Last year was the warmest humanity ever recorded without El Niño, NASA warns

2016 inches above it but only because of El Niño.

Gemstones prove asteroid impact was the hottest event ever recorded on Earth

That spot is not a lake in cold, snow-covered Canada.

Corrected satellite data shows 2.4 times faster warming than previously indicated

It also debunks one of climate deniers most cited argument.

Scorching exoplanet is hotter than most stars. It’s so hot it might even leave a trail of atomic gas like a comet

That’s one hot tomato!

Urban heat island effect could almost triple the cost of climate change in cities, burn economies to a crisp

The roof, the roof, the roof is on fireeee.

Watch the Grand Canyon overflowing with clouds in the wake of atmospheric inversion


Bio-compatible wireless sensors developed to monitor brain injury

When no longer needed the devices can be deactivated to dissolve and be reabsorbed into soft tissue.

The oxygen in the oceans has decreased by 2% in the past 50 years

It’s like the ocean is having a heart attack.

Tiny aluminium drum cooled beyond quantum limit proves we can make things even colder. Possibly down to absolute zero

Physics just got way cooler.

‘Goldilocks area’ not nearly enough for habitable planets – internal temperature is also important

A Yale University researcher claims that the so-called Goldilocks planetary area only tells half of the story.

Spider personalities are influenced by temperature

The findings could have implications for the survival of modern animals in the face of global warming.

‘Cool’ light improves learning and academic performance. ‘Yellow light’ better for relaxing

A new research investigated various light intensity scenarios and reported their findings. For optimal learning performance, “cool” light is better while “yellow” or “warm” light is the most relaxing.

Novel polymer changes shape just by touching with a finger — lifts 1,000 times its own weight doing so

This polymer can change shape and release tremendous amounts of stored elastic energy relative to its weight simply by being exposed to a temperature change. This in itself isn’t exactly new, but the team led by Chemical Engineering Professor Mitch Anthamatten at the University of Rochester innovated by making the polymer react to room temperature — a first.

We’re in December, but Washington’s flowers and trees are blooming

There’s almost no need to say it again – it’s been an exceptionally warm December, and an exceptionally warm year. In fact, it’s been the hottest year on record, with 7 of 11 months so far breaking the record. Things aren’t very different in the capital of the US, where temperatures have exceeded 50 degrees almost each day (10 Celsius)…

Smallest Swiss cross made of only 20 atoms demonstrates atom manipulation at room temp

Some applications require such a degree of precision that everything needs to be in exact order at the atom-scale. In an awesome feat of atomic manipulation,  physicists from the University of Basel,  in cooperation with team from Japan and Finland, have placed 20 atoms atop an insulated surface in the shape of a Swiss cross. Such experiments have been achieved with

Temperature control and monitoring achieved at the cellular level

Temperature is an important physical parameter which greatly influences a system. Monitoring and/or manipulating this state parameter with great accuracy is thus of great importance to scientists. Recently, researchers part of  DARPA’s Quantum-Assisted Sensing and Readout (QuASAR) program proved a new technique that allowed them to measure and control temperatures at the nanometer scale inside living cells. Measuring temperatures at such fine spatial

At a few million atmospheric pressures, Hydrogen nears metal conductivity

Hydrogen is the most common element in the Universe. It’s the first element in the periodic table, and it has but one proton and one electron. Understanding how it behaves at very large pressures is crucial to our understanding of matter and the nature of hydrogen-rich planets. Under typical conditions, Hydrogen is a diatomic molecule (H2); but as pressure increases,

The minimum and maximum possible temperatures

Since the start of the year, I’ve received quite a few questions regarding absolute temperatures – highest and lowest, so I decided to start a brief discussion around the two values, in which I will give the basic facts about them, so feel free to step in and add more info or questions. Absolute zero In thermodynamics, absolute zero is

A novel way to generate electricity

In the evergrowing search for new energy sources, scientists have started searching for more simple solutions, and what they found was that heat can be an incredible ally. “In the search for new sources of energy, thermopower – the ability to convert temperature differences directly into electricity without wasteful intervening steps – is tremendously promising,” says Junqiao Wu of Berkeley

Large Hadron Collider hints at infant Universe

Despite several setbacks and technical difficulties, the Large Hadrdon Collider is already starting to live up to it’s nickname, the Big Bang machine. Researchers have pinpointed what may very well be the dense, hot state state of matter that is believed to have filled the Universe during its first nanoseconds. Generally speaking, quarks are bound together in groups of two