Tesla’s new solar roof will cost as much as a shingle roof and electricity bill

Exciting news from Elon Musk.

Solar wind plus moon soil plus meteorite impacts create water on the Moon, researchers report

Can’t the Moon just go to the tap like the rest of us?

Researchers figure out how coffee can boost (some) solar cells

Oh great, more competition for my morning coffee.

Massive solar storms are naturally-recurring events, study finds — and we’re unprepared for them

Sunny days ahead!

Solar and wind supply more than 10% of electricity in 18 US states

More and more states are benefitting from solar and wind.

Future Moon colonists could produce water from regolith and sunlight

Drink up!

Stanford designed software to spot every solar panel in the US (there’s a lot of them)

America’s getting sun.

Newly-developed fuel can store solar energy for up to 18 years

It’s like a battery, but flowy. And it works with heat.

Melbourne solar powered canopy that doubles as work of art wins 2018 Land Art Generator Initiative

A beautiful solar array shaped like a canopy might provide 2,220 MWh of clean energy annually to Melbourne residents.

Unique 4.6-billion-year-old meteorite is a remnant of the early solar system

It’s older than Earth itself!

Rumors of Opportunity’s death “very premature”, despite three-weeks silence

Hang in there, buddy!

London’s Square Mile to use 100% renewable energy by October

A step in the right direction.

Scientists collect interstellar dust that formed the Earth and solar system

The findings might revolutionize our understanding of how the solar system came to be, as well as all planetary bodies for that matter.

Massive flare in the Proxima Centauri system puts its habitability into question

Flares like this one are powerful enough to turn the planet into a hellscape.

Price of new solar energy plummets by 26% in one single year

It’s more profitable to start deploying new solar now than operating currently existing coal or nuclear plants.

Nobody is going to make coal great again, says Bloomberg New Energy Finance founder

Sorry, bro.

Roadmap aims to supercharge 139 countries to 100% renewable energy by 2050

Going 100% renewable eliminates 4-7 million air pollution deaths each year and creates 24 million long-term, full-time jobs.

Solar paint makes hydrogen fuel from solar energy and water vapor

Power from thin-ish air!

Earlier this month, California broke yet another green record using over 67% renewable power

Woob woob!

World’s biggest solar power plant might be built in Nevada — it’s supposed to power 1 million homes or as much as Hoover Dam

A huge concentrated solar power plant might open in Nevada, 2020 onward.