At 1:31 AM on Monday morning, Wisconsin’s skies lit up green as a falling meteor burned up through the atmosphere.

Thankfully, a host of security and dashboard cams have witnessed the event. So here’s how a meteorite falls in that horrible image quality only security cams can boast:

The footage was recorded from the University of Wisconsin campus. It’s black and white so you can’t see much of what’s happening.

Here’s the meteorite from another angle — the dashboard of a police car in Glendale:

The flash was big enough to be seen all the way over in Chicago.

Later, the Milwaukee National Weather Service released some weather radar readings which they suspect captured the meteorite.

And finally, this video the American Meteor Society put together shows the meteorite’s estimated trajectory and visibility range. It also places the rock’s final resting place in the middle of lake Michigan.

If there’s any bit of the meteorite that didn’t burn, that’s most likely where it ended up. But considering it was probably really small to begin with (not much larger than a baseball or a football), there’s slim chances anything survived the burn and the crash.