New species of crocodile found in Africa right under our snout

It’s the first species of crocodile formally described in more than 80 years.

Bacteria species, too, can become extinct — and they do so quite often

The findings go against commonly-held wisdom today.

New Antarctic Dinosaurs on Display at Field Museum

It’s a great way to spend an afternoon or a day off.

Climate change will become the leading cause of vertebrate-species loss by 2070

Things are heating up.

In dolphin gangs, everybody knows everyone’s name

It’s just what the early humans were doing.

Two raven lineages that tied the knot yield evidence of ‘speciation reversal’

Birds of a feather… merge together.

“Ecological air conditioning” keeps species cool for now, but it won’t last

Bad news. Bad, bad news.

Common jellyfish is actually two distinct species

It took us 175 years to spot the difference.

Rarest songbird species turns out to be even rarer than thought — because it never existed

So rare there’s not one of them.

A lost race of hominids left their legacy in the saliva of Sub-Saharan populations

Unlikely discoveries hide in unlikely places.

Scientists report new trove of information on Homo naledi, the newly discovered humanoid species

A primitive Homo species with some surprising skills.

The last male white rhino boldly goes on Tinder to save its species

Super like.

Sleeping around makes it hard to speciate by mixing genes, paper shows

I don’t even want to speciate.

Half of the world’s species could become extinct by 2100, biologists say at Vatican conference

Welcome to the planet’s sixth major extinction — take a seat.

Newly discovered moth species features Trump hairdo

A tiny moth species has been named Neopalpa donaldtrumpi, becoming the first species to bear the name of the US president elect.

Selective wipe out of large marine species sets the stage for an unprecedented sixth mass extinction

Large marine species are favorably lost which could disrupt marine ecosystems for millions of years.

The American pika is being killed off by climate change

They may be the cutest animal in the country, but we’re cooking the d’awww out of them.

Grand study finds that diversity of life on Earth dropped below “safe” limits

Less species, more problems.

Poachers use scientific papers to target newly discovered species

Scientists are pushing the non-publication of geographical data of new species in order to protect them from poachers.

Caught in the act: Scientists find new species of wasp evolving

The concepts of biodiversity and evolution are generally thought of as something that occurs in thousands, maybe millions of years – but every once in a while, scientists catch a species red handed: evolving, becoming a new species.