Climate change will recolor much of the oceans by 2100, MIT research suggests

It’s not good news.

Oil-contaminated soil made clean, fertile again using just a little bit of heat

Not too much heat, though — that destroys the soil!

This unique robot can ‘imagine’ itself — and it’s teaching us about our own self-awareness

The disciple teaching its teachers.

Rock-solid geology puns that will have you erupting in laughter

They’re the schist.

What is gluten intolerance, and what are its symptoms?

Most of them have to do with your belly — but not all.

GO dough stands poised to bring graphene and its awesome properties into your life

Graphene, more like gra-fine, right guys?

Researchers design the first soft robot that moves like a plant

Which is to say, slowly!

Researcher devise ‘metallic wood’ that’s stronger than titanium but could float on water

“The reason we call it metallic wood is not just its density, which is about that of wood, but its cellular nature,” says lead author James Pikul.

China’s coal mines emit more methane despite policy aimed at reducing emissions

These measures “failed to produce a detectable decrease or decline in methane emissions associated with coal production,” the team writes.

Earth’s inner core became solid just in time to save the planet

Drama, suspense, plot twists — science has it all!

Bug bombs don’t kill the bugs, but they do expose you to pesticides

Bombs never solve anything :(.

The European Space Agency wants to mine the moon for oxygen and water

Should everything go according to plan, ESA wants to launch the mission by 2025.

Despite their amazing achievements, leaf-cutter ants don’t coordinate work

Work hard, not smart!

Humans mutate more slowly than believed, and it could rewrite our evolutionary history

So…. no X-men, then? Sad.

Our brains are pretty awesome — the price may be a greater tendency for disorders, though

Please hotfix, thanks!

We can eradicate malaria — but we need to use new tricks

Improvise, adapt, eliminate.

The North Sea could become the UK’s largest battery — one that lasts for the whole winter

It would be green, too!

New research shows air pollution sours our mood and makes us unhappy

The study was performed on Chinese cities — but the air pollution problem is very much a global one.

Paleontologists discovered a new species of ancient shark — and it was so, so tiny

“[Its] teeth are the size of a sand grain. Without a microscope you’d just throw them away,” says one of its discoverers.

Perturbations in Saturn’s rings reveal how long a day is on the gas giant

Can I have weekdays in Saturn-days and weekends in Earth-days?