End of AIDS in sight — existing treatment prevents transmission of HIV

This could deal a huge blow to HIV.

HIV + tuberculosis, a deadly combination, affects over 1 million people

As if having one of the two wasn’t bad enough…

A third patient might also be HIV-free

A cure is not here yet, but this certainly is promising.

Defeating HIV: second patient in history goes into sustained remission after stem cell transplant

Humanity strikes back: another win against HIV.

Promising new vaccine technology might finally end HIV-AIDS

Get lost, deadly virus.

GMO rice may hold the key to fighting HIV on the cheap

The grains can be made into a paste containing anti-HIV proteins.

HIV sexual transmission recorded live as the virus crosses the genital mucus membrane

It’s strangely beautiful, even though we’re talking about a dreaded pathogen.

A single injection protects monkey from HIV infections

It’s not exactly a vaccine, but it’s the next best thing.

Dormant, berserk antibodies could hold the key for HIV vaccine

Their nature makes them ideal against pathogens that hide from immune cells, such as HIV.

Russia on the brink of HIV crisis as AIDS denial runs rampant through the country

The country might be on the verge of a health crisis.

Computer simulation identifies HIV Achilles Heel, offering new avenue for treatment

It also showcases how powerful computer simulations can be in fighting viruses.

What’s the difference between HIV and AIDS

You shouldn’t use the two interchangeably.

Child in South Africa becomes HIV free

This could be a game changer.

Massive simulation of the HIV ‘shell’ reveals new vulnerabilities that we might exploit to eliminate the virus

It took two years on a supercomputer to simulate 1.2 microseconds in the life of the HIV capsid.

Scientists tie antibody escorts on white blood cells’ access points to stop HIV dead in its tracks

It’s more effective than welding a slab of steel on the Death Star’s thermal exhaust port.

Five HIV patients are now virus-free thanks to a new vaccine therapy — but success rate is low

The new therapy gives the body new tools to weed out the HIV virus without any other drugs — one man has been HIV-free for 7 months.

Medication prevents HIV/AIDS has 92% success rate, but people don’t know about it yet

If taken daily, the pills can reduce the risk of HIV infection by up to 92 percent.

Revolutionary HIV vaccine to be tested on 600 people next year

We may be zooming in on a vaccine.

NIH isolates new antibody which neutralizes 98% of HIV strains in lab trials

We’re getting closer to a cure.

Drugs clear HIV from British patient’s system, offering hope for a cure

Five UK universities working together hope to bring an end to HIV.