Forensic experts reconstruct the face of a 2,300 year old Egyptian mummy

This is the closest we’ve come to seeing an ancient Egyptian woman.

Researchers open hairy new chapter in 3-D printing

You just can’t brush off this technology.

Man 3-D prints his wife’s tumor and saves her life

ZME Science has reported extensively on how 3-D printing is being implemented in the medical sector with some fantastic results. Yet, the real revolutionary thing about 3D printing – whether used for product prototyping, printing prostheses or spare parts on the International Space Station – is that anyone can use it. Such is the story of Michael Balzer who made

This machine 3-D prints metal objects in mid-air

Harvard researchers have demonstrated an all new 3-D printing technique that creates metals objects with complex shapes right in mid-air. This is fundamentally different from the approach of traditional 3-D printers which ooze polymer material layer by layer.

3-D printed electronic egg could help save vultures

Fake 3-D printed eggs packed with sensors help scientist learn how vultures incubate their eggs. This way, they might be one day able to incubate their own eggs, without having to rely on vultures.

4D-printed structure changes shape when placed in water

A team of Harvard researchers have literally added a new dimension to 3D printing – time.

This is what 3-D printing in full color looks like

Pictured above is the 3D-printed face of the Holobuild Scanning System inventor — a device that allows you to accurately scan any object. The system captures pixel-by-pixel accurate color details and geometry of scanned subjects with an accuracy of within 0.005 millimeters.

New 3D printing technique offers strong, intricate ceramics

Researchers have developed a new technique that allows them to create ceramics with 3D printing faster and cheaper, incorporating complex shapes.

3-D printed rocket engine made by NASA passes test with flying colors

Over the last three years, NASA engineers have been exploring using additive technology, like 3D printing, to manufacture key rocket engine parts. Tests on individual parts had worked well. Now, the space agency fitted all the parts onto a special test bench that behaves like a real rocket engine and fired it up for a test. The engine fired at 90,000 RPMs for 10 seconds to produce 22,000 pounds of thrust, with all performance test parameters showing ‘green’.

Amazing Custom Clock built using CNC, laser cutting and 3D printing – all using one hybrid printer

This beauty was designed, crafted and assembled by Matt Olczyk. The custom-made clock looks like a cross between old pendulum antiques and modern, minimalist designs. All the parts were custom made in Olczyk’s shop using CNC milling, laser cutting and 3D-printing. The real innovation, however, lied in the fat that all of these operations were performed by one single machine – the ZMorph Hybrid 3D printer.

Scientists 3D print models of impact craters on Moon and Mars

3D printing has ignited our imagination and pushed us to think about things in new, different ways.

3D printed cat orthosis can save paws

Sprocket the cat has been fitted with an improvised 3D printed leg brace which has a good chance of saving his leg from amputation. Sprocket, who is just younger than 1 year old, has had his share of misfortunes. He was lucky to survive being hit by a car, but his leg was shattered. He managed to recover very well, only

Company reveals 3D printed superhero prosthetics for kids

Sometimes, it’s not just about the functionality of a prosthetic, but the hope and morale it brings. With this in mind, Open Bionics, a startup working to provide affordable, 3D printed prosthetic hands for amputees has revealed prosthetic arms for kids inspired from Iron Man, Frozen or Star Wars. Based in Bristol, UK, Open Bionics first began its collaboration with Disney when

Check out the world’s first 3D electronics printer

I love disruptive technologies, and 3D printing is undoubtedly one of the leading such movements in the 21st century. This kind of tech will democratize manufacturing, moving it away from 3rd world sweatshops to your own garage. And no, you don’t have to be a geek to own one. Ten years from now, it should be as easy to use and as widespread in homes as a regular ink printer. But for now, 3D printing is limited, particularly as far as electronics are concerned. Usually, you have to print the plastic parts, then order electronic parts like circuits, chips or motors, before finally assembling it all together yourself. You can’t have a global manufacturing revolution if you need to be a lab wiz to print a new TV remote control to replace the one the dog just shred to pieces. But this is all changed. We’re just now seeing the first steps that might one day lead people to print their own smartphones.

Doctors transplant world’s first 3-D printed rib cage

Reconstructive surgery just got an upgrade after a patient who had lost four ribs and part of his sternum had a 3-D printed titanium replica fitted instead. This was the first such procedure. Although the operation was a sound success with the replica matching like a glove, doctors say that this sort of intervention is only for really extreme cases. You can’t become Wolverine overnight, not exactly at least.

University of California 3D printed fish are the most advanced microbots we built to date

Nanoengineers from the San Diego University of California used innovative, self-developed 3D printing methods to create multipurpose, fish-shaped microbots – that they call microfish – which can swim around efficiently through liquids, powered by hydrogen peroxide and are magnetically controlled.

This 3D-printed Stradivarius inspired violin sounds gorgeous

A French company called 3Dvarius partnered with musician Laurent Bernadac to see just how far they could stretch 3D printing capabilities. Why not, they thought, stretch the strings of a fully playable 3D-printed violin? Combing the leading craftsmanship of the past two centuries with the cutting edge tech of today, the engineers designed an electric violin based on the legendary Stradivarius.

Green 3D Printer Lets You Print With “Organic Ink”

We’ve written extensively about 3D printing and the doors it opens in terms of applications – from teeth to supercars – but this is something else: PrintGREEN is turning 3D printers into on-demand gardeners after designing a “green” 3D printer. The project comes from the University of Maribor in Slovenia, and the “ink” is essentially a mixture of soil, seeds, and water which

The world’s first 3D printer supercar looks stunning, has amazing specs and is eco-friendly

It can reach 100 km/h (60 mph) in 2 seconds, it has a 700 horsepower engine, it weighs 90% less than traditional cars, it has less emissions and it’s 3D printed – it may very well be the car of the future. Despite technological developments, the automobile industry has remained relatively stagnant in the past few decades. Sure, you have

Three dimensional printing goes metal: University of Twente researchers print copper and gold

The development of a method that would allow for metals to be used in 3D printing would open up a huge range of new possibilities, as the robustness and good thermal and electrical conductivity of metals lend well to a number of fields, such as microelectronics. A team from the University of Twente has developed a way to print 3D structures out of copper and gold, by using a pulsed laser to melt a thin film of metal and stacking the small droplets.