How to store food and cut waste: simple tips with a big impact

Do you know where you should keep mushrooms in the fridge? What vegetables are you allowed to keep outside? Find out after the jump.

How Investing in a Biology Degree Can Lead to a Great Career Path

Do you love to learn about how things tick? Are you fascinated by the human body or the evolution of plants and animals? Do you care about the health of the planet and the people around you? A career in biology might be the right choice for you. Studying biology can open up a number of career opportunities for you,

COP21 Live Blog: Day 11

Live updates and recent developments from COP21, in Paris — Day 11.

COP21 Live Blog: Day 10

Live updates and recent developments from COP21, in Paris — Day 10.

COP21 Live Blog: Day 9

Live updates and recent developments from COP 21, Paris — Day 9.

COP21 Live Blog: Day 5

Live updates and recent developments from the COP21 Conference in Paris, Day 5

COP21 Live Blog: Day 4

Live updates and recent developments from the COP21 Conference in Paris, Day 4

COP21 Live Blog: Day 3

Live updates and recent developments from Day 3 of the COP 21 U.N. summit on climate change, Paris.

COP21 Live Blog: Day 2

Live updates and recent developments on site from the DAY 2 of the COP21 conference in Paris.

Everything you should know about COP21

If you’ve heard the words “COP21”, “Climate Summit” or “Paris Climate… thingy” but don’t know what to make of them – this is what you need to read.

Crowdsourcing the Climate: MIT’s Climate CoLab

MIT’s Climate CoLab has an innovative approach to the huge problem of climate change: breaking it up into smaller, manageable problems and crowdsourcing a way out.

The Technological Arms Race In World Rugby

That the game of rugby has been so quick to embrace technological change is to its credit, and has definitely led to a reduction in controversial results; something which is, despite all the financial implications of each game and huge global audience, still a huge problem in football.

Dinner in your palm: social media and eating out [infographic]

Mobile technology is revolutionizing nearly everything consumers do. From browsing price comparisons in the store to checking movie times for nearby theaters while you’re still on the road, it’s possible to streamline virtually every activity using your smartphone. Dining is one of the most recent additions to the world of mobile conveniences.

3D printing: the history and the future

The technology of 3D printing has reached an interesting point in its trajectory. It’s been around for years, lots of people know it exists and it has even reached the high street. However, there’s still something of a gap between its promise and the reality, and it looks like the general public are yet to be convinced. So perhaps now is a good time to take stock of 3D printing: its history and its future.

Hamilton’s Sean Wharton: “Obesity Is a Medical, Multi Factorial Problem”

The topic of obesity inspires quite a bit of discussion, as well it should.  The claim that North America is currently experiencing an obesity “epidemic”, a claim oftentimes mentioned by the media, is not hyperbole.  Indeed, weight management has become such a global issue that the World Health Organization (WHO) has also termed the problem an “epidemic”. Here are some

Changes in the brain that contribute to age-related hearing loss

Generally, as we age, our hearing deteriorates. Around one in three people between the ages of 65 and 74 have hearing loss, increasing to 50% from the age of 75 upwards.

Apotex Is Backing Ontario’s Waste Reduction Strategy – Here’s Why

We all know that developing and implementing recycling policies is something that takes continual effort. Recycling on a municipal level began in earnest in the 1980s, when communities realized that endlessly sending waste to landfills was not going to be a sustainable option over the long-term.

ZME Science – Winter is Coming

An important announcement from ZME Science.

Rolling out ZME Q&A: Science Questions and Answers !

It’s time, ladies and gentlemen! We’ve been working on this idea for months, and now it’s finally here (though still in its early stages) – I’m talking about the ZME Science Questions and Answers section! Asking questions… ZME Questions and Answers (ZME Q&A) is a place where anyone (yes, YOU) can come and ask science-related questions; and I’m talking any

The ZME Science 2014 MEGA GIVEAWAY: help us make this site better and win awesome prizes

We can’t believe it’s been seven years already since ZME Science was founded – and what a ride it’s been! True to our mission of bridging the gap between hard-science and you, we’ve published over 5,000 articles on the latest cutting-edge research, technology, design, environmental problems and many, many more. This year was really good to ZME Science – we’ve