Humanity has contended with rising seas before — and it didn’t go well for us

It’s a bad day when the ocean moves into your living room.

The Pacific Garbage patch is 16 times bigger than we thought


Chilling maps show just how scorching 2090’s US will be, thanks to climate change

100°F isn’t something that puts a smile on your face.

Most grey wolves today are actually wolf-dog hybrids, due to cross-breeding

Who’s a hybrid booooy?! Yes you are a hybrid booooy!

World’s first mass-produced, 3D-printed car is electric, looks cool and costs under $10K

Hope this leads to a future where you can download and print your own car.

Banana-sourced cellulose could level up our ice creams

NaNaNaNa, banana to the rescue!

Termite royalty wear chemical crowns to bedazzle their subjects

Bow down, plebs.

Human-secreted malaria antibody could usher in an effective, long-term treatment

Not one day too soon!

This century, glaciers will bleed — the fight is on to save what’s left of them in 100 years

“A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”

As cities grow, we must bring the forest into our midst — or pay up

I, for one, welcome our new sylvan neighbors.

Compounds in essential oil may impact hormones, promote male breast development

They smell awesome, but maybe they’re not meant to go on your skin.

Half a degree (C) more global warming would leave 5 million people homeless

Even if the goals set in Paris are met — this doesn’t look very good.

New method developed to stop bacteria from sharing antibiotic resistance genes

No multiplayer-evolution any longer, pleasethankyou!

The Arctic’s convection engine is grinding to a halt, flooded by meltwater

Melting Arctic ice is already leaving its mark on the oceans.

Walmart silently filed a patent for robotic bees meant to pollinate crops

As bee populations dwindle, robots are made to take their place.

AI can now tell if you’re a man or a woman, just by your smile

You know how everyone says ‘smile’ before you snap a pic? That was Skynet’s plan all along!

Novel cell-in-a-shell is a like a body armor for tiny living things

It’s like cells wearing power-armor!

Small populations of bacteria can elude antibiotics — here’s how we’re fixing that

Surprisingly, these bacteria survived through “random chance”.

Solar storm expected to bring northern lights to the U.S. tonight

Maybe this is nature paying homage to Professor Hawking?

Hunt for planets through Kepler’s data with this newly released Google code

Space exploration made easy.