About 90% fewer wild birds are traded thanks to EU ban

It has been very effective, with a few indirect effects.

A few unbelievable bacteria facts

For unicellular organisms, they are anything but boring.

Male prairie voles that drink alcohol ruin their relationships

They are a model for human alcoholism and relationships.

New US tax bill would pile more taxes on PhD students

Not a promising sign for research in the states.

The secret behind what makes a song happy

Hint: pay attention to the chords.

See CRISPR in action in a new video

With amazing resolution down to the nanometer.

Humans have been drinking wine for at least 8,000 years

You have the ancient Georgians to thank for your favourite wine.

Antarctica once had a forest and researchers are trying to figure out why it disappeared

Antarctica hasn’t always been the icy wasteland it is today.

Lab mice with natural gut bacteria are wildly more resistant to disease and tumors

Living in a sterile, controlled environment make lab mice not such a good model for human diseases.

Different houses and rooms host more types of bugs than others

Can you guess which room in the house has the most diverse bug community?

Putting bacteria-targeting-viruses into food packaging could keep food from spreading illnesses such as Salmonella poisoning

This study was able to keep the viruses working on bacteria for three months.

Curious facts about red pandas

Fascinating creatures that have been confusing biologists for centuries.

“Killer” mosquitoes are being unleashed in the US to fight disease

Their mission is to reduce mosquito populations.

Bonobos perform random acts of kindness to strangers

Humans aren’t the only ones.

A hidden shortage: why the world is running low on sand

There’s not nearly as much as you think.

Newly sequenced pumpkin genome reveals genes for tastiness and unique evolutionary history

Happy Halloween!

The science behind the different colours of autumn leaves

What makes the rainbow of colours?

The bacteria in your saliva is due to your household and not your genetics

You share a lot with your family.

We now have proof that conservation funding works

We have no reason not to invest in saving the other species in the world.

Surprise! Albatrosses eat quite a lot of jellyfish

Not many animals eat jellyfish because they are mostly made of water, but they are starting to take over the oceans.