Ridiculous DeepFake video of Mark Zuckerberg stretches Facebook’s fake news policies to the limit

Social networks will be bombarded with similar fake content in the future.

Facebook might have more dead users than alive by 2100

This…. this is a novel problem.

Facebook to start limiting the spread of vaccine misinformation

These are still baby steps, but they’re baby steps in the right direction.

Apps aimed at kids are a sponge of personal data, in direct violation of federal law, study reports

Is no app safe?:(

Stressed out? Try briefly quitting Facebook, new study says


Facebook turns over 3,000 Russian-bought ads featuring rifles, anti-immigrant messages

They even weaponized puppies.

Facebook bans “fake news” from advertising

Perhaps we just give social media too much credit.

Facebook: where relationship builders, town criers, window shoppers, and selfies come to chat

Which one are you?

Facebook will now tell you if a story might be fake

Better late than never.

Study finds viewing selfies on social media can make you miserable or jolly — depending on how you see yourself

Seriously, why are selfies a thing?

Facebook’s new algorithm could help us promote better science

Improve quality on Facebook? Yes please!

NASA calls out climate change deniers on Facebook

It’s glorious and depressing at the same time: NASA used its official Facebook account to shut down one user who was misrepresenting climate science: It’s climate change denial 101: you take some random fact, gobble it up without even thinking about it, add in some buzzwords to make it look more scientific and spit it out as loud as possible.

Billionaire Sean Parker donates $250 mil. to accelerate breakthrough cancer immune therapies

You might know him as the slick investor who helped Zuck root the most important social network on this planet, but did you know Sean Parker is actually one of the most generous philanthropists in the tech space? His most recent effort involves $250 million of his own money and an unprecedented collaboration between six leading cancer centers. The Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy will focus on the latest breakthroughs in the line of immunotherapy against cancer. The end goal is to beat cancer, once and for good.

Facebook turns six degrees of separation into 3.57

The idea of six degrees of separation was introduced more than 80 years ago. It suggests that you are six introductions away from meeting anyone in the world. In other words, everyone in the world is connected through a chain of six links. For some, fewer introductions are required to come in direct contact with Barrack Obama or Stephen Hawking. A study made at Facebook suggests that, among its users at least, there are now only 3.57 degrees of separation on average.

Facebook is squeezing human emotions into five emoticons

A lot of people have complained that a “like” isn’t enough to express themselves on Facebook. The Menlo Park social giant has been working for some time now on a new feature that will address just this. Soon, users will be able to chose from five more internationally-recognized emotions to sit alongside the infamous “like”. But won’t this do more harm than good, as it will generate clutter? Is messing with what looks like a perfect recipe wise?

Have you tried Facebook’s ‘Most Used Words’ app? If yes, say goodbye to your privacy

The ‘Most Used Words’ app has picked up steam more and more on our Facebook feeds, but as it’s often the case, this rings some major privacy alerts. So far, more than 17 million people have used the app to find out what they say most – but the recent uproar has begun when people realize that not only is

This Monday, 1 billion people logged on to Facebook

Facebook has reached an impressive milestone: this Monday, on the 24th of August, 1 billion people signed into the social network – one billion! That’s basically 1 out of every 7 people using Facebook on a given day.

Facebook’s Aquila will bring solar-powered internet to regions not yet connected

This giant, solar-powered, internet giving drone is ready to take to the skies. Facebook recently unveiled the Aquila, a V-wing flying drone with the wingspan of a Boeing 737 ( almost 93 ft/28.35 m ), which the media giant plans to use to connect developing regions around the world to the internet, and gather a huge amount of likes in the meantime.

Is Facebook’s “Celebrate Pride” tool a lame psychological experiment?

A few days ago, the US supreme court ruled that same-sex marriage was hence forth legal in all states. To mark the occasion, Facebook released the “Celebrate Pride” tool which overlays a low-opacity rainbow over your profile pic. More than a million people changed their profile photos just a couple of hours after the feature was integrated into the Facebook. While its intentions might seem noble, Cesar Hidalgo – an MIT network scientists – doesn’t buy it. He says it’s all in fact a huge social experiment whose end game is to see how long it takes for you to change your profile pic to something else.

Computer knows you better than your friends – just by looking at your Facebook Likes

Researchers have found that just by analyzing your Facebook Likes, a computer can judge your personality better than even your close friends. They went even further than that, and calculated how many Likes the algorithm has to analyze to figure your personality traits.