Science at Last Explains Our Soul

Explaining the human condition with clues from science.

What are the 8 Stages of Life?

Self-awareness is surely the key to a life lived in full, which is why the ancient’s great challenge to themselves was, ‘Man, know thyself!’ With the emergence of the work of the biologist Jeremy Griffith, we are now in a position to at last, ‘know ourselves’! Some of history’s greatest thinkers have attempted to step back from the minutia of

Bono’s thoughts on outer space lead to thoughts on inner space

Bono of U2 recently let it be known that he was a student of astrophysics (yes, truly!). Upon meeting the 2012 Nobel Prize winner for physics Brian Schmidt, Bono demonstrated a thorough understanding of Schmidt’s work on the evidence for an accelerating universe. More and more over the last 100 years, scientists have been theorising about the very beginning of the universe

The Nature of War – We Are Not Programmed to Violence

Controversy surrounds biologist E.O. Wilson’s latest publication ‘The Social Conquest of Earth’. Most of it centres on his repudiation of kin selection and the question of whether or not its replacement, group selection, actually works. What most of the debate overlooks is Wilson’s contention that humans have evolved violent instincts from a past of warfare that he describes as “universal