Researchers, at long last, develop effective tool to study soil-borne microbes

Surprisingly, it was easier for us to go to the Moon than to develop such a tool.

Arctic ecosystems “highly responsive” to climate change — and very hard to fix once broken

“Our results show a clear link in the timing of animal recovery and the recovery of Earth systems.”

Phages in kitchen sponges could help us wipe antibiotic resistant bacteria clean off

Kitchen sponges are crawling with bacteria. Turns out that’s a good thing.

What is soil? Here’s the inside scoop

The Earth’s great recycle bin.

Unpleasant smells make for more powerful memories, a new study finds

Breathe in deep!

Researchers look into reviving bleached corals using ‘non-preferred’ algal symbiotes

“We want to know if it’s possible that more heat tolerant, non-preferred algae could revive bleached coral communities even if the relationship is less efficient,” the authors say.

Groundwater pumping is bleeding the US’s rivers dry

We’re hoarding all the supply.

The birth of forests helped drive two massive, ancient extinctions

They did not come in peace.

Some Martian clouds are made of ground-up meteors

That’s pretty metal.

Legal recreational marijuana wreaks havoc on illegal markets, study finds

Drug users seem not to like drug dealers that much — not if they have an alternative, anyway.

Researchers develop very powerful but reversible glue — kind of like snail slime

If it’s icky but it works….

Cities from 9,000 years ago had pretty much the same problems as those of today, study finds

“Many of the challenges we have today are the same ones they had in Çatalhöyük — only magnified,” say the paper’s authors.

The delicious history of ice cream throughout the ages

From ancient wars in Persia to the breakups of today, ice cream has carried us through the tough and the rough.

Tilting your head down will make you seem more dominant — but also more aggressive

Keep your head high. Unless you want to be scary. Then keep it low.

The military is the largest emitter in the US Gov’t — in fact, it’s the world 55th largest polluter

War isn’t clean, it would seem.

Warming climate means more, hotter armed conflicts, paper reports

Things are heating up.

Skinny seals and hungry cod point to trouble in the Baltic Sea

They’re running out of food — and climate change seems to be involved.

These fishes get sad when their partner is away — pointing to the roots of romantic love

Hear that? That’s the sound of an itsy-bitsy fishy heart breaking apart and it’s tragic.

You do have a type when it comes to dating, study finds

Oh, this explains a lot.

Mysterious gravitational anomaly in Moon’s South Pole could be a massive metal deposit

It was ‘imported’ from space via a meteorite impact.