Self-healing textiles means you don’t have to throw away your torn jeans — just add water

The self-healing fabrics could break down lethal toxins before they reach the skin.

World’s first mass extinction might have been caused by animals

Looks like it’s not always asteroids.

Is secondhand marijuana smoke as damaging as tobacco smoke?

A new study compares the effects of secondhand marijuana smoke to that of tobacco.

NASA pinpoints black holes that send out high-energy X-rays for first time ever

The findings help create a more comprehensive picture of supermassive black hole populations.

Scientists discover first pulsing white dwarf binary star

Every two minutes, this pulsing star lights up the entire star system.

Photosynthetic solar cell turns carbon dioxide and sunlight into fuel

Fossil fuels could soon be a thing of the past.

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is heating its upper atmosphere

The swirling gases could shed light on the atmosphere of other planets within and outside of our solar system.

Vikings might have actually used sunstones to navigate

The legends might have been true after all.

Cockroach milk: superfood of the future?

What better way to top off your meal?

Zika virus solution might lie in oil of common flower

The key to fighting Zika might be as simple as a common flower and some water.

Scientists discover LUCA, common ancestor of all living things

The single-celled organism thrived on hydrogen gas in extremely hot deep-sea vents.

Dolly sheep clones show no long-term health issues

Despite concerns, these clones have lived long and healthy lives.

Scientists uncover unique speed and direction of Milky Way’s spinning ‘halo’

The findings could reveal the location of the missing matter of our universe.

Chinese scientists prepare for first human CRISPR gene-editing trial

The trial will alter T cells in an attempt to treat lung cancer patients.

Remote-controlled microrobots could be the future of medicine

Tiny robots might soon replace invasive surgery.

NASA study suggests that one-fifth of global warming missed by historical records

The main cause lies in the lack of available data from the Arctic.

Lichens actually comprise a threesome, not a partnership

The more the merrier.

Scientists quantify human intelligence for first time ever using MRI scans

A particular pattern in the human brain is connected to higher levels of intelligence.

Spider personalities are influenced by temperature

The findings could have implications for the survival of modern animals in the face of global warming.

Large Underground Xenon experiment fails to detect dark matter

Invisible dark matter continues to elude scientists