Tesla’s new solar roof will cost as much as a shingle roof and electricity bill

Exciting news from Elon Musk.

Tesla’s Autopilot reaches one billion miles driven: that’s 10 times the distance from Earth to the Sun

The auto-maker is just a few steps away from making its fleet fully autonomous.

Tesla Roadster and Starman have now traveled beyond Mars

The Tesla electric car has exceeded its warranty mileage more than 10,000 times.

Elon Musk’s Roadster will most likely crash into Earth or Venus millions of years from now

Radiation might destroy the car long before that happens, though.

Tesla’s new Semi is an electrical monster, but can it really deliver?

This could be a game changer.

Musk says Puerto Rico’s power grid could be built from the ground up with solar and battery packs

A great opportunity for clean energy to help set a tragedy right.

Tesla Model 3: All About The Most Anticipated Car Ever

A glimpse at the future: the electric, self-driven vehicle of choice for the average American home.

Curious what a Tesla battery rack looks like inside? Watch these guys throw one off the roof to find out

I mean, it’s a pretty solid method.

Tesla competitor sells solar roofs for half the cost and installation time

Tesla has some serious competition.

Tesla will double the stations in its Supercharger network by the end of the year

It’s not clear if congestion issues will be solved, especially in California.

Tesla presents a new sleek line of exclusive solar panels built by Panasonic

The American company is looking to position itself as a sustainable energy power house.

Tesla just announced it will build 5 Gigafactories

Big plans ahead for Tesla.

Tesla now makes batteries that are 35% cheaper thanks to Gigafactory 1 — breakthrough cost of $125/kWh achieved

At $100/kWh stored wind and power becomes competitive with conventional power.

Rows of Tesla batteries will keep Southern California’s lights on during the night

And charge up using daylight. Elegant!

Tesla converts an entire island of American Samoa from 100% diesel to 100% solar energy

The island used to import 100,000 gallons of diesel each year from overseas. Now renewable energy meets all its needs!

Watch Tesla’s new completely self-driving cars in action

This is so cool!

All Tesla cars coming out of the factory get complete self-driving hardware. Each car is basically a supercomputer now

Audacious plans ahead.

Elon Musk schools CEO of biggest coal producing company in the U.S. after calling Tesla a ‘fraud’

Father future vs Grandpa pee-in-his-pants past.

New Chinese mass-market Electric Vehicles (EV) startup got $1 billion in funding

Yet another Chinese EV startup joins the landscape — but the valuation is ludicrous.

Tesla Autopilot might have saved this guy’s life

Tesla Autopilot — not that bad. Not bad at all.