Tides are turning in earthquake discoveries

It seems there was a connection between tides and earthquakes after all.

NASA detects first evidence of a Marsquake

The Mars InSight lander has sensed a quake within the planet.

New gravity earthquake detection method might buy more time for early warnings

This means a couple of extra seconds which could make all the difference in a life or death situation.

Mermaids offer a rare view of our oceans’ subsurface

These are not your average mermaids, however.

The main types of seismic waves: P, S, and surface waves

Seismic waves can either be body waves or surface waves — but the full story is far more complex.

Earth’s inner core is solid, seismic waves reveal

It’s amazing how we can learn things about the very depths of our planet.

AI can now predict where an earthquake’s aftershock will hit next

Previously, researchers were able to predict when and how strong an aftershock will be. The new findings complement the big picture.

Scientists might soon be able to use underwater cables as seismometers

This could also be used to study ocean noise and sealife migration.

New study shows that Antarctica is seismically active — we just haven’t listened close enough

If you want to understand something, you need to study it closely.

Seismology could soon be used to protect elephants from poachers

It’s an innovative idea that could one day be instrumental in protecting elephants.

NASA lander will study ‘Marsquakes’

The quakes will help scientists learn more about Mars’ interior.

Scientists find evidence of 1755 earthquake in pond sediment

It’s like forensics, but for earthquakes.

Geologists listen to volcanic murmur to predict eruptions

Listen closely, and the volcano will share its secrets.

Earthquakes aren’t affected by moon phases nor by time of year, new study demonstrates

It’s finally time to put this myth to rest.

The Earth whispers in a low hum that’s now been recorded for the 1st time underwater

This planet is restless to its core.

No, seismologists aren’t really predicting dramatic earthquakes for 2018 — it’s a single hypothesis from one study, not a fact

When all we’re after is catchy headlines, science often falls in the background.

New study confirms injections associated with oil and gas can cause earthquakes

A new study confirmed that oil and gas exploitation in the US can generate a surprising number of earthquakes.

New Zealand’s earthquake pushes the sea floor 2 meters above ground

Fast geology.

Watch all the volcanoes and earthquakes since 1960 hit around the world in one app

A stunning app put together by Smithsonian’s Global Volcanism Project.

What are tsunamis and how they form

Most waves form due to winds or tides, but tsunamis have a different cause altogether.