every 4 children who suffer from ADHD, 3 are boys. But in adulthood, the ratio gets very close to 1:1.

Eating before going to sleep might not be all that bad, researchers find

Just don’t go overboard with the snacks.

Could these fossils be the much-sought “missing link”?

The fortuitous discovery of the fossils involved a motivated researcher, a dog, and a 9-year-old boy.

Scientists use nano-ink to 3D print color-changing cup

Talk about a surprising change!

If you think cats are antisocial, it’s probably you, new study concludes

It’s probably your fault — of course.

Leading economists urgently call for a tax on carbon

The world’s leading economists are saying we should tax carbon. The politicians say we shouldn’t.

Diet check: the whale shark is more “vegetarian” than we thought

This could be very important for saving the world’s biggest fish.

Saturn’s moon Titan has rainfall and seasons

It’s raining hydrocarbon on Titan.

Staying fit halves the risk of a heart attack

There is apparently no upper limit for training when it comes to the beneficial effects for the heart.