How supercapacitors could usher in a new age for hybrid vehicles

Supercapacitors, super cars.

Want people to buy more electric cars? Simply put green license plates

Several countries are already doing it.

Volvo reveals stunning electric robo-taxi

Volvo aims to have 33% of its cars be electric and driverless by 2025 — an incredibly ambitious target.

Japan wants all new cars to be electric by 2050

The electric car race is heating up.

Scotland to ban petrol and diesel cars by 2032, eight years earlier than the rest of the UK

A great move for the Scotts.

British Royal Mail to start piloting sleek electric trucks

They’re sleek, red, and bring your packages on time — now with zero emissions.

Toyota to start selling long-range electric car by 2022

The automaker is teasing us with news of solid-state batteries that charge in minutes.

Porsche announced it wants half of its cars to be electric by 2023

We’re witnessing a new age of sports cars.

Faraday Future’s secret all-electric SUV spotted in Los Angeles

This seems like FF’s response to Tesla’s Model X.

US asks Volkswagen to start making electric cars to make up for wrongdoings

In late 2015, Volkswagen (VW) admitted to cheating on US tests to make its diesel cars seem more green than they actually were.

Faraday Future shows off an electric roadrunner concept car – we’re not impressed

The fledgling California company with billions in undisclosed funding held a press conference the other day at CES where it showed to journalists and tech enthusiasts the FFZERO1 — a high-performance concept car.

Tesla vs Edison reloaded: this time, it’s the hydrogen vs electric car battle

This is the biggest news that no one seems to notice. Sunvault Energy and the Edison Power Company quietly announced they’re incorporating a new company called the the Edison Motor Cars Corporation which will focus on selling hydrogen powered cars running on a graphene-based fuel cells. Based on the press release, this is the dream vehicle the world was promised by the now disappointing hydrogen economy: a car that only runs on water and a bit of electricity, is lightning fast, has a high autonomy, is safe and charges within minutes to be ready to hit the road again. To top everything over, the car will allegedly be ready in 2016. That’s less than a year from now. But we don’t know how the car looks like and considering all these bombastic claims, it all looks like a bunch of star dust in the eyes.

Tesla’s new model is so good it just broke the Consumer Reports rating system

Apparently, the best car in the world is now electric. Tesla’s new Model S P85D, a fully electric Sedan, is so good that the world’s largest independent product-tester, Consumer Reports, had to change its score system because they gave the car 103/100.

The fastest accelerating electric vehicle in the world hits the 100km(62miles)/h mark in under 1.8 seconds

A team of students from the University of Stuttgart just designed, built and raced what could be the fastest accelerating electric vehicle in the world.

Elon Musk announces Tesla will ‘end range anxiety’ tomorrow

In a rather intriguing tweet, Tesla Motors and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk announced that he will end ‘range anxiety’ by the end of the week for the entire S series. The electric Tesla Model S is already able to travel up to 265 miles before its battery runs out of power – one of the longest driving ranges of any electric car currently on the market. Now, it seems they are preparing to take things even further.

Electric cars could cut oil imports 40% by 2030, says study

Switching massively to electric cars could save UK drivers up to £1,000 a year on fuel costs, reducing oil imports by almost half by 2030; a similar trend could be replicated in other countries in Western Europe or in the US.

Toyota releases all its 5,680 hydrogen car patents for free

Major automaker Toyota announced at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that it would release all of its nearly 6,000 patents pertaining to hydrogen car technology royalty-free for the next five years. Officials most likely hope that this sort of move will encourage other auto manufacturers and capital to invest in the hydrogen economy.  Of the nearly 6,000 patents,

Why your battery is dying – the answer could vastly improve battery life

If you’ve owned a smartphone or laptop for more than two years and use the gadgets frequently, then you’ve most likely noticed, to your exasperation, how short the battery life is compared to when the product was first shipped. Rechargeable batteries have been around for more than 100 years, but it’s only recently that scientists are beginning to understand what

Tesla release all their patents for free

Today, Elon Must, the founder and owner of Tesla Motors announced that they were releasing all the patents they own, for free, for everyone to use. The release of over 200 patents was announced in style, through a blog entry called “All our patents are belong to you“. ” Yesterday, there was a wall of Tesla patents in the lobby of

Viruses assemble key components for the lithium-air batteries of the future

In a synergy between biology and electrochemistry, researchers at MIT cleverly exploited genetically modified viruses to assemble metal molecules into extremely thin nanowires that can be used as cathodes in a lithium-air battery. This type of battery has been thoroughly researched in the past few years and has sparked the interest of scientists because of its tremendous potential to store