A life in a pond – amazing timelapse video

If you’ve ever looked at a pond and thought “Well, not much really going on here”, you couldn’t have been further from the truth. As this fantastic video created by Daniel Stupin shows, a lot is happening even in apparently still ponds. The hidden life in pond water from Daniel Stoupin on Vimeo. If you’re […]

First video ever of the “snub nosed monkey” – a monkey species discovered only in 2010

Rhinopithecus strykeri, also known as the Myanmar Snub-Nosed Monkey or Sneezing Monkey was discovered just a few years ago, in 2010. Their small numbers and elusive behaviors made them very hard to find, and since them, even harder to study. All the species of snub-nosed monkeys have short stubby noses, but R. strykeri’s is just […]

The ‘neurocam’ records your most precious moments – do we need it though?

With Google Glass, the search engine giant wants to bring social networking and personal video editing a step further, by offering the means to record, edit, augment reality and share your point of view in real time. It’s very interesting, and I’m guessing Glass is where Dr. Yasue Mitsukura of Keio University, Japan got the […]

Physicists explain ‘gravity-defying’ chain trick

It seems more like a magic trick than pure physics – the fountain-like motion of a chain of beads has puzzled millions around the world with its apparently gravity-defying behaviour. Now, physicists have found an explanation for it – but it’s far from intuitive. British science presenter Steve Mould, who made the experiment famous with […]

The Leidenfrost effect and a cool water maze

Last week we showed you some great fluid dynamics at work – water bridges between two beakers connected to high voltage current. Water and fluids in particular sometimes behave in amazing ways under certain conditions. Today, I’d like to show another dazzling display: the Leidenfrost effect. This is a phenomenon that occurs when liquid, say […]

The history of physics in a short, neat animation

Physics is a branch of science that interestingly enough developed out of philosophy, and was thus referred to as natural philosophy up until the late 19th century – a term describing a field of study concerned with “the workings of nature”. Here’s a short, very interesting and nice animation showing a short history of physics, […]

An insightful animation on quantum computing [VIDEO]

Theoretical Physicists John Preskill and Spiros Michalakis  sat down for a short talk in which they describe how quantum computing differs from the classical view (i.e. digital computers). They first go on about the fundamental, key aspect of the quantum world: the laws that describe and govern things at the tiniest level differ from those […]

Gliding through the largest canyon in the solar system [VIDEO]

Valles Marineris is the largest canyon on Mars, and in the solar system for that matter that we know of. It’s 4000 km long, 200km wide, 10 km deep and stunningly beautiful. Just so you can get a glimpse of how beautiful it is, ESA just recently posted a movie that focuses on an enclosed 8 km-deep […]

Aboard the ISS: how to wash your hair in space

Every little thing we hold for granted here on familiar ground and gravity is different in space. Take washing your hair for instance. Expedition 36 crew member Karen Nyberg recently uploaded a video on YouTube which has since gone viral which demonstrates how astronauts aboard the International Space Station wash their hair in microgravity. At first […]

Curiosity rover snaps a video of Martian moonrise

The otherwordly new video features one of the two Martian moons – Phobos, as it rises on the sky. Even though the movie only has 32 seconds, the action actually took place over the course of 27 minutes. Mars has two moons: Phobos (which is just 22 km wide on average), and Deimos, which is […]

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