Environmental cleanups return on investment — and they return big time

Cleaning up makes economic sense.

Nuclear-powered ‘tunnelbot’ could probe the depths of Europa’s oceans

Europa’s almost as cold as your ex’s heart, just as frozen.

Exposure to graphic images shifts your perception of reality, video games study shows

More pew pew, less QQ.

Researchers want to vaccinate bees so we don’t run out of food

I can’t BEElive this!

“Prehistoric Pompeii” answers the question of when animals first moved on land

It’s so sad though :(.

Search and rescue operations might soon call on foldable drones to find victims

A simple but elegant solution.

Thawing Canadian Arctic permafrost is releasing “substantial amounts” of mercury into waterways

In the Canadian Arctic, mercury isn’t rising only in thermometers.

Sharing a plate helps with both love and work

“Basically, every meal that you’re eating alone is a missed opportunity to connect to someone,” the authors say.

NOAA’s annual report says 2018 was the “second-warmest year on record” in the Arctic

Could I have some ice with this? Oh… oh wait.

Being empathetic might put you at risk of relapsing as a coping mechanism

With great empathy comes great stress as well!

Voyager 2 enters interstellar space

Take me with you!

Shamans were the first professional class in human history

“Sorry, we can’t hire you, you don’t have the qualifications.”

China launches new rover aimed for the dark side of the moon

The natural satellite, not the 1973 album by Pink Floyd. Sadly.

Research identifies a gene that makes our brains (and those of primates) unique

Smarts, we got’em!

Novel AI can master games like chess and Go by itself, no humans needed

How do you spell “checkmate” in binary?

New AI solves most Captcha codes, potentially causing a “huge security vulnerability”

Please prove that you are human.

MIT designs and builds a plant-robot plantborg that can move towards light

Its name is Elowan and it probably comes in peace.

Volcanoes are fed by ‘mush reservoirs’ instead of magma chambers, study suggests

We mush talk about this.

Humor and acceptance oust conflict and bickering in long-time marriages

The old that is strong does not wither!

Supermassive black holes like to wear gas donuts — and we found out why

In all honesty, I’d wear a donut if I could get away with it, too.