Some Martian clouds are made of ground-up meteors

That’s pretty metal.

The oldest known meteorite in the UK struck about 1.2 billion years ago

It’s one of the oldest meteorite impacts ever discovered.

NASA and partners will be holding an asteroid impact exercise at conference next week

Duck and cover!

Japan start-up planning to sell “shooting stars on demand” launched their first satellite

No word on how much one of these shows will cost just yet.

What’s the difference between an asteroid and a meteorite?

The meteorite only lives as it is falling.

Scientists find huge 19-mile impact crater under Greenland’s ice sheet

A meteorite might have slammed into the island as early as 12,000 years ago.

Unique 4.6-billion-year-old meteorite is a remnant of the early solar system

It’s older than Earth itself!

Most objects in the asteroid belt come from a handful of wrecked ancient planets

Asteroids have families too.

Life bounced back quickly at the famed dinosaur-ending asteroid impact site

We don’t know much about how life bounces back after such a dramatic event.

A Martian puzzle: is this a supervolcano or an impact crater?

New images may be posing more questions than they answer.

NASA is taking a Martian meteorite back home — for calibration purposes

The meteorite will be used in NASA’s ambitious Mars 2020 mission.

Find a 2.2-pound-chunk of the Michigan meteorite and you can win $20,000

It’s raining money. Incandescent, rocky money.

Meteorites carrying both water and organic compounds point to an ocean world “seeding life” in the universe

Why spread your seed across the Earth when you can spread it across space?

Strange interstellar stone discovered in Egypt is like nothing else found in the solar system

A unique cosmic stone challenges what we know about how the solar system formed.

A bright green meteor lit up the US’ skies on Monday, and security cameras picked it up

They’re the modern watchers on the wall.

Curiosity finds weird metallic meteorite on Mars

While taking its usual stroll on Mars, the Curiosity Rover found something unexpected: a dark, smooth meteorite.

Second largest meteorite in the world, a 30-tonne monster, unearthed in Argentina

This puppy must have made some damage.

AstroPicture of the Day: Moonless Meteors and the Milky Way

All APODs are spectacular in their own way – but every once in a while, there’s one that’s just amazing. This is the case with┬áPetr Hor├ílek‘s picture of the Perseids. “The Perseid meteor shower last occurred near a New Moon in 2013. That’s when the exposures used to construct this image were made, under dark, moonless skies from Hvar Island

Have geologists discovered all the big craters on Earth?

Mars has over 250,000 craters created by asteroid impacts, the Moon has millions – too many to count. But the Earth has an atmosphere, which means we’re protected against most threats and we have much to be thankful for. But even the craters that we do have are constantly eroded by wind and water, so finding and identifying them is quite a challenge.

Meteorites Not Responsible For Building Solar System, Study Finds

For decades, astronomers have believed that meteorites are the building blocks of our solar system – the lego blocks for planets. But a new study from scientists at MIT and Purdue University suggests that this may not be the case after all – and we’ve given meteorites too much credit.