Humans don’t need to understand what they’re doing to create new technology

We’re all team players.

Massive solar storms are naturally-recurring events, study finds — and we’re unprepared for them

Sunny days ahead!

Small teams are better at producing new ideas, new study finds

However, small teams are typically underfunded, researchers find.

Steam Power Might Help in Space Exploration

NASA is funding a steam-powered spacecraft.

Cheap CubeSat snaps first images of Mars

While this isn’t a remarkable achievement in itself, it shows that CubeSats are a viable technology for interplanetary missions.

Google just let an Artificial Intelligence take care of cooling a data center

This could save Google millions of dollars — and it also ushers in a new age of technology.

Child and teen obesity on the rise as they’re consuming too much… screen time

“Overall screen time seems to be increasing — if portable devices are allowing for more mobility, this has not reduced overall sedentary time nor risk of obesity,” says Tracie A. Barnett, one of the paper’s authors.

UK millennials would happily sow, reap, and eat GMOs — unlike older generations


How technology is revolutionizing medicine

Medicine accelerating fast thanks to new tech like bionic eyes or implants that enable paraplegics to walks again.

Unmanned US plane lands after two-year secret mission

Its purpose still remains a mystery.

Types of engines and how they work

How any why different types of engines work.

Eyes up above: you can’t lie satellite imagery

A couple decades ago, satellite were solely the provision of governments, since they were the only ones that could afford launching billions dollars worth of tech into space. Slowly but surely, corporations hitched a ride and now, when an imaging satellite can fit in the palm of your hand and costs only a fraction it used to, small enterprises are flourishing. Along with them is innovation.

Google’s new finger control technology seems taken from a science fiction movie

Swiping your phone’s touchscreen might disappear just as quickly as it emerged, if Google have their way. When their new technology hits the shelves, you won’t even have to touch a screen ever again. Here’s why. It’s called Project Soli, and it uses radar waves to detect precise finger movements – or as they call them, “micromotions”. The technology would

Your smartphone will be able to tell if you have blood parasites

Scientists have managed to use a simple smartphone to test for blood parasites; the device and app was successful in small trials in Cameroon.

Fahrenheit vs. Celsius: Did the U.S. Get It Right After All?

Fahrenheit may be the best way to measure temperature after all. Why? Because most of us only care about air temperature, not water temperature.

Connect or disconnect? Technology interferes with couple relationships for the worse

The introduction of mobile phones coupled with internet made for a huge leap in communication, making people connect with each other easier than ever. Under a mist of noise and over-stimulation of our, let’s face it, limited attention span, technology has also taken its toll. We’ve all noticed it, but let’s not be hypocritical about it either. How many times

The ‘neurocam’ records your most precious moments – do we need it though?

With Google Glass, the search engine giant wants to bring social networking and personal video editing a step further, by offering the means to record, edit, augment reality and share your point of view in real time. It’s very interesting, and I’m guessing Glass is where Dr. Yasue Mitsukura of Keio University, Japan got the inspiration for her ‘neurocam’. This

Finding the Perfect Tech Gift

With the new year upon us, everybody is talking tech especially what’s in store for us in 2014. Personally I think we need a piece of tech or an app that will help pick the the winning Lottery numbers or the winner in the Aintree Grand National or any other horse race, come to that, but sadly we’ll have to

Business Intelligence Tools for Modern Healthcare

The often hectic nature common to the healthcare field can make recording vital information a time intensive and stressful task. Customer service remains a consistent concern for healthcare operations; maintaining effective customer service protocols requires the ability to develop an extensive business database that allows for detailed analysis. Businesses turn to healthcare business intelligence tools to optimize insight creation and

A Fridge That Will Do Your Groceries For You?

Modern technology and the internet is now becoming a part of everyday kitchen appliances. And this is just the beginning. Read on to see how your future kitchen will look like. In the coming years it is a given that your home appliances will become smarter. This is a strange concept to grasp, but with the growth of the Internet