Extraordinary Macro Timelapse of Aquatic Wildlife by Sandro Bocci


We’ve shared many time lapse videos, but this is definitely something else. The almost alien music, the stunning quality, and the surreal underwater environment is entrancing and takes you to another world. This is part of an upcoming non-speaking Italian film – “Porgrave”. This latest film by Sandro Bocci, will be released in late 2015. This is Meanwhile…:


Video: A “pack” of Bacteria Preys on an E. Coli biofilm

A bacterian wolf pack - image via Wiki Commons.

For bacteria, it’s a dog eat dog world, as you can see below; in this video, a bacteria called Myxococcus xanthus is devouring Escherichia coli, another bacteria. Myxococcus xanthus is a gram-negative, rod-shaped species of bacteria. They are a predatory species, working as a single biofilm called a swarm. The colony is also called a “wolf pack”, and can reach several inches wide.

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Do pheromone perfumes work? Love at first scent is not that easy

pig love

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, some of you might be tempted to employ some of those spray-on pheromone products. I won’t give names, but you must have seen the ads – they’re all over TV and the internet. Odorless pheromones are secreted by many animals to attract mates, and while synthesized versions have been shown to work for bees and other insects, the human nose and brain for that matter is a whole different thing.

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This man wants to run like an ostrich, so he built 25 MPH bionic boots

bionic boot

When he was a teenager, Keahi Seymour set out to devise a pair of boots that might help him run as fast an ostrich, one of the fastest land animals on Earth, able to reach top speeds of up to 45 mph. We’ve all had out teenage fantasies, but while most people quit after their first half-baked paper airplanes, Seymour pressed on and I couldn’t be more happy for him. Many years later, he finally got to a working prototype called the Bionic Boot – the “transportation / fitness device for the 21st century,” by Seymour’s account. The video below offers a glimpse of what the boots can do.

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WATCH: This is an astronaut’s view of Earth


People see our planet in different ways – and it’s safe to say that astronauts have a different perspective from most people. Speaking to Derek from Veritasium Colonel Chris Hadfield, the former commander of the International Space Station, explains how it feels to see Earth from orbit.

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VIDEO: Mind Blowing Octopus Camouflage


The above footage highlights just how amazing octopus camouflage can really get. I’m not really sure what species this is, but I assume it’s either a mimic octopus, or somethng closely related. he mimic octopus can literally mimic the physical appearance and movement of fifteen different species, that we know of (including, but not limited to sea snakes, lionfish, flatfish, brittle stars,

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How a musician and his robots improvise together


In the video above, you can see PhD student Mason Bretan from the Robot Musicianship Group at Georgia Tech in the US jam with some of the robots he helped create. The robots got rhythm, and they got the skills. Just look at that amazing marimba solo at the middle of the video – that was completely improvised. “The piece is called

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Not for the faint of heart: Scientist grows a maggot inside his skin

"That’s a nice-looking butt – I knew that something was amiss hen a strange tube started poking out of my skin. This turned out to be a bot fly’s breathing tube",

Piotr Naskrecki, a Harvard biologist, did what few people would have the courage to do – he let maggots grow inside his skin, then documented the entire process. The result is, while very gross, spectacularly interesting. Proceed at your own risk. I’ve got you under my skin The Human Bot Fly from Piotr Naskrecki on Vimeo. When Piotr Naskrecki traveled to

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Russian military ‘Daft Punk’ biker parades in circles riding a quad – Putin is visibly not impressed


A popular staple in science fiction is the idea of a robot or robots in general designed to be the ultimate warrior. It’s a frightening thought – a robot doesn’t bleed, it follows orders to the very last line of code and bears no mercy. Luckily, judging from a recent video footage released by Russia Today this won’t happen for a long, long time. The report shows an embarrassing looking human-shaped robot that seems like a cross between a storm trooper and a Daft Punk. The autonomous bot rides a quad at low velocity through a training ground, but even the fires in the background doesn’t help the robot look any more menacing.


Extremely Close-Up Footage of Lava Spilling Into Water


Lava is amazing to see (from a distance), but it’s even more awesome to get the chance to see lava going directly into the ocean. Hawaii is one of the few places in the world where this happens. In this amazing footage, Kawika Singson uses his GoPro (hopefully on a very long pole) to get up close and personal with lava spilling into the ocean water. The video was captured off the coast of Hawaii.