The EU should not import Brazilian products linked to deforestation and human rights violations, urges open letter from European scientists

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Perfectly preserved parasitic wasps were found inside their unlucky hosts

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New Zealand penguins can parent and then swim 6,000 km

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A palace-city in Iraq produced its own ornamental glass a thousand years ago

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A new look at an old fossil reveals how lemurs could have evolved

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Natural preservatives are more effective and healthy than artificial preservatives

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Tiny phytoplankton may be able to change the weather

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New pesticide found to be as harmful to bumblebees as used pesticides

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Lizards can only regrow imperfect tails due to faulty stem cells

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Flowers have likely been producing heavenly scents for millions of years

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Annual killifish get the prize for youngest sexually mature vertebrate

Live fast, die young.

New 3D model treats avalanches as both solid and liquid to get most accurate results

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Naked mole-rat kings and queens challenge what we know about aging

Having babies actually makes them live longer.

Long-term exposure to sunscreen chemicals disrupts zebrafish embryo development

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