Google, Intel, Qualcomm, and others stop supplying Huawei after Gov’t ban

Let slip the HTMLs of war.

Google AI dabbles in writing Wikipedia articles

Would you trust Wiki written by a robot?

Google AI can now look at your retina and predict the risk of heart disease

After analyzing data from over a quarter million patients, the neural network can predict the patient’s age (within a 4-year range), gender, smoking status, blood pressure, body mass index, and risk of cardiovascular disease.

Google-backed civilian race to the moon ends with no winner for $20 million prize

Ten years and four deadline extensions later, there’s still no winner to show.

You can now use Google Maps to explore other moons and planets

You can explore the solar system from the comfort of your home.

Follow the last 30 years of humanity shaping the planet through the eyes of Google’s Timelapse

Bird’s eye view.

Popular voice assistants like Siri or Alexa easily hacked with ultrasonic commands

A rather glaring design flaw was recently discovered.

Google is shifting their focus from Search to artificial intelligence, CEO says

There’s a lot of data to be had — and Google wants it.

Google tool that calculates the solar energy potential of your rooftop expands to all 50 states

It’s never been easier to make an informed, market-based decision about going solar.

Book review: ‘The Power of Networks: Six Principles that connect our Lives’

A great introduction to how networks work.

“Zoom in. Now… enhance.” Well, Google just turned this old TV trick into reality

T-t-that’s pretty good actually.

Here’s how to stay safe from the latest phishing scam plaguing Gmail

Stay safe.

Google to run 100% on renewable energy in 2017

Google announced it will get all its 2017 energy from solar and wind.

Google asks Pixar, The Onion writers to make its helper more human-like

Can’t wait to see what they come up with.

Google’s Neural Machine can translate nearly as well as a human

It all happened because they let the program learn without interference.

How one Japanese used Deep Learning to sort his parents’ cucumbers

You don’t need to change the world for deep learning to have a meaningful impact in your life.

Google used DeepMind to cut their electricity bill by a whopping 15%

That adds up to a lot of money.

Google Translate names Russia “Mordor” without an orc in sight

In a rather hilarious turn of events, Google translate has been making some conversions that most people would find a tad inaccurate. When going from Ukrainian to Russian, the word “Russia” would show “Mordor,” “Russians” translated to “occupiers,” and Russia’s foreign minister Sergey Lavrov became “sad little horse.”

How big is Google’s code? It’s huge that’s for sure

Google’s Rachel Potvin took the stage @scale and hinted on just how many lines of code Google uses: a staggering 2 billion.

How Google Maps can tell if there are traffic jams

Ever wondered how Google Maps can predict traffic jams?