Zero-calorie sweeteners might be just as bad for you as sugar

You can’t cheat reducing your sugar intake.

Strength in numbers: tiny shrimp might be capable of mixing the ocean

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”

Children are targeted by junk food ads

Is a ban of junk food ads targeting children warranted?

“Virtual” animals far outnumber the actual animals in the wild, fooling us into think that they are abundant

How many virtual animals do you see each day?

Six-month old babies can already distinguish between different emotions

Ah, they grow up so fast.

The Yangtze river porpoise, unique for living in freshwater, has special genetic adaptations

The purpoise of the study was to learn more about the genetics of this unique cetacean.

Human drugs could help cure the transmissible cancer that is wiping out Tasmanian devils

Good news for the little devils!

The unique types of ecosystems in the world

We have an amazing amount of diversity on Earth!

Antarctic ice sheet is melting underwater, and this is a big problem

A surprise lurking below the surface.

Paris Climate Agreement 1.5˚C goals would help keep the Arctic icy

Otherwise, we can expect an ice-free Arctic.

Viruses can infect so many different hosts because they evolve in a way that we’ve never seen before

They just keep on changin’.

Carbon conversion could make power plants emission-free within the next century

Can power plants be carbon neutral?

Monkeys’ brain activity syncs up when they watch each other do something

It’s not monkey business.

Ecosystems: what they are and why they are important

They provide us with many important services.

Yarn-like battery can be knit into clothing

A finding that could open the door to a new generation of wearable electronics.

Almost 40% of childhood asthma cases are caused by air pollution

Let’s make the air cleaner!

Bees can defend themselves against some neonicotinoid pesticides

A new way to make pesticides more bee-friendly.

Trees that grow up in a neighborhood with many species produce more wood

Strength in numbers (of species).

Shedding light on concussions with a portable brain-scanning device

Concussions are by far the most common traumatic brain injury, but there hasn’t been a good way to view them.

No sugar-coating it—drinking more sugary beverages can increase risk of death by heart disease

Best to avoid those sugary drinks.