Phages in kitchen sponges could help us wipe antibiotic resistant bacteria clean off

Kitchen sponges are crawling with bacteria. Turns out that’s a good thing.

Researchers film bacteria sharing antibiotic resistance in real time — and find a potential fix

How can bacteria produce proteins when faced with a protein-production-impairing drug? We found out.

Medicinal plants used in the Civil War can stomp our modern antibiotic-resistant germs

Old tricks, new ways to implement them.

Study proposes five new rules to prevent antibiotic resistance “disaster”

Appear weak where you are strong. Appear strong where you are weak. Show “humility in the face of natural selection.”

Researchers develop way to trap and study bacteria so we can fight disease and antibiotic resistance

Shhh! I’m hunting bactewwia!

Treated wastewater could release antibiotic-resistance genes into the wild


One bacteria lives on everybody’s skin — and it’s becoming resistant to antibiotics

Could you… please not, bacteria?

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria found on the ISS — they’ve been up there for at least two years

In space, no one can hear you sneeze.

Some bacteria can ‘hibernate’ through antibiotic treatments, new paper finds

When in doubt, hibernate.

Combining antibiotics may be more effective, new study suggests

The whole can be greater or smaller than the sum of its parts.

Some bacteria eat antibiotics — and this might actually be a good thing

There’s an arms race going between us and bacteria. We seem to be losing — badly.

New method developed to stop bacteria from sharing antibiotic resistance genes

No multiplayer-evolution any longer, pleasethankyou!

Small populations of bacteria can elude antibiotics — here’s how we’re fixing that

Surprisingly, these bacteria survived through “random chance”.

Scientists find promising new antibiotic — in the soil

Digging gold from dirt.

Study reveals how ants produce antibiotics

You can’t spell antibiotic without ant.

Superantibiotic is now 25,000 times stronger than its predecessor

Our last line of defense just got a lot stronger.

Canadian clay kills antibiotic-resistant bacteria on contact

Canadian aboriginals have been using clay to treat their ailments for centuries.

Antibiotics – the end of an era?

Antibiotics have potentially saved more lives than any other human invention. But bugs are catching on…

Trio of individually ineffective drugs efficiently kills MRSA in mice

A research team has demonstrated the effectiveness of a 3-antibiotic cocktail that kills methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, in all mice that were treated with it.

Antibiotics could render appendicitis operation useless

When it comes to the appendix, things are still pretty unclear, but one thing’s for sure: if you develop appendicitis, you need surgery to have your appendix removed. But now, a new study found that antibiotics could eliminate the need for an appendectomy. The appendix is a blind-ended tube connected to the cecum. Its exact role and functions are still a