Oxford scientist may have finally solved dark matter riddle — the universe might be made out of a ‘negative mass’ fluid

If proven right, this theory could be one of the most important developments in 21st-century physics.

Dark matter may be a manifestation of extremely advanced alien life, researchers suggest

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This is what a simulation of the universe looks like

The image above is a timeline with each frame showcasing a stage in our Universe’s evolution, from humble beginning to present date (left to right), as simulated by the Argonne National Laboratory. Called the Q Continuum simulation, this is the most complete cosmological simulation to date covering a volume of 1300 Mpc on a side (one Mpc = 3.08567758 × 1022 meters) where half a trillion particles evolved for a mass resolution of ~1.5×108 Msun.

First dark matter map spots the invisible substance that might help form galaxies

This is the first map in a series of maps that will be stitched together to form a grand picture of how dark matter is distributed across the Universe. Dark matter is basically invisible, which is why it’s called dark in the first place, so scientists rely on indirect observations like the gravitational effects it poses to locate and map it. What we’re seeing now is only 3% of the area of sky that the Dark Energy Survey (DES) will document over its slated five-year-long mission.

Surprising Link Found Between Dark Matter and Black Holes

Dark matter and black holes are some of the most mysterious things in the Universe, so a connection between the two is absolutely thrilling. In a new study, astronomers report a strange link between the amount of dark matter in a galaxy and the size of its supermassive black hole. That’s an amazing new black hole fact! Most galaxies have

New study suggests Big Bang never occurred, Universe existed forever

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Study shows Dark Energy is erasing Dark Matter

A newly published study has revealed that dark matter is being swallowed up by dark energy, offering valuable data not only about the nature and structure of these mysterious entities, but also about the future of the Universe. Dark Matter and Dark Energy In case you’re wondering, dark matter and dark energy are not Star Trek concepts – they’re real forms

Researchers create a remarkably accurate model of our Universe and its evolution

The Illustris project took 5 years of software development and 3 months running on 8000 processors – but it sure was worth it – the result is truly monumental!  Now, researchers finally have an accurate model of the development of the universe, which even though is rough around some edges, still blends in well with today’s accepted science, and even makes

Most convincing evidence for Dark Matter found – still not conclusive

Scientists have been analyzing high-energy gamma rays originating from the center of our galaxy and they’ve reported that there’s a good chance that at least some of them come from dark matter. This is the best indication of dark matter to ever be found. What is dark matter? Think about our universe for a moment – what is it made

The most accurate map of the Universe suggests it’s ‘flat’ and infinite

A new map of a slice of the Universe was recently released by BOSS – Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey – and it’s the most accurate and comprehensive one so far. The map plots the location of some 1.2 million galaxies with an astonishing accuracy of 99%, nothing short of spectacular – remember, each of these objects is trillions of miles

MIT ‘DarkLight’ experiment seeks to create dark matter in the lab

Mysterious and elusive, dark matter has escaped scientists time and time again; yet confirming its existence is quintessential to current efforts of studying the Universe. With this in mind, detecting dark matter has become one of the foremost goals in the physics of the 21st century. An experiment at MIT, called DarkLight, aims to prove or disprove a certain theory

Massive dark energy survey launched set to probe its secrets

Dark energy is the mysterious force that drives the Universe’s expansion at an ever increased pace. Probing and understanding this force is thus imperative for astronomers’ and cosmologists’  efforts of peering through the Universe’s secrets. Recently, a new massive project set on probing the nature of dark energy was launched, called the  Dark Energy Survey (DES), and its future findings are

Bono’s thoughts on outer space lead to thoughts on inner space

Bono of U2 recently let it be known that he was a student of astrophysics (yes, truly!). Upon meeting the 2012 Nobel Prize winner for physics Brian Schmidt, Bono demonstrated a thorough understanding of Schmidt’s work on the evidence for an accelerating universe. More and more over the last 100 years, scientists have been theorising about the very beginning of the universe

A simple theory explains what dark matter might be made of

Most certainly, one of the top goals in physics today is proving the existence of dark matter – the elusive form of matter that makes up 85% of all matter in the Universe. Many theories have been proposed and tested, however to this day we only have glimpses and possible hints of dark matter. A newly proposed theory claims dark

Extremely rare double Einstein ring imaged by Hubble

Hubble just never ceases to surprise. The latest astronomical find discovered using the ever resourceful space telescope is a never before encountered double ring pattern known as an Einstein ring. This very rare pattern is the result of a peculiar optical alignment in which three galaxies are perfectly aligned with each other, like beads on a string. The occurrence isn’t

The Big Bang didn’t need God to happen, says Stephen Hawking @ Caltech. Also, dark matter discovery seen as most immediate goal

Renowned physicist, famous for his study of black holes, galaxies and for authoring a popular book on the origin of the universe, “A Brief History of Time”, recently arrived at Caltech, like every year, where he held a talk in front of 1,000 people who had waited in line for 12 hours to hear him speak. Hawking’s talk, as always, encompassed discussions pertaining

Antimatter excess in space hints of tangible evidence of dark matter

A $1.6 billion cosmic ray experiment on the International Space Station has come across evidence of antimatter in space, a remarkable finding that was recently presented during a seminar at CERN and which might help probe the mysteries of dark matter – one of the major components that make up the Universe. The find was made using the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS), an instrument

Map of the earliest recorded light paints broad picture of the ancient Universe

Using the incredible  Planck cosmology probe astronomers at the European Space Agency have assembled a map of the “oldest light” in the sky – the cosmic microwave background (CMB) that was thrown into space in all directions just a few hundred thousand years after the Big Bang and which is still picked up here on Earth today. What’s exciting about the map

NASA teams up with ESA to discover dark matter

The American (NASA) and European (ESA) space agency have teamed up to create a new spacecraft that will hold a groundbreaking telescope. The mission, Euclid, will look at billions of galaxies, create a more accurate map of the Universe, and also map out the mysterious dark matter and dark energy. Dark Matter and Dark Energy As much as these seem

Physicists create negative temperature state – thermodynamic laws still stand

Well, the year really kicked off in style. This research is really next level physics, and in order to understand it (even slightly), we’re going to delve into some serious physics. Dancing around absolute zero Over the years, physicists have made significant progress in cooling objects closer to absolute zero (0 Kelvin, the temperature at which all molecular motion stops