Signs of fracking water found in freshwater mussels

“Cleaned” fracking water is not that clean, and can do significant long-term damage.

Cheap CubeSat snaps first images of Mars

While this isn’t a remarkable achievement in itself, it shows that CubeSats are a viable technology for interplanetary missions.

Mars may yet hold life in salty subsurface waters

Mars may be more life-friendly than we thought.

How the black widow spins her steel-strong silk web

One cannot overstate the potential impact on materials and engineering, researchers say.

Golden labs seem to be healthier than their chocolate cousins — and we’re not sure why

Who’s a good boy? All dogs, that’s who. But some have more problems than others.

No Photoshop involved: this iceberg really is almost perfectly rectangular

It’s as if someone cut it with a knife.

NASA names new constellations after Doctor Who, Hulk, and Godzilla

Someone call a Doctor!

Earth’s inner core is solid, seismic waves reveal

It’s amazing how we can learn things about the very depths of our planet.

New study reveals why dandelions are among the best fliers — they take to the air in a unique way

We have a lot to learn from the humble dandelion.

Researchers find Jurassic piranha-like flesh-eating fish, and also spot their victims

The Jurassic had flesh-eating fish… of course it did.

Scientists develop self-lubricating, smart condoms

An innovation which will make a lot of people happyier.

Ghost fishing kills over 650,000 animals a year. These researchers believe they’ve found a solution

Technology to the rescue!

Scientist exposes predatory journals by submitting ‘Rick and Morty’ papers

Briefly, a dinglebop was smoothened by the help of schleem.

Giraffe patterns aren’t random — and they’re quite important

Have you ever noticed a giraffe’s patterns?

Just 20% of US students learn a foreign language — compared to 92% in Europe

This seems to be a systemic problem.

Jupiter’s moon Ganymede shows signs of “strike-slip” tectonic activity

This could, ultimately, help us look for extraterrestrial life in our solar system.

Neanderthal child was eaten by giant bird

Talk about a gruesome story — yikes!

Italy’s Mount Etna might soon collapse into the sea

Well this sure ain’t good news.

Archaeologists discover Roman-age burial site of “vampire-child”

Strap your seatbelts, it’s creepy time.

Small Somalian cavefish hints at mammals’ nocturnal ancestor

Things start to change when you’ve been living in the dark for millions of years.