MIT designs robot to be a good pedestrian and not bump into you on the sidewalk

It’s had hours upon hours of simulation training to learn the basics.

This space probe is so small you could lose it in your backpack — and it just got launched into space

Four grams worth of space explorer.

A history of how computers went from stealing your heart, to stealing your job

They changed our society from the ground up. And will do so again.

Hewlett Packard supercomputer to be delivered to the ISS next Monday

Time to dust off that old Skyrim dvd.

Scientists develop spit-activated battery

The battery could power critical electronics like diagnostic sensors in developing countries.

IBM achieves 330TB storage on magnetic tape, set to improve ‘cloud’ applications

Magnetic tapes might be tech dinosaurs but they’re still invaluable for some applications.

Water-repelling surface makes dew droplets so small, they’re practically invisible

The breakthrough could help cool the hotspots of high-performance electronics.

First operational laser weapon set to safeguard US ships from menacing drones

Blowing stuff up at the speed of light.

The first automatic, hands-free toothbrush cleans your teeth in only 10 seconds flat

We reportedly lose a day each year just brushing our teeth. Here comes Amabrush to the rescue.

Curious what a Tesla battery rack looks like inside? Watch these guys throw one off the roof to find out

I mean, it’s a pretty solid method.

Corrected satellite data shows 2.4 times faster warming than previously indicated

It also debunks one of climate deniers most cited argument.

Lensless camera designed to be paper-thin and do anything a traditional camera does

Except being bulky.

Papr works like Tinder but with pre-prints instead of people

“That’s one hot abstract!”

Drones in Sweden carry defibrillators to save cardiac arrest victims

They reduced response times by over 75% during trials.

It’s a car, it’s a shop, it’s AI — it’s Moby Mart

The hero we both want and need.

AI is better than doctors at predicting how long a patient has to live

Some information is just unreadable to humans.

Virtual reality out-of-body experience makes people less fearful of death

Virtual reality is not just a buzz word — it’s a real game changer.

Endowing AI with confidence and doubt will make it more useful, paper argues

More like us, in other words.

Light-weight tethered exoskeleton helps you run faster and longer

You know this is serious business when it’s funded by the military.

Knowing for the sake of knowing: algorithm developed to hardwire curiosity into robots

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but cats don’t run on microprocessors. I think.