Sugar rushes just aren’t a thing, researchers say

Can this bitter myth just go away already?

Fossil Friday: Jurassic crocodile shows us how the scaly killers came to be

The team says it looked more like a dolphin than a crocodile.

Bacteria coaxed into making high-performance proteins for space missions

The National Aeronautics and Spider Silk Administration is very excited about this study.

The hippocampus is the curator of our memories, new study suggests

The brain has an auto-complete feature for your memories. The hippocampus handles it.

We thought depression arises from just 18 genes — we were wrong, new study finds

“We are not saying that depression is not heritable at all. It is. What we are saying is that depression is influenced by many many variants, and individually each of those has a miniscule effect.”

New research sheds light into how our brains handle metaphors

Whether you break an egg or break into dance, our brain handles the word “break” the same.

Shooting stars: a look at the world’s speediest jet aircraft

Some of these planes fly so high they break off rivets.

Researchers identify clump of neurons that block, or allow, frightful memories into our minds

Fear is the mind killer.

Humans don’t need to understand what they’re doing to create new technology

We’re all team players.

New study wants to tackle depression, obesity, chronic pain by blocking a single protein

Sounds a bit too good to be true, I gotta admit!

What is hyaluronic acid

Let’s take a look at this pretty unique substance which permeates our bodies.

Tired? Try looking at a cup of coffee — new research says that’s enough to perk you up

Feast your eyes!

Want to improve your mood quickly? Look at people around you and, genuinely, wish them well

Seems simple enough!

A new study estimates English only takes about 1.5 megabytes of your brainspace

That’s about the same size as…. 3 high-resolution memes or one-tenth of a second of video in 1080p.

It’s official: single-use plastics have been banned in the EU

Today’s vote is “essential in order to protect the marine environment and reduce the costs of environmental damage attributed to plastic pollution in Europe.”

Musical training makes your brain better at paying attention

Oh so THAT’S what I was missing!

New York county declares state of emergency over measles and bans unvaccinated kids from public areas

Unvaccinated children will be banned from entering public spaces for the next 30 days. And, honestly, I see no problem with this.

Britain is going through a “widespread loss” of pollinating insects, study reports

Not good!

Ancient trash suggests climate change helped drive the Byzantine Empire into the ground

No army can fight on an empty belly. Neither can an empire.

Hubble captured the first evidence of a Great Dark Spot storm forming on Neptune

The data taught us a lot about how weather works on gas giants.