Why the SpaceX satellite fleet could spell major headaches for astronomers

It’s an unexpected side effect of a useful plan.

NASA wants you to take photos of trees — to see how much carbon they can store

Help NASA by looking at trees.

Auroras act like speed bumps for satellites, dragging them down towards Earth

Auroras are dazzling to behold, but also a nuisance for the aerospace industry.

NASA research says ground-based global warming measurements are sound

“Both data sets demonstrate the earth’s surface has been warming globally over this period, and that 2016, 2017, and 2015 have been the warmest years in the instrumental record,” the authors explain.

Japan start-up planning to sell “shooting stars on demand” launched their first satellite

No word on how much one of these shows will cost just yet.

California to launch its “own damn satellite” to monitor air pollution, climate change

Go Cali, go!

Watch the ‘World on Fire’ in this amazing NASA satellite image

On any given day, large areas of the globe are covered in fire.

New Zealand startup launches huge ‘disco ball’ into space. It’s now the brightest object in the night sky

It’s supposed to be an art project, but you be the judge.

First Kenyan satellite to be launched into orbit in April or May

It’s a big milestone for the African country.

The world’s first scientific satellite is still in orbit

It will stay there for centuries, if not a thousand years.

Why satellites have those golden foils on them — and how it saves a lot of lives

Like many other NASA technologies, this also proved to be really useful on Earth.

Corrected satellite data shows 2.4 times faster warming than previously indicated

It also debunks one of climate deniers most cited argument.

Japan launches satellite to generate its own, better GPS

Positioning errors will be decreased by a factor of 100.

This 18-year-old Indian designed the world’s lightest satellite. NASA will launch it into space soon

Be more like him.

Unmanned US plane lands after two-year secret mission

Its purpose still remains a mystery.

SpaceX will launch three times more satellites than there currently are in orbit to give you fast internet

The first satellites could appear in 2019.

Tomorrow, India will launch a record-shattering 104 satellite missions

I can’t even muster enough willpower to count up to 104.

A novel website lets you become a space archaeologist — just by looking at pictures

It’s way better than Facebook.

Awesome satellite imagery shows surprising images of North Korea

What a time to be alive.

NASA finds more evidence of water plumes on Europa

Europa’s water is acting up.