No sugar-coating it—drinking more sugary beverages can increase risk of death by heart disease

Best to avoid those sugary drinks.

Up to 99% of starfish on the west coast of North America have wasted away due to a mysterious epidemic

We still don’t know why it has happened, but we know the consequences.

From poop to paper: a new way to produce paper sustainably

Would you use paper made from animal dung?

Students draw more female scientists than they did fifty years ago

Science is also a “woman’s” job.

Scientists give wine waste a second life by reusing antioxidants

A way to produce natural antioxidants.

Proteins can be kept active outside of a cell for the first time– and used to degrade toxic chemicals

This is a massive breakthrough!

Royal jelly, the food of queen-to-be(e)s, changes from liquid to solid when more acidic

It keeps the queen larvae hanging on.

Back to black– graphene-based hair dyes provide permanent color without damaging hair

Color, without damage or fly-aways? Yes, please.

Yikes! More than 90% of bottled water contains tiny pieces of plastic

Well-known water bottle brands were also guilty.

Low oxygen “dead-zones” can be deadlier to marine life than we thought

Beware ye who swim here.

Dinosaur-bird link seems to have been capable of active flight, solving long-time mystery

The way that it flew is unlike anything alive today!

“Haa, haa”– the creepy laughing sound that ravens make reveals their age and sex

The ravens “laugh” when need help accessing food.

A spider hitched a ride to Hawaii, then evolved into many brightly colored species

Always the same colors: white, brown, and gold.

Don’t miss this Japanese study that has classified fish-shaped soy sauce containers into species

Yes, it is as great as it sounds.

The secret to youth? Exercising regularly keeps seniors’ bodies young and healthy

Yet another benefit of exercising!

Massive new panda national park in China will try to save the iconic species

The park will try to improve connectedness of habitats to increase panda breeding.

Yeast and its incredibly important economic role

For something so small, it sure has a big impact.

New tardigrade species with unusual eggs found in Japanese parking lot

These almost indestructible creatures are one species stronger.

The fascinating story of how scientists unraveled DNA’s double helix

Today is the 65th anniversary since the discovery!

Breastfeeding provides benefits for mother’s heart health later in life

More proof that nursing is beneficial to mothers as well.