The dangers of mixing alcohol and drugs

Alcohol is a depressant that can cause all sorts of health issues when combined with drugs, illegal or not.

Anonymous drug testing at festivals can save lives. Study finds 1 in 5 drugs were not as sold

A different strategy for tackling drug fatalities at festivals.

What are the most addictive drugs on Earth?

The answer depends on whom you ask.

Being empathetic might put you at risk of relapsing as a coping mechanism

With great empathy comes great stress as well!

Hundreds of dietary supplements are tainted with unlisted drugs

These pose “a serious public health risk.” Most are sexual enhancement, weight loss, and bodybuilding supplements.

Regular cannabis use may impair the ability to envision one’s personal future

Getting high frequently may make it difficult to imagine a personal future.

More than 200 common prescription drugs might cause depression

One-third of American adults take at least one drug with depression as a side effect.

8 New Tools and Emerging Technologies For Tuberculosis

Science is making great progress in eradicating the infection that kills 1.7 million annually.

Scientists create ‘Trippy Machine’ that induces drug-free hallucinations

The purpose is to identify how everyday consciousness works.

Continued Reefer Madness, 80 years later

A look at how antiquated views and obsolete policies impact patients and physicians alike.

The UN calls for an end on the War on Drugs and “prevention and treatment” as a replacement

It just doesn’t work.

Is lighting up the answer to America’s opioid epidemic?

Opiates kill pain — but they also kill people.

‘Wonder drugs’ might prevent all forms of dementia. One of the drugs is already safe for humans

The drugs were manufactured to treat different conditions but they also seem to block an important pathway linked to brain cell death.

The war on drugs has failed, study finds. It’s time to try something else

Let’s face it: the war on drugs has failed.

Sugar addiction could be treated with the same drugs we use for nicotine addiction

People frequently overindulge, sometimes to the point of developing sugar addictions. There has been a lot of interest in the pharmaceutical industry in finding treatments that can combat this effect, with little results up to now. But, a world-first study led by QUT might change that.

The “war on drugs” has only harmed human rights and public health — not supply and demand

A new report questions the legitimacy of today’s “War on Drugs,” seeing as the five-decade long process has failed to reduce either the supply or demand for narcotics. The authors urge for ‘scientifically grounded’ policies to be implemented, including regulated markets for cannabis.

How long drugs stay in your body

Who hasn’t wondered at one point how long different drugs stay in the body?

The paradox of LSD: makes you psychotic in short-term, happier and more creative long term

British researchers investigated the long term effects of LSD. It’s well documented that LSD may induce a psychosis, and participants involved with the study did indeed score higher on a test meant to gauge the disorder. Weeks after the first hit, however, the participants exhibited increased optimism and trait openness worked mid to long term.

Can’t find motivation to exercise? Do some drugs, expert says

Exercise is good for you, we all know that. Even better with drugs.

Pharma startup raised the price for a life-saving drug from $13.5 a tablet to $750

A dubious pharmaceutical startup recently bought the rights to a drug that treats a parasitic infection, then raised the price 500-fold seemingly over night. The drug targets a somewhat rare condition that affects immune compromised pregnant women, but also malaria and AIDS. Ironically enough, it was developed by a much hated big pharma company, GlaxoSmithKline, in 1953 and used to cost $1 a pill only a couple years ago. It has since traded hands twice, before coming under the control of Turing Pharmaceuticals, a start-up run by a former hedge fund manager.