Scientists map global “Internet of Mushrooms”

“I haven’t seen anybody do anything like that before,” researchers commented.

NASA wants you to take photos of trees — to see how much carbon they can store

Help NASA by looking at trees.

Oldest tree in eastern North America found in a swamp: it’s 2,624 years old

Researchers desperately call for the protection of this area, of which 99% has already been destroyed.

Trees help keep cities cool and cozy — especially if there’s a lot of them

In truth, all cities in the world would benefit from planting more trees.

Scientists sequence genomes of world’s tallest trees

The redwood has the 2nd largest genome in the world.

Urban ‘forests’ can store almost as much carbon as tropical rainforests

We should appreciate what we have — and I mean trees.

Meet the oldest tree in Europe

A Heldreich pine discovered in southern Italy has been thriving for more than 1230 years.

Higher temperature and more CO2 is good for trees, but overall climate change will damage forests

It could start a self-reinforcing loop.

Chicago tree map reveals intriguing pattern: trees seem to reduce crime rate

The benefits that trees provide — both in terms of the environment and our health — should not be understated.

Tree-on-a-chip mimics passive pumping mechanism found in plants and trees

MIT found an elegant solution to a complex problem.

Meet the deadliest tree in the world. It’s so dangerous you could die just by standing underneath it

The story of the manchineel — a tree that grows on the coast of tropical locations — and why should stay the heck away from it.

Manchester, UK, plans to plant a tree for every man, woman, and child in the city

Manchester officials have announced plans for a City of Trees: 3 million new trees will be added to the city area over the next 25 years

The origin and history of the Christmas tree: from paganism to modern ubiquity

The history of a powerful Christmas symbol.

This is the tallest tropical tree in the world

Biologists have located the world’s tallest tropical tree, a 94.1-metre (309-foot) specimen in Borneo. I

At 1075 years old, this is Europe’s oldest inhabitant

A Bosnian Pine from Greece has been dated to be at least 1075 years old, making it the oldest living thing in Europe.

Tallest tree in the Tropics is only a few meter shorter than Big Ben

A Yellow Meranti tree that towers at about 89.5m tall was discovered by Cambridge researchers in Malaysia.

NASA just developed a way of detecting underground fungi – from space

A team of NASA researchers has developed the first ever method for identifying and studying underground forest fungi from outer space, providing information that will help us better understand how forests will develop. Mycorrhizal fungi (underground fungus) are more similar to a city network than to individual organisms. They are complex intertwined networks that can spread for miles and miles

The circle of life shows how all of the 2.3 million known species fit together

The latest, most complete tree is the result of a three-year effort by researchers from over a dozen institutions from around the world. They combined tens of thousands of diagrams into one single tree, most easily read as a circle.

Devastating photos of the world’s deforestation

Recently, we wrote an article about the biggest tree census ever conducted, and the results were pretty grim. Sure, there are some 3 trillion trees on Earth, but the bad news is that there used to be almost twice as many – before humans chipped in. Humanity has cut down 46% of the planet’s trees, and we’re continuing to do

The Number of Trees has Halved Since Human Civilization Emerged

Today, the Earth has approximately 3 trillion trees left standing – about 422 per person – but we’ve already cut 46% of them.