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Drone Captures Huge Pod of Humpbacks Feeding in Alaska

Humpback whales using the bubble net techniques. Image via Neutrons for Breakfast.

A drone captured amazing footage of a large pod of Humpback Whales feeding in the pristine waters of Alaska. The aerial drone footage, captured by AkxPro, shows a seagull’s POV of the scene. Here, we see a coordinated hunting technique known as ‘bubble net feeding’. The humpback has the most diverse feeding repertoire of all baleen whales. Its most inventive technique is known as…

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The World’s Smallest Snowman


At just 10 µm across, this little guy is only 1/5th the width of a human hair. The snowman was made from two tin beads used to calibrate electron microscope astigmatism. The eyes and smile were milled using a focused ion beam, and the nose, which is under 1 µm wide (or 0.001 mm), is ion beam deposited platinum. Image and…

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This is what astronauts see on reentry


Most of us have dreamed of being an actual astronaut at one point in our lives… but do you think you actually have what it takes? This is what astronauts see when they reenter the Earth’s atmosphere, tightly tucked inside a Soyuz capsule.   There is also a video captured by astronaut Mike Hopkins (Expedition 37/38) — who returned to Earth…

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Worm ‘brain’ controls LEGO robot – what this means for the human brain

robot lego

One of the most interesting projects in science today are the  BRAIN Initiative in the US and the Human Brain Project in Europe, which aim to map all the synapse connections in the human brain, or connectome, and ultimately simulate it. It’s an ambitious project with numerous challenges, but the possible benefits are well worth it. We could finally deconstruct…


NASA interns parody: “All About That Bass”


In one of the cutest parodies I’ve seen all year, interns from NASA have recorded this adorable version of Meghan Trainor’s hit song “All About That Bass”. Because sometimes, even if you work at NASA… you need a little fun. Trivia: apparently I was the only one who didn’t know the original song. So if you, like me, have been living…


Arctic Auroras in Ultra HD

aurora borealis

i know, I know, we’ve posted several other videos and pictures with the Arctic Aurora – but it’s not my fault they’re so awesome, is it? This time, we get to see the Aurora Borealis in stunning Ultra HD, so click the full screen button, lean back, and prepare to be amazed:   ……

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Give ugly veggies and fruits a second chance – they’re just as tasty


According to the United Nations, 20 to 40 percent of fresh food is thrown away by farmers because they don’t look as appetizing as they should to sell. Besides looking a bit crooked, twisted or shrugged, these fruits and vegetables are perfectly edible and taste no different than the perfectly shaped ones you’re always on the lookout for in the…

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Laser weapon demonstrated aboard US Navy ship – the weapons of the future

The LaWS system installed on the destroyer. Image: US NAVY

Shells and bullets have evolved significantly in the past couple hundred year since they were first used, but in principle they’ve remained the same – discharge an explosive to propel a projectile. The 21st century might finally make way to a new class of widespread weaponry based on lasers. These are powerful, much more accurate than any explosive projectile and can…

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Liquid DNA crystals imaged in stunning timelapse

DNA pattern

DNA is widely recognized by its double helix, but if you look at the molecule through a microscope you might be disappointed. That’s because the double helix is an atomic model, and you’d need a really powerful microscope to see the helix. On a grander scale, DNA can take some interesting shapes. Take for instance these images of liquid DNA…


Experimental Timelapse Shows What London’s Night Sky Would Look Like During A Blackout

Screen capture from Nicholas Buer video

This experimental timelapse from Nicolas Bauer shows how London’s sky would look like in the event of a total black-out. Nicholas is an experienced landscape/night sky photographer and timelapse cinematographer. It’s called “experimental timelapse” because it’s not the traditional shooting technique. “I started shooting this project back in August 2013 and have been slowly gathering footage when conditions were right,” said…