Breakthrough could double energy density of lithium-ion batteries

A new polymer incorporated into Li-ion batteries could dramatically improve their performance.

The North Sea could become the UK’s largest battery — one that lasts for the whole winter

It would be green, too!

Australia opens first off-the-grid, solar-powered classroom, using Tesla battery

It’s still early days, but this is a promising technology.

New cathode might triple energy storage of lithium-ion batteries

A new step forward in our transition towards renewable energy.

Opportunity braves the worst sand storm it’s ever faced, might not make it

Come on Mars, why you gotta be like this?

New lithium-ion battery operates at -70 C, a record low

This will make electric car drivers in Siberia very happy.

Scientists add asphalt to lithium batteries that charge up to 20 times faster

You could say these researchers took a faster road.

New water-based lithium-ion battery will never explode in your face

Someone send Samsung the memo.

Scientists develop spit-activated battery

The battery could power critical electronics like diagnostic sensors in developing countries.

Solid energy — how batteries power the world

Power in the palm of your hand.

Self-healing battery pulls itself back together if you cut it in half — still delivers electricity

These electronics just won’t die.

New storage device combines attributes of both capacitors and batteries

The best of both worlds

Tesla just changed one word in its mission statement – and it’s a big change


Origami battery that runs on a few drops of water could revolutionize biosensors

This disposable battery runs on bacteria and folds like an origami ninja star. Sold!

Promising Zn-Mn battery can store a lot of energy, far cheaper than Lithium-ion

Researchers from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory have found a way to reliably produce batteries that are very cheap, but can store a lot of energy.

Bread mold could build the batteries of the future

A study into a strain of red bread mold could revolutionize our rechargeable battery technology. The paper’s findings could be the first step towards producing sustainable electrochemical materials.

This simple code can increase your smartphone battery life by 16% – and yes, it’s free

Researchers at Purdue University in the US have developed a new tool for Android users that could increase your battery life by 16%.

Remember the Tesla batteries that could take your house off the grid? Now, Tesla’s back with more

In March, we were telling you about Tesla Motors’ new development, a new battery that could take your home off the grid and eliminate one of the major problems associated with renewable energy – storing it. Now, Tesla is already rolling out the new generation with some remarkable feature. The coolest one? Liquid cooling!

Samsung almost doubled the capacity of lithium-ion batteries by adding graphene

In a recent paper published in Nature, researchers at the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology report how they nearly doubled the charge carrying capability of a lithium-ion battery by coating the silicon anodes with graphene. Paired with recent advances in graphene deposition and manufacturing, this sort of tech of could very well end up powering your notebook or phone a couple years from now.

Mercedes’ own response to Tesla’s home battery

Daimler, the giant auto maker from Germany, is releasing its own version of a large-storage battery on the heel’s of Tesla’s heralded Powerwall. Branded under Mercedes-Benz, the battery pack is destined for both automobiles and home use. So far, a 2.5 kWh each version has been made public, with Deimler claiming it can be packaged in up to eight modules bringing the total capacity to 20kWh worth of energy – more than enough to power a typical home or even a small business.