Daimler, the giant auto maker from Germany, is releasing its own version of a large-storage battery on the heel’s of Tesla’s heralded Powerwall.  Branded under Mercedes-Benz, the battery pack is destined for both automobiles and home use. So far, a 2.5 kWh each version has been made public, with Deimler claiming it can be packaged in up to eight modules bringing the total capacity to 20kWh worth of energy – more than enough to power a typical home or even a small business.

Mercedes Benz battery

Image: Deimler

This is quite a bit more than Tesla is currently offering: two configurations for the home at 10kWh and 7kWh, at $3500 and $3000, respectively. But Tesla is also has a powerhouse option that boasts 100 kWh worth of energy for businesses, but this option won’t be available until 2016. No word on pricing from Daimler on its own options, but you can make a reservation now. Delivers start from September.

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Given the enormous enthusiasm Tesla’s Powerwall has garnered (and orders), there’s a lot of potential for Daimler to grow along with the market. The competition will definitely help to drive innovation and scale down costs. Even today, Tesla’s offerings seems very affordable for their worth, helping consumers store energy in off-peak (when it’s cheaper) and releasing it when its more expensive thus driving down the bill, or providing the means to store solar energy.

“Once we’re able to rely on renewable energy sources for our power consumption, the top 50% of the dirtiest power generation resources could retire early. We would have a cleaner, smaller, and more resilient energy grid,” Tesla said in a press release when it first released Powerwall.