Fossil Friday: newly-discovered Callichimaera perplexa is an adorable, weird crab

How is it possible for something with those eyes to ever go extinct? How? Why?!

Researchers figure out how coffee can boost (some) solar cells

Oh great, more competition for my morning coffee.

Ocean dwellers are hit twice as hard by climate change as land-based species

Definitely not good.

NASA and partners will be holding an asteroid impact exercise at conference next week

Duck and cover!

Chinese Moon Station planned for ‘in about ten years’

“Hey, I can see my house from here!”

Researchers say there are smell receptors on your tongue

You know how we recognize that something smells like strawberries, even though strawberries themselves don’t have a smell?

Researchers unveil the most comprehensive atlas of coral reefs to date

Maps to the rescue.

What are the different types of energy

Don’t let your boss find out, but in a physical sense, energy is defined as the ability to do work.

Fossil Friday: massive, ancient African carnivore found in a drawer in Kenya

It pays to stick your nose in museum drawers!

Plastic crystals identified as a solid, safe alternative to our refrigerants

A cool, solid research paper.

New research takes a look into how superstitions develop and enshrine themselves

They’re cultural cheat-sheets.

AI developed to tackle physics problems is really good at summarizing research papers

“Researchers have developed a new representation process on the rotational unit of RUM, a recurrent memory that can be used to solve a broad spectrum of the neural revolution in natural language processing.”
A machine wrote those words.

Two newly-discovered Egyptian tombs look almost as fresh as the day they were painted

Jewels in the desert.

After a 300% surge in global cases, WHO and UNICEF directors say we’re facing a ‘measles crisis’

The moral of the story, kids, is get vaccinated.

New species of duck-billed dinosaur discovered in the Gobi Desert

“We hope that it will be very useful material for further study of the evolution of hadrosauroids, iguanodintians and ornithopods as well,” the authors write.

Why is snow white?

…because it can’t get a tan.

NASA research says ground-based global warming measurements are sound

“Both data sets demonstrate the earth’s surface has been warming globally over this period, and that 2016, 2017, and 2015 have been the warmest years in the instrumental record,” the authors explain.

This new approach to spotting incoming asteroids should keep our planet safe

“With the [new method] we can spot objects regardless of their surface color, and use it to measure their sizes and other surface properties,” said the researchers.

Indicators of despair on the rise for Gen X-ers entering middle age, paper reports

“The increase in despair that occurs across the 30s is generalized to the entire cohort, regardless of race, ethnicity, education, and geography,” the authors write.

First reliable evidence for ‘social acceleration’ comes from our shorter collective attention spans

Uuu, shiny.