New process can make hydrogen fuel out of seawater without destroying the devices

This was a VERY real issue up to now.

Eating bad PUFAs may put you at risk of developing asthma — but fish contains the good PUFAs

I’m thrilled that PUFAs is an actual scientific term.

Our ships carry invasive species, not just trade — and it is rapidly getting worse

Your package has arrived sir, it seems to be a pair of socks. The zebra mussel is on the house.

Ireland and Scotland made bog butter for three and a half millennia, new study reports

Bog what, now?

Ice ages may be caused by tectonic activity in the tropics, new study proposes

Pixar left this part out of Ice Age.

Researchers develop way to trap and study bacteria so we can fight disease and antibiotic resistance

Shhh! I’m hunting bactewwia!

New research identifies the ‘taste center’ of our brains


Fossil Friday: Newly-found fossil teeth solve ancient monkey mystery

Take a bite out of this story.

Movies can be used to get people to help in anti-corruption efforts

Who said movies never teach you anything?

New research plans to keep drones in the air longer by giving them the ability to land

It’s always good to take a breather!

New neurofeedback system helps people manage arousal and maintain peak performance

Begone, stress!

Massive solar storms are naturally-recurring events, study finds — and we’re unprepared for them

Sunny days ahead!

Religious material promoting humanity as stewards make Christians care more about the environment

Do as the good book says!

Your eyes give you away when you’re making a mistake — but only for certain kinds of mistakes

The eyes never lie.

Where did the “Seven Seas” come from?

It’s a surprisingly-old story.

Human interference is destroying chimpanzee culture, a new paper reports

Culture shock squared.

Treated wastewater could release antibiotic-resistance genes into the wild


Timeline for giant sloth extinction rewritten by new analysis

A little dirt makes a lot of difference.

People learn to predict which words come after ‘um’ in a conversation — but not with foreigners

Assuming they’re paying attention, of course.

Slightly-tweaked microbe could create plastics from a common plant waste material

Lignin’ on a dream!