Art-integrated science lessons make some students ‘learn at 105%’, new study finds

That’s not a typo. The authors were surprised, too.

Want to improve kids’ test scores? Help them reduce their anxiety, researchers say

It’s a simple thing that can make a big difference — especially for low-income children.

Humor done right helps in the classroom, 99% of students report. Bad humor hurts

In news today: people still like jokes.

Scientists find more than 1,200 genes linked to educational attainment

But that doesn’t mean the environment isn’t more important.

The richest 1% people could own 64% of all wealth by 2030

It’s not something most people will be happy to learn.

It’s official: College men think they’re smarter than they really are

Meanwhile, women are crippled with doubt.

Students get poorer grades at classes that don’t match their biological clocks


Useful tips for writing a coursework

Many students are lulled into a false sense of security by coursework — here’s how to make sure you don’t.

U.S. News rankings driving economic inequality on campus

Top universities admit more 1% earners than the bottom 60% combined.

Schools in Turkey will stop teaching evolution

“We believe that these subjects are beyond their [students] comprehension,” said a senior Turkish bureaucrat at the Education Ministry.

Teaching school children to sniff out bogus medical claims works

Education > fake news

Children who miss more preschool show fewer academic gains

We might be dismissing Kindergarden too easily.

Empowering women around the world could help usher in a sustainable society, paper argues

Help them help us.

Natural selection is weeding out our drive to go to school, study reports

Not a good sign for a race hoping to colonize space.

Income inequality is widening gaps in children’s education

Is the American dream over?

Why empty book shelves can deter kids from a life of reading

A few words on how a well stocked library can drastically improve academic performance later in life for your children.

Good quality breakfast linked to better performance in school

Cardiff University public health experts have discovered a powerful link between a pupil’s breakfast quality and their performance at school. The study – the largest to date looking at how nutrition influences school performance — recorded the breakfast habits of 5000 pupils aged 9 through 11, and their results in the Key Stage 2 Teacher Assessments 6-18 months later.

Raise’em right! Only we’re not – modern parenting may hinder brain development

Several cultural beliefs and modern social practices may hinder children’s mental, moral and emotional development, finds a study by an interdisciplinary body of research presented recently at a symposium at the University of Notre Dame.

In Amsterdam, students and professors have occupied one of the University’s buildings. Here’s why it’s awesome

When the University of Amsterdam decided to close down several language studies, students reacted; but they didn’t protest or used violence, they simply occupied one of the University’s buildings, demanding a more democratic approach to education and more student participation.

Education has no age limit: 90 year old woman goes back to primary school

It’s never too late to do something you really want to – and this is a great example. A 90 year old woman from Kenya decided to go to primary school. She is believed to be the oldest pupil in the world. Sitting at the front of the class (because seeing can be a bit difficult when you’re 90), Priscilla Sitienei