The Universe’s densest stars have a maximum mass limit, researchers find

Stopping just shy of a black hole’s density, neutron stars play a dangerous game.

One man pushed Bitcoin from $100 to over $1,000 a pop in two months’ time, new research reports

You have one chance to guess if he did it through fraud or not. (Hint: it was fraud).

SpaceX to test the world’s most powerful operational rocket, the Falcon Heavy, later today

This is what Elon Musk hopes will put men on Mars.

Chinese AI outperforms humans in language comprehension test — the first time a machine ever has

011010…. Oh, wait, carbon-based life-form, I meant “Hello”.

Paper strips recovered from Blackbeard’s ship reveals pirates liked voyage stories — at least, stuffed in their guns

The real booty be knowledge ya landlubbers!

Research of snakes’ straight-line movement could power the rescue bots of the future

Yessss, thissss issss good resssssearch.

Mysterious fast radio bursts from space likely twisted by a black hole, researchers report

The team went looking for answers but only found more questions.

Cliffs of pure, blue water-ice spotted just below Mars’ surface

That’s a lot of water.

Duo of neural networks get within a pixel of reading our mind and re-creating what’s there

Extremely cool, extremely worrying.

Meteorites carrying both water and organic compounds point to an ocean world “seeding life” in the universe

Why spread your seed across the Earth when you can spread it across space?

Fluffy robot duck plans to befriend and comfort children with cancer

…I want one too.

Scientists turn to the troubled streets of Gotham to understand community resilience

The city’s imaginary but the science is very real.

Researchers close in on the reactions which fed the first life on Earth

Everyone’s gotta eat!

Millenniums-old rock art in India could be humanity’s first record of a supernova

India was into astrophysics before it was cool.

What Curiosity found on Mars are probably just crystals — not fossils

This is likely not our first brush with alien life.

New eco-friendly AC uses only water to cool down air, saves on the energy bill to boot

And it will quench your thirst!

NASA readies to launch the first half of GOLD-ICON to understand Earth’s outer boundary

Who said NASA can’t bling?!

Scientists engineer air-filled bacteria they can track wiggling inside you with sound

The plan is to use them to find tumors and other places of interest.

Smelling your partner’s shirt will reduce stress, but a stranger’s will wind you up more

Smell seems to be the easiest way to hack a brain.

The death knell already sounded for coral reefs, it’s time to save anything we can

The oceans will be the less without them.