The 2016 election was so traumatic it caused PTSD symptoms in 1 in 4 young adults

For some students, the hate speech and divisive campaign of the last election were particularly traumatic.

Dogs may be able to process the meaning of some words, brain scans reveal

Man’s best friend seems to have a neural representation of the words it has been taught.

The British mainland was formed by three continental collisions

Bumpy start!

Ancient farmers left their mark on the Amazon rainforest as early as 4,500 years ago

However, the first farmers in the Amazon used sustainable practices, unlike modern agriculture in the region.

Climate change is set to increase ‘giant forest’ cover around the world

The ecological niche for giant trees like Redwoods could grow by a staggering 4 million square kilometers.

Scientists finally learn why cracking knuckles makes that annoying sound

That sound! Hate it or love it — but at least we know what causes it.

Autism rates have plateaued in U.S. children since 2014

We don’t know exactly why.

Space radiation might cause bone loss in astronauts

Radiation amplifies the bone loss incurred from weightlessness.

The types of clouds: everything you need to know

Clouds come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some look cute and fluffy, others appear menacing and apocalyptic.

Scientists decode complex sentences with ‘mind reading’ tech

The mind is not the closed book we think it is.

Himalayan Sherpas owe their super-human high-altitude performance to a unique metabolism

Nepalese Sherpas use oxygen more efficiently than puny lowlanders.

Mainstream US broadcast networks decrease climate change coverage time by 66 percent to only 50 minutes. For a whole year!

How much time is the climate worth to you?

Muscle-like fabric could turn regular clothes into ‘Superman suits’

The fibers could be woven in clothes so those who have disabilities can enhance their mobility.

Why worms can actually taste sunshine

A photoreceptor related to odor proteins was found inside the worms — it could lead to a new generation of better sunscreens.

Colours and language — how the two influence each other

There are as many colours as you can name. In some cultures, like Africa’s Himba tribe, they can only name five colours, for instance.

Chile just signed the cheapest unsubsidized power in the world at ¢2.91/kWh. Of course, it’s solar energy

There are absolutely no subsidies which means this is the cheapest power plant in the world.

Cassini finds canyons flooded with liquid hydrocarbons on Titan

NASA’s ever-resourceful Cassini probe found steep-sided canyons on Saturn’s moon Titan.

Flossing might be useless: little evidence showing it keeps teeth and gums healthy

Have we been living a lie all this time?

Why we get dark circles around the eyes

Fatigue is often what causes dark circles around the eyes, but there’s more to it.

Early childhood stunting costs developing countries $177 billion/year

Developing countries stand to lose $177 billion each year or about half a percentage point of GDP due to delays in the physical development of children.