What Curiosity found on Mars are probably just crystals — not fossils

This is likely not our first brush with alien life.

NASA’s new 2020 rover will look a lot like Curiosity but with some important tweaks

Those are some big wheels to fill.

Knowing for the sake of knowing: algorithm developed to hardwire curiosity into robots

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but cats don’t run on microprocessors. I think.

Curiosity’s wheel grousers show damage after five years of off-roading on Mars


Curiosity finds weird metallic meteorite on Mars

While taking its usual stroll on Mars, the Curiosity Rover found something unexpected: a dark, smooth meteorite.

NASA released the most awesome pictures of Mars’ surface to date

The rocks from Mars are surprisingly familiar.

China Unveils 2020 Mars Mission and Rover

The Chinese space program is taking huge strides forward.

NASA wants you to drive their Mars rover

The Red Planet at your fingertips.

Rocks prove Mars used to resemble the Earth a lot — but no, that doesn’t mean there was life on it

But maybe our neighbour wasn’t always so red-faced after all.

Would you be willing to take an electric shock in the name of curiosity? Science says yes, several actually

Curiosity is probably the single most powerful force behind our species’ scientific discoveries. It can drive us to explore and discover even if the outcome might be painful or harmful. But this need to discover and learn can also become a curse; a new study found that people are willing to face unpleasant outcomes with no apparent benefits just to sate their curiosity.

Cross bedding explained, on an outcrop from Mars

NASA recently uploaded a strikingly beautiful photograph on their website showing a petrified sand dune on Mars. The image was actually pieced together from several shots taken using Curiosity’s Mast Camera (Mastcam) on August 27th. From end to end, the panorama spans a full 135 degrees of other-worldly awesomeness, with east to the left and southwest to the right.

NASA considers adding helicopter drone to next gen Mars rover

The next Mars exploration rover will likely feature a helicopter drone, which is expected to act as scouting drone to improve navigation. According to officials at NASA JPL, the drone could help the rover cover three times the distance Curiosity drives on a daily basis. We have Curiosity to thank for loads of new insights concerning’s Mars’ past, present and

Curiosity sparks Brain Mechanisms that Facilitate Learning

Whether we’re assigned a learning task or choose to follow it, those subjects that interest us are always easier to comprehend, assimilate and remember over a long time. In this context, interest is actually another word for curiosity and a new research found that it is an important factor for effective learning. The team at University of California, Davis, found that

Curiosity spots what looks like a Martian camp fire, alas it’s nothing of the sorts

The photo right above was captured by the Curiosity Rover’s right-hand navigation camera , currently deployed on Mars and on route to Mount Sharp, which shows a striking flare of light seemingly torching near the horizon. Taken on April 4th, the photo somehow made its way to the general public (bad idea NASA) and stirred international turmoil back on Earth, where

Curiosity finds water on Mars

After finding no methane in the Martian atmosphere, Curiosity has shown that the soil and dust on the surface of the Red Planet contain a few percent water, judging by weight. Yes, yes, I know, Curiosity has found signs that water flowed on Mars sometime during its past (1, 2, 3), but this time, it has found actual, direct evidence

Curiosity finds no methane on Mars, surprises NASA

It’s been a while since we posted something about the Curiosity rover – now, Curiosity has reported that the Martian atmosphere lacks methane. This is a surprise to researchers because previous data seemed to indicate the contrary. The 4 wheel laboratory conducted extensive tests for traces of Martian methane, and the results were conclusive; the existence of methane would be

Curiosity’s secret announcement – what could it be?

A few days ago, the Curiosity rover staff made an announcement that sent echoes throughout the entire scientific community – and not only. They announced that they have made a discovery ‘for the history books’, one that is so spectacular they want to quadruple check before they publish it, just to make sure it’s not some sort of error. Since

Curiosity takes self shot

Not really much to say, I’ll just leave you with this Curiosity self portrait. I recommend clicking the picture for full resolution.

Felix Baumgartner: Mars missions are a waste of tax dollars

Felix Baumgartner, the supersonic man who jumped from about 40.000 meters above ground is definitely a man up for new thrills and new conquests, so you’d expect him to be all for space exploration. But in a recent interview, he takes the totally opposite stand, claiming that any Mars missions are a waste of money which could be spent better.

Mars bite tastes like Earth – soil similar to Hawaii

After Curiosity had a bite of Martian turf at the site of Rocknest a few days earlier, soil analysis results have finally come in. According to scientists at NASA, the Martian sand in the rover’s vicinity is very much akin to volcanic soils found on Earth such as those of  Hawaii. Though Mars is far from being a resort itself. The findings