Breathtaking panoramic view of Mars shows how far Curiosity has gone

We’re looking at a view from millions of miles away. Take a moment to appreciate this fact.

NASA wants Curiosity Rover to resume drilling on Mars

It took a bit of creative tinkering, but significant progress has been reported.

Methane bubbles may have kept Mars warm enough for liquid water billions of years ago

Burping methane may have bought Mars some extra time before it turned into a wasteland.

Curiosity caught on camera climbing Martian mountain by orbiting spacecraft

Can you make out Curiosity from this satellite photo?

Curiosity rover finds that its landing crater on Mars could have been habitable for 700 million years

We don’t know whether Mars held life… but there’s certainly a lot of potential.

Boron found on Mars – a signature of long-term habitable groundwater

Water on Mars? Yes please!

What Mars’ unique sand dunes can tell us about its past

Mars is full of secrets, but we’re unraveling them one by one.

No, there’s no “dark lady” on Mars – just stop it

Social media is abuzz *again* with stories about a dark lady figure being spotted on Mars by the Curiosity Rover. Conspiracists are all over it, and many dubious media publications are “analyzing” it. Long story short, it’s all hogwash.

Curiosity Enjoys Romantic Sunset on Mars

Using its Mast Camera, the Curiosity Rover has snapped stunning images of a blue sunset on the Red Planet. The blue-tinted images show the Sun dipping into the horizon as blue streaks shroud the sky across the evening light.

NASA’s Curiosity Rover rendered armless after a shortcircuit

NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover is expected to remain stationary for at least a couple of days after a shortcircuit has rendered its arm useless for the time being. The engineering problem occurred on February 27 as the rover was preparing to start drilling in the Martian soil.

Curiosity Reveals Mars isn’t Red – it’s Greyish Blue

Mars – our neighbor, the Red Planet… is not actually red. The first look at what’s under Mars’s dusty red surface has revealed a clearly greyish blue rocky layer.

NASA finds methane on Mars, indicates life may have existed

After an exhaustive analysis conducted over a year and a half, NASA’s Curiosity Rover has finally confirmed the existence of methane on Mars, somewthing which indicates that life may have existed (or still exist) on Mars.

Crystal-Rich Rock ‘Mojave’ is Next Mars Drill Target

Curiosity is preparing for its second drill on Mars – its eyeing a rock which may have a salty story to tell. The rock may be a former lake bed, from which all the water has evaporated.

NASA Rover Finds Evidence of Organic Chemistry on Mars

NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover has discovered a tenfold spike in methane, an organic chemical which may indicate that there actually was life on Mars – or still is. The rover detected this high concentration in the atmosphere, as well as in a rock-powder sample collected by the robotic laboratory’s drill. Curiosity on the Red Planet Curiosity has been on the Red Planet for

Mars kept liquid water on its surface for millions of years

New evidence beamed back by the Curiosity rover and analyzed by NASA JPL scientists suggests that the Gale Crater on Mars had large lakes, rivers and deltas for millions or tens of millions of years. The implications are huge, since if Mars ever had a chance of fostering life, it needed to not only have flowing water and organic molecules at its

Moving closer to life on Mars: Curiosity Rover identifies its first mineral

For the first time in its mission to study Mars and the potential for life on it, the Curiosity Rover has identified a mineral. The rover took samples by drilling in a Martian mountain and was then able to make the identification. The mineral in case is called hematite. Hematite is an iron oxide (Fe2O3) – one of several iron

NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover Arrives at Martian Mountain

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about the Curiosity rover, but that doesn’t mean that it stopped studying the Red Planet. Now, NASA’s rover has reached one of its main destinations: Mars’ Mount Sharp, a Mount-Rainier-size mountain at the center of the vast Gale Crater and the rover mission’s long-term prime destination. “Curiosity now will begin a new chapter from

Dusty rovers and weather on Mars

Mark Lemmon is an associate professor of atmospheric sciences at Texas A&M University and a camera operator for numerous Mars missions, especially those involving the Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity. These two rovers are considered nothing short of heroes by the men and women at mission control who were part of the projects. Spirit, for instance, was launched 2004 and was

Curiosity spots what looks like a Martian camp fire, alas it’s nothing of the sorts

The photo right above was captured by the Curiosity Rover’s right-hand navigation camera , currently deployed on Mars and on route to Mount Sharp, which shows a striking flare of light seemingly torching near the horizon. Taken on April 4th, the photo somehow made its way to the general public (bad idea NASA) and stirred international turmoil back on Earth, where

First Rock Dating Experiment Performed on Mars

Dating rocks is not really something new – it’s been conducted on Earth for decades now; researchers have also determined the age of rocks from outer space, but the experiments always took place on Earth. Now, for the first time, this procedure took place on Mars. The work, led by geochemist Ken Farley of the California Institute of Technology (Caltech)