Ultra-processed foods cause weight gain, over eating, according to a new study

Just because it tastes good, it doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

Obesity is rising faster in rural areas than in cities

Contrary to popular belief, rural areas are harder hit by obesity across the world.

Philadelphia’s sugary drink tax worked: one year later, consumption dropped by 38%

Moral of the story: people really don’t like taxes.

Bad diet kills 1 in 5 people worldwide — it’s even worse than smoking

Our lifestyle choices are influencing human mortality more than ever.

“Vested interests” cause major threat to human existence, researchers say

The change can only come from civil society, researchers urge.

Unhealthy weight responsible for 1 in 4 cases of asthma in obese children

This means that roughly 1 million cases of asthma are preventable.

It’s high time we moved past BMI — meet the metabolome

When it comes to obesity we need all the help we can get — and better tests are sure welcome.

Losing sleep can lead to more extra pounds

If you have sleep issues or weight issues, you should read this.

Obesity May Also Increase Flu Spread, Not Just Flu Severity

A new study suggests obesity may play an important role in flu transmission.

Scientists warn of the risks of normalizing obesity

It’s important to spread body acceptance, but this can also be dangerous.

Sleeping too little is bad for your health, but so is too much

Not getting enough shut-eye makes people vulnerable to obesity and other health risks.

“Surgery in a pill” mimics weight loss benefits of gastric band or bypass surgery

The amazing treatment could help thousands battling obesity and diabetes.

Weight gain is mostly controlled by what you eat — not genetics

This is good news, because it means we can change things.

Over 4% of English children are obese by the time they’re 11

Put down that burger and that soda!

An energy-dense diet changes the brain — makes rats hungrier and more prone to obesity

High-calorie foods not only cause obesity, they change the brain.

A fat belly is bad for your heart

BMI can be a misleading metric when it comes to obesity.

The soda tax works: After tax, Philadelphians are 40 percent less likely to drink soda every day

Sugar is bad for you — and apparently, adding a sugar tax does wonders for your heath.

Scientists find link between obesity and body temperature

Don’t blame it on the genes, though.

Scientists debunk ‘obesity paradox.’ No, you won’t live longer being overweight

A more thorough analysis suggests overweight and obese people don’t actually live longer than people of normal weight.

How your waterproof jacket might be making you fat

Chemicals commonly used in non-stick pans or stain-free clothing might promote obesity.