Thailand’s going crazy over penis whitening, with over 100 customers queuing up every month

Oh, how modern technology spoils us.

Raw water is the latest 2018 craze — and it’s absolutely stupid

It like normal water, but worse. 40 $ please.

Chinese space station will come crashing down in March, but it probably won’t hit anyone

Doesn’t hurt to stay under a roof while it happens, though.

Researchers measure the interior of two stars, find our models weren’t quite right

Not everything is as we believed in the core of these hot bodies.

Millennials demand perfection from themselves and each other, hurting their mental health

Strong societal pressure teaches younger generations that nothing less than perfection is acceptable.

Plants actively gauge their competition and switch strategies to one-up them

We all have to make ends meet. Even plants.

Regardless of culture or country, people make more babies during the holidays

Ehehehehehe. Happy holidays, everyone.

In the Pisces constellation, one star is busy devouring its own planetary offspring

Giving “family dinner” a whole new meaning.

Mitochondria in the brain changed by cocaine use — the findings could help us better fight addictions

Maybe other drugs have similar effects.

Chimps and children as young as six will try to witness antisocial behavior being punished

We’re hardwired with compassion, but also ruthlessness.

Riches make your happiness about yourself, a tight budget makes it about others

Ironically, if you don’t make enough € you probably have more pressing concerns than making art.

Human touch can feel molecule-thin differences, according to new study

Receptors in our ligaments, knuckles, wrist, elbow, and shoulder likely also play a part in our sense of touch.

“Exceptional” mammoth skeleton sold for over half a million dollars in France

He’s fat AND big boned. Well, was. Now he’s just big boned.

Old-growth forests offer safe haven to bird species struggling with climate change

They’re really nice cool places for raising baby birds — or fo rest!

Mulgaras emerge in Australia’s south-west after over a century of being considered extinct


Functional hydrogen-boron fusion could be here “within the next decade”, powered by huge lasers

Stable fusion is the holy grail of energy production.

Fracking linked to low-weight, less healthy babies

Run for the hills! Or at least 2 miles away, as that seems to be the ‘danger radius’.

Shatter-proof smartphones are one step closer as researchers tame glass on the atomic level

Rejoice, ye clumsy-fingered!

Jupiter is still a ridiculously beautiful place judging from Juno’s pics, and here’s how it does it

A dash of chemistry, a stroke of physics, all mixed in with behemothian mass.

Human-use anesthetics also knock out plants, weirdly, teaching us a lot about such drugs

It’s funny to realize that we’ve been using anesthetics for at least a century now, but we still don’t *really* know why they work.