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Alaskan shore overrun by thousands of walruses – here’s why

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Thousands upon thousands of Pacific walrus were captured by photographer Gary Braasch as they came ashore on the northwest coast of Alaska last week, in an event believed to be triggered by global warming.

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NASA research put together into a video showing how the ocean’s garbage patches formed over the last 35 years

Image via supplyshield

Aaah, the ocean. The true final frontier. Full of wonderful and exciting things, such as strange fish, stranger crustaceans, beautiful hydrothermal vents, and lovely, ever-growing garbage patches.

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Take a peek into the lives of a California condor family

Nesting California condors can now be viewed online as wildlife conservationists in California have set up live-streaming web cameras on the birds' nests.
Image via techtimes

Big Sur, California will see the newest installment of the Big Brother franchise, but with a twist. A team of wildlife conservationists have installed live-streaming web cameras on condor nests in the area, allowing scientists and enthusiastic bird watchers the world over to take a peek into the lives of Gymnogyps californianus.

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Blue Whale Interrupts TV Host Talking About How Hard it Is to Find Blue Whales

An adult blue whale. Image via Wikipedia.

Spotting wildlife, especially species as elusive as the blue whale, can be extremely time consuming and at times frustrating. But every once in a while, you get a streak of luck, as Zoologist Mark Carwardine just did. He was explaining why spotting blue whales is so difficult, when suddenly… a blue whale appeared! Blue whales are marine mammals, and they’re the larger

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Ge-Force powered Augmented Reality Sandbox


Show of hands, who here doesn’t sometimes long for the good old days when you would play in the sandbox or at the beach, building mighty castles, sculpting awesome cities and raising mounds that would make the Misty Mountains look like mellow hills?
Powered by Ge-Force GTX 750 Ti and OpenGL, the Augmented Reality Sandbox comes to bring back that supreme childhood fantasy only better – because it has technology.

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Robots learn to self-replicate and evolve


A robotics team lead by Cambridge University engineer Fumiya Iida have designed a robot that archeologists of the future (they will all be robots) will recognize as the moment the machines started to take over. They built a “mother” device that can create smaller, “baby” robots, and programed it (her?) so that experience obtained building them would be used to improve upon further generations.

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Divers find car-sized blob of squid eggs


It seems almost too surreal to be true – a gelatinous, four meter across blob of squid eggs – but that’s exactly what divers found off the coast of Turkey, some 20 meters below sea level. Even up close, the spheroid blob looked almost invisible, but when touched, it felt “very soft” and seemed gelatinous. But what is it? The

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New vaccine against Ebola is 100% effective in Guinea trial

The vaccine, after being approved for testing by WHO.
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“Having seen the devastating effects of Ebola on communities and even whole countries with my own eyes, I am very encouraged by today’s news,” said Børge Brende, the foreign minister of Norway, which helped fund the trial.

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In God we Trust: but other people don’t, really. Let’s look at religions

The Religion Tree, by Simon E. Davies

What drives us to create these intricate systems of tales, beliefs and myths, who starts them and why do they propagate? Is it just the need to explain the unexplainable? Is there a deeper need for order nestled in our brain that makes us pin rain and drought, life and death on some higher, but purposeful, being?

I don’t know. But what i can show you is what we know about how religion appeared, spread, and thought us up till today.

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Juvenile Great White Shark Gets Stranded on the Sand, Rescued by Beachgoers


We’re more used to whales washing up ashore, but sharks also do it sometimes. This juvenile shark was apparently trying to hunt some seagulls and ventured out of the water too much for its own good. However, after struggles and apparent dehydration, the shark was saved by beachgoers. Initially, we see the two meter shark (7 feet) struggling as people