NASA’s Parker Solar Probe Could Help Solve One of the Mysteries of Our Sun

The temperature around the sun is millions of times hotter than the sun’s surface itself.

Researchers spot the first coronal mass ejection outside our solar system — it was massive

It was tens of thousands of times more massive than the ones our Sun puts out.

Solar plasma observations bring us one step closer to stable fusion generators

We’re basically copying off of Nature.

Jupiter formed far from the sun and traveled closer during its early days

It also met a lot of asteroids it still hangs around with.

Massive solar storms are naturally-recurring events, study finds — and we’re unprepared for them

Sunny days ahead!

NASA spacecraft beams back first image from inside the Sun’s atmosphere

We have a spacecraft inside the sun’s atmosphere — take that in for a moment.

Scientists find the Sun’s twin roughly 184 light-years away from Earth

The ‘twin’ was forged in the same stellar nursery as the Sun. It also has the same age, metallicity, chemical abundances, and even carbon-isotope ratios as the Sun.

What causes Blood Moons? The same thing that makes skies blue


Parker solar probe comes closer to the sun than any other man-made spacecraft

And it’s only getting warmed up.

NASA eavesdropped on the Sun, and they made a video so you can hear it too

With a bit of help from NASA, you can now hear the sun’s roar — and it’s glorious.

NASA will soon launch a probe that will travel through the sun’s atmosphere — here’s what you need to know

A modern-day Icarus — but this one won’t get burned.

Hot cars left in the sun reach temperatures deadly to infants in under an hour

Don’t judge. Forgetting about babies in the car could happen to anyone.

The Sun is slowly losing mass as it ages, weakening its grip on the planets

Are you breaking up with us, Sun?!

How Spanish scientists described a solar flare in 1886

He was one of the pioneers of studying solar activity.

The sun’s core rotates four times faster than its surface

Scientists think this is a left over effect since the sun formed billions of years ago. In time, solar wind likely slowed the rotation of the outer sun.

Self-tanning drug could fight skin cancer — and improve your beach experience

It could make a huge difference.

NASA Solar Observatory sees double eclipse from outer space

It’s eclipse season for the Solar Observatory

NASA re-establishes contact with the STEREO-B spacecraft after 22 months

It just needed some space…

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is heating its upper atmosphere

The swirling gases could shed light on the atmosphere of other planets within and outside of our solar system.

Hubble captures the death of a star, offering a glimpse of our sun’s final days

A spectacular image captured by the Hubble Space Telescope’s Wide Field Planetary Camera 2 (WFPC2) gives us a glimpse into how the Sun will look at its death.