Future Moon colonists could produce water from regolith and sunlight

Drink up!

Climate change will make extreme cold more prevalent — and that’s bad news for some animals

“Extreme” things generally aren’t very healthy.

The Earth’s atmosphere extends twice as far as the Moon, technically

You should probably try really hard to hold your breath around there, though.

The ‘forager gene’ of humans and fruit flies works in practically the same way

No time like mealtime.

Native American societies had their own brand of ‘social media’

Do you think they drunkenly made embarrassing pots and regretted it the next day?

Neanderthal diet revolved around meat, new study finds

Caveburgers, anyone?

Activating one gene in the brains of male mice helps reverse depression

Sorry ladies.

Setting attainable goals makes us happier, even if we fail

Sometimes less really is more.

Grasses steal neighbors’ genes to one-up other species

“They’re OUR genes, tovarish plant” — grasses.

Desert ants’ complex behavior is actually built from very simple interactions

The colonies work similarly to a brain, actually.

Stone-age peoples in the Iberian Peninsula shared graves with dogs

Man’s best friend, indeed.

Orangutans don’t use tools instinctively — they actually think about what they’re doing

Give an orangutan a banana and you’ll feed him for a day. Give him a stick and he’ll poke bananas for a lifetime.

Unexpected notes make music more enjoyable

Surprise is the spice of life.

New design hotfix could make artificial leaves better than actual leaves

I can hardly beleaf it!

A brief look at how the idea of elevators came up

They really are an underappreciated invention — it took a lot of work!

Seven traits are seen as moral by the whole world, study finds

It’s good to be good.

How poppy petals create striking colors despite being thinner than your skin

In news today: male beetles think poppy flowers are hot. Science!

The world is running out of insects — because of us — and it will lead to a “catastrophic collapse”

They may be creepy crawlies, but we need them.

Shame, not guilt, makes us consumed by our secrets

Your secrets are safe with you, but you’re not safe with them.

A new study explains how snakes lost their legs

They didn’t lose the genes for limbs — they’re just blocked.