Newly developed polymer can shapeshift and “remember” its shape

3D printing has developed fantastically this year, but there are still some areas where it struggles. For example, if you’d want to create complex shapes like in origami, paper is much better than the plastic polymers 3D printers use; but while origami doesn’t seem like much of a stake, industrial origami is much more important. Research by Qian Zhao and

Move over, toys: scientists create LEGO replica of a nuclear spectrometer

A new model of a spectrometer was unveiled by Australian national nuclear research and development organisation. But this one is made of LEGOs.

Here’s what jobs robots will be taking over in the near future

A new report created by Dr Carl Benedikt Frey and Associate Professor Michael Osborne from the University of Oxford assesses the probability of jobs being taken over by robots in the next 20 years.

Sustainable yoga mat from algae is clean and healthy

When you’re doing your yoga or workout routine, the last thing on your mind is if your mat is sustainable – but two companies have exactly that in mind. They’re designing a comfortable and sustainable mat from the unlikeliest of materials: algae.

Intel invests $50 million in quantum computing

Today, Intel announced a 10 year collaboration with Delft University of Technology and TNO, the Dutch Organisation for Applied Research, to accelerate and enhance the advancements in quantum computing: the new type of computing which promises to revolutionize the world as we know it

Tesla’s new model is so good it just broke the Consumer Reports rating system

Apparently, the best car in the world is now electric. Tesla’s new Model S P85D, a fully electric Sedan, is so good that the world’s largest independent product-tester, Consumer Reports, had to change its score system because they gave the car 103/100.

Scientists have discovered the first new human prion in 50 years

In a new study published August 31 in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers claim to have discovered a new type of prion – the first one after 50 years. Their work strengthens the idea that degenerative diseases are caused by prions. Prions are misfolded proteins that multiply themselves by causing other proteins to misfold. It is this form of

This Monday, 1 billion people logged on to Facebook

Facebook has reached an impressive milestone: this Monday, on the 24th of August, 1 billion people signed into the social network – one billion! That’s basically 1 out of every 7 people using Facebook on a given day.

NASA successfully tests engines for Mars mission

If we want to send people to Mars, we’re going to need some bigger engines – and that’s exactly what NASA’s building right now. In fact, we’re going to need the most complex engine ever built by mankind.

This book can clean murky waters and save lives

Books and education save lives – but the Drinkable Book took things to the next level. Using the bacteria-killing properties of silver and copper, a US researcher has developed a low cost, light and cool way of purifying drinking water: through a book.

Reinventing the shower: new shower head uses 70% less water

Shower heads are generally not very different one from another. Sure, you can get a different pressure, a different type of water jet, some have temperature control, but all in all, they’re the same thing. But now, a San Francisco start-up wants to change that: they’ve developed a new shower head that consumes 70% less water, while cleaning you up

A drug used for decades for liver diseases could effectively slow down Parkinson’s

It seems like re-purposing drugs can be a gold mine for future drug development. Now, scientists have discovered that a drug used for decades in liver treatments might effectively slow down Parkinson’s disease.

Simple device shows where your patient’s veins are

No one likes to take a shot, and if there’s one thing we hate more than taking a shot is having to take more shots because someone missed your vein. But as any doctor will tell you, finding a vein is sometimes difficult – here’s where VeinViewer enters the stage. Designed by Memphis-based company Christie Medical Holdings, the device finds veins up

Tesla reveals new robot snake that will charge your car

Tesla released a video in which they unveil a crazy new prototype – a robotic arm that automatically moves and charges your car, without having to move a single finger. Elon Musk (Tesla’s founder, CEO and mastermind) teased the concept on Twitter back in December 2014, when he said the company is working on a snake-like charger “for realz”, and now… it’s

We finally get to see the Lexus hoverboard in action

After 2 months of speculation and unanswered questions, we finally get to see Lexus’ hoverboard in action – yes, it’s a real hoverboard, and it works. It’s not Back to the Future, but it’s cool, and it’s here. No CGI, no fakery. As it turns out, riding this hoverboard is no easy feat. Professional skater Ross McGouran took plenty of spills even

App that could help endangered species is backed by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

If you want to help protect endangered species, there’s a new app that might facilitate that. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) said Monday it’s teaming up with Sweden-based FishBrain to develop a social, free-to-use app that might make a difference for local wildlife. The app can be downloaded for Apple and Android devices. Anglers are among the most likely people to

World’s first Braille smartwatch is a gamechanger for the blind

Many of the things we take for granted can be challenging and difficult for blind people – smartphones especially have much less utility for them, as do smartwatches. Enter the stage Dot – the world’s first Braille smartwatch could close that gap, allowing people without sight to use and interact with smart devices.

Hitchhiking robot meets unfortunate end in Philadelphia

A year ago, we were telling you about the Canadian robot that successfully hitchhiked Canada from east to west all by itself – a spectacular achievement which prompted its inventors to attempt the same thing in the US. However, hitchBot was vandalized beyond repair and abandoned in Philadelphia.

Scientists find highest melting point ever

Using computer simulations, Brown University researchers identified the material with the highest known melting point. The material, made with just the right amount of hafnium, nitrogen, and carbon would have a melting point of more than 4,400 kelvins (7,460 degrees Fahrenheit). That’s almost as high as the temperature at the surface of the Sun, and more than the highest temperature ever achieved by humans.

Researchers find rare marine reptile fossil in Alaska

Fossils of an elasmosaur, a rare type of plesiosaur were discovered in Alaska by Anchorage-based fossil collector Curvin Metzler. Researchers have confirmed this discovery and identified the species.