How to create deliciousness — the chemistry behind cooking

Who doesn’t love a good meal?

Artificial light-absorbing nanoparticles mirror insect cloaking device

The tiny spheres could boost our solar panels, telescopes, and might even lead to new cloaking devices!

Ozone hole at its slimmest after 30 years of international effort, keeps shrinking

The warmer temperatures seen in latter years helped keep its size in check.

Looking to understand dark matter, a duo of scientists turned the Earth into a huge sensor

Legen — wait for it — science!

Early human ancestors may not have passed down knowledge but simply crafted tools on instinct

Luckily we’re really big on it now.

Forests are increasingly patchy and fragmented — which is bad news for the species living there

There aren’t many things that can substitute a deep, thick forest.

Newly described genus hints at the evolutionary roots of the giraffe

Long neck, long history.

Brain “ripples” experience into memories when you sleep, study shows

Sleep seems to be a keystone of memory formation and retention.

Exercising in a group rather than alone is a great way to handle stress, researchers reveal

Time to hit the gym!

Stephen Hawking’s PhD gets published online, crashes Cambridge’s website with millions of views in mere days

Now that’s what I call a fan base.

There hasn’t been this much CO2 in the air in 3 million years. We have to stop, UN warns


Numbered jerseys for medical personnel leads to better teamwork and efficiency, researchers find

As a bonus, it also probably makes them look awesome.

Cannabis genome project will allow for new crops, better medicine

They’re not interested in the ‘high’ part of cannabis, though.

Boiling water shapes Mars’ landscape, experiment reveals

It’s not heat, but low pressure that drives this boiling.

Ancient Greek theater unearthed near Kalamata in ‘excellent condition’

Ancient but elegant.

Dogs use the “puppy-eyes” to manipulate you into giving them affection and attention and it works

This is manipulation I can get behind.

Need to improve your foreign language skills? A bit of alcohol will do the trick, researchers find

Booze to the rescue! Just don’t overindulge.

Researchers discover astonishingly intact, 48-million-year-old bird fats in fossilized gland

An incredible find.

Wolves are better team players than dogs, study reveals, casting doubt on our view of domestication

A wild streak makes them better at cooperating, the team reports.

Dutch design student creates wonderful packaging alternative to help save the environment

Simple, elegant, efficient. Awesome!