Steam Power Might Help in Space Exploration

NASA is funding a steam-powered spacecraft.

NASA Explores the Use of Robotic Bees on Mars

Marsbees could cover a lot more ground on the Red Planet than sluggish rovers.

New “soft robots” are strong enough to lift heavy weights, delicate enough to pluck a raspberry

The new generation of robots is softer and gentler.

Biology can help patch the flaws in our robots, metastudy reports

Life to the rescue!

Burger-flipping robot will grill meat in 50 fast food restaurants

This will set you back $100k.

The army’s amazing 1962 four-legged Pedipulator beat Star Wars to it by 15 years

The ’60s were very creative.

Scientists develop new, adorable class of soft robots

This cute, self-powered octopus-like robot could be a game changer.

A college course has been using a robot as a teacher and no one even realized

I for one welcome our new robot TAs.

Scientists are teaching robots to say ‘No’ to commands. Is that a good thing?

Researchers at Tufts alter the laws of robotics to teach robots to say “no”.

RoboHow: the Wikipedia that teaches robots how to cook

An European initiative founded in 2012, dubbed RoboHow, comes to take up the challenge of improving the way robots work and interact with humans by creating a database that should help robots learn and share information with each other (even by using actual language), mimicking human learning processes.

MIT tackling more serious science: they program beer-delivering robots

Massachusetts Institute of Technology ‘s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory is on the brink of revolutionizing relaxation with their recent breakthrough: they have programmed two robots that can deliver beverages.

Unmanned robots embark on epic voyage across the Pacific Ocean

This weekend four unmanned robot vehicles set out to cross the Pacific Ocean, for the longest voyage of this kind so far attempted. During their 300 days trek,  the Wave Glider crafts will gather immense data regarding composition and quality of sea water, which will provide researchers with invaluable data regarding the current status of the ocean’s health. The robots, designed by Liquid

Foambot can build new robots on the spot [VIDEO]

Another one from the realm of James Cameron’s movies – a robot that can build other robots. While the technology is still not exactly Skynet material, University of Pennsylvania’s Modlab foambot is an extremely interesting working concept capable of deploying itself with modular robot components, and practically assemble a new bot on the spot depending on the task it needs to perform.

Teaching a robot how to sword fight might support safety advances

If you think giving a robot a sword and teaching him how to use is a bad idea, you may be just about half wrong.  A young robotics PhD student at Georgia Tech has programmed a robot how to sword fight, in terms of only defending itself against attacks in order to simulate the sudden movements of humans through robotic

How would you respond to being touched by a robotic nurse ?

To be touched by a careful nurse, and to feel taken care of is very important, and often neglected; having that sense of comfort and tranquility might just be what gives that extra boost to the patient. Touching patients can lead to a numerous of responses, from calmness to discomfort, from intimacy to even aggression. But how would people react

Kaspar the friendly robot – helping autistic children smile

Pictured on the left is Eden Sawczenko, an autistic four year girl from Stevenage, that has had a lot of problems bonding with other children, not being able to understand emotions and actually frawining upon them. Her best friend in the world is Kaspar, a very friendly human-like, child-sized robot built by scientists from University of Hertfordshire specifically to help

Robot archer learns how to aim and fire

The future is here, baby ! Robot archers, that’s what it’s all about ! This little humanoid robot, nicknamed iCub may be using just arrows with suction cups, but hey – you have to start somewhere ! Italian researchers developed an algorithm that can teach the robot how to shoot arrows. So, after being taught how to hold the bow