Space station mold can survive 200 times more radiation than you or me

Researchers plan to employ them as producers of food, antibiotics, other materials for astronauts on deep space missions.

NASA wants the future of spaceflight to be commercial — including the ISS

Could this be the key to ensuring that the ISS lives long and prosper?

Rodents race around cage in NASA microgravity experiment

That looks like a lot of fun!

The International Space Station is teeming with bacteria and fungi

Step 1: live on hairless primate.
Step 2: wait for said primate to go to space.
Step 3: PROFIT!

First Crew Dragon launch and docking a success for SpaceX

These are exciting times for SpaceX

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria found on the ISS — they’ve been up there for at least two years

In space, no one can hear you sneeze.

The International Space Station just launched a harpoon-toting satellite to keep it safe from space junk

Few problems will persist after a generous application of stabbings.

All countries in the world invited to join on the China Space Station

It should be ready by the mid-2020s.

NASA is sending sperm to the ISS — here’s why

The first step to making spacebabies is to know if we can actually do it.

Russian cosmonauts accidentally set a new spacewalk record while repairing old radio antenna

It’s the longest Russian spacewalk and the fifth-longest spacewalk in human spaceflight history.

Russia is planning to offer tourists a trip to the ISS, spacewalks included

It would cost around $100 million a pop, though.

Japanese astronaut didn’t actually grow 3½” taller after only three weeks in space [UPDATE]

The astronaut apologized for the ‘fake news’.

NASA astronauts start spacewalk — with live footage

You can watch it live here.

Hewlett Packard supercomputer to be delivered to the ISS next Monday

Time to dust off that old Skyrim dvd.

This video ISS astronauts shot of the norther lights is just the thing to brighten up your day

Nature, being ridiculously cool since forever.

Morning glory seeds are hardy enough to survive in space, experiment reveals

Seeds — the tiny bunkers of life.

Adorable NASA robocube will float and do the housekeeping aboard the ISS

More like robocute, am I right?

First artwork to be made in space is now orbiting above all our heads

“A laugh star floating in space, above all our heads, is my attempt to create a contemporary metaphor for the hanging ‘Sword of Damocles,’ a reminder that the beauty of human life is so fragile.”

Russian-launched Progress resupply module crashes on-route to the ISS

Nobody was hurt and no one is starving but it’s never fun when this happens.

Amazing photos of Exp 49 astronauts touching down on Earth after 115 days in space

One skilled photographer shows what coming to Earth feels like.