The Endeavour’s final excursion through Los Angeles

This past weekend, the last American space shuttle, the Endeavour, made its final trip through the streets of Los Angeles to the California Science Center. The trip lasted from midnight Friday morning until midday Sunday as the shuttle traveled at the high speeds of two miles per hour.  There were many delays and the shuttle reached its destination 17 hours

Ladies, Drink Up!

Red wine. Everyone has heard of the proposed “magic” of red wine. Perhaps it is good for your heart; maybe it protects the prostate.  Despite all of these rumored benefits of red wine, few studies have actually been able to support and explain how and why red wine is so beneficial.  Recent studies have shown that the regular intake of

Increase Your Memory… With a Pill?

What if you could increase your ability to remember with a pill?  This may not be an idea just for science fiction novels.  Scientists have discovered a method that could strengthen long-term memories. A protein called PKR functions to maintain a relatively low level of excitability by enhancing GABA synaptic transmission.  GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter; it decreases synaptic stimuli