Salty, subglacial lakes in Canada could be key for studying aliens

This would allow us to gain a new understanding of extraterrestrial life.

Science shows what’s the best time to learn a foreign language

You shouldn’t let this discourage you though.

Want to remember your dreams? Try taking Vitamin B6, new study suggests

A hitchhiker’s guide to remembering your dreams — and your lucid dreams.

American pikas found to tolerate global warming better than expected

Adorable and resilient.

No evidence to say that Earth’s magnetic pole is reversing, new study concludes

Magnetic poles will likely remain in place for the foreseeable future.

A genetic bed of roses: scientists sequence the complete genome of the rose

Let’s stop and smell the roses… at a genetic level.

Five simple lifestyle habits could improve your life expectancy by over a decade

Five things can help you live longer and be healthier.

Vegetarian diets could help avert one-third of early deaths, Harvard researcher states

Vegetarians, rejoice!

NASA and ESA team up to bring Martian soil back home

A great partnership for a great goal.

The European Union rules: total ban on bee-harming pesticides

The ban was applauded by many, but also contested by some.

The UK royal “luxury” birth cost less than the average US birth

A story of royalty and overpriced healthcare.

Sunken Nazi U-boat discovered: why archaeologists should leave it on the seabed

An amazing rescue story.

Science museum finds that rare elephant bird “replica” was actually the real thing

It’s one of the biggest and rarest eggs in the world, and it was mislabeled for decades.

Flock of 14 colliding galaxies set to become the largest structure in the universe

It’s quite possibly one of the most massive objects in the universe.

Parasite eggs from ancient latrines show us what our ancestors’ diets was like

Turns out, you can draw a lot of information from old poo.

Archaeologists find ancient horse burial on the Nile Valley

Ancient burial could tell us a lot about human-animal relationships.

These people recreated an ancient Roman beer, and here’s what they learned

Spoiler alert: it was pretty good.

3D printing could revolutionize how we eat

The future is here, and it’s knocking on our doors.

This fungus senses gravity using a gene it borrowed from bacteria

Don’t mind me, just borrowing some genes to make gravity-sensing crystals. Sorry, what?

Radiotherapy offers new treatment avenues for liver cancer

A new study brings new hope for liver cancer therapy.