Climate change poised to expose millions to malaria, new study reports


Genetically modified fungus wipes out 99% of malaria-carrying mosquitoes

A genetically modified organism could help mankind eradicate malaria.

Algeria and Argentina are now malaria-free

The two countries join many others who have recently eliminated malaria from within their borders.

World’s first malaria vaccine launched in a pilot program

Malaria still kills thousands of children in Africa each year — but a vaccine might change all that.

We can eradicate malaria — but we need to use new tricks

Improvise, adapt, eliminate.

After millions of tests, researchers find the most promising compounds against malaria

This is far from being a final drug, but it’s still extremely exciting.

Dogs successfully diagnose malaria in children

Dogs really have an amazing sense of smell.

Archaeologists discover Roman-age burial site of “vampire-child”

Strap your seatbelts, it’s creepy time.

Mosquito saliva can affect your immune system up to a weeks

Guess what: one more reason to hate mosquitoes.

Malaria makes its hosts smell better to draw more mosquitoes, research finds

Sneaky, sneaky plasmodium.

Drug could make human blood deadly toxic to mosquitoes

A drug developed in the 1980s to fight parasites can make human blood toxic to mosquitoes when taken in a high dose.

Human-secreted malaria antibody could usher in an effective, long-term treatment

Not one day too soon!

CRISPR edit makes mosquitoes far less likely to pass malaria

This looks like a better alternative to wiping out mosquitoes at the population level.

Three African countries chosen for the 1st large-scale malaria vaccine pilot program

Hundreds of thousands of infants will be vaccinated against the mosquito-carried parasite.

Scientists engineer mosquitoes that could stop malaria spread

A mosquito with a gene that blocks the malaria parasite has been created in the laboratory, a new research reports.

We now have a malaria vaccine that is up to 100 percent effective

A lifelong dream may have come true. Half a million deaths every year could be averted thanks to this vaccine.

Need to ward off pesky mosquitoes? Sleep with a chicken over your head

Believe it or not, there’s actual scientific proof backing this advice.

Paper strips worth 50 cents accurately diagnose both malaria and cancer

Chemists at the Ohio State University developed a paper strip technology that might save countless lives in rural Africa, and elsewhere where patients have poor access to medical services.

Malaria protein that kills cancer to begin human trials in 2019

Scientists have in the past toyed with the idea of using a disease to fight cancer. Now, after identifying a malaria protein that binds to cancer cells and kills 95% of tumor types, human trials are expected to start within four years. I doesn’t seem like it’s happening fast, but it is, in medical terms. Clinical trials take a lot of

Malaria proteins kill 9 out of 10 cancer cells in mice trials

Researchers stumbled upon a new tool to fight cancer in a rather unexpected place; while searching for a vaccine against malaria in pregnant women, a team of Danish scientists found that, simply put, armed malaria proteins are remarkably good at killing cancer cells. They hope to have a working prototype ready for human trials within four years’ time. Their discovery has been published in the scientific journal Cancer Cell.